Easy Energy Medicine technique for Saturn in Sagittarius!

The following is an easy Energy Medicine technique for Saturn making it's move into Sagittarius! Saturn is cold and blue. Medical Astrology says it restricts, limits circulation, undernourishes and paves the way for toxic build up and stiffness. As a result, energy can stagnate, and toxins can build up. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs and is mutable, moving fire. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so Sag wants to expand, grow and move. So massaging the Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, especially on the inner and outer the thighs, will help move stagnation and toxins from those areas!

Take either your thumbs, or make a three finger notch with your thumbs and first two fingers, and starting at your outer hip, place them right where the crease would be if you were sitting. Think of the outseam line if you were wearing jeans. Begin to deeply massage in a line, all the way down your outer thigh to just above the knee. This line of points relates to the Large Intestine. Then, move to the inseam area of your inner thigh and massage deeply all the way down to just above the knee. This line of points relates to the Circulation Sex Meridian and the Small Intestine.

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Deeply massaging these points, clears the lymph in the associated organ system, and is often enough to balance the meridians. If any of the points are really sore, it means they really need work.

This simple technique helps to energize, remove toxins, clear hormonal, emotional and physical stagnant energies as well as to help balance the meridians and their related organ systems. Plus, you get a good thigh massage. Enjoy!