Aquarius new moon, Mercury Retrograde

New Moon greetings and Aquarian salutations! Today the sun moves into Aquarius where it meets the moon. Here on Earth this creates a "dark moon", the sun and the moon are together so there is no light for the moon to reflect back to us. This state is a subjective state, one in which reflection is 'dark' and our existence is in experiencing the moment, the essence of what is...

Aquarius is fixed air and rules ideas, ideology and idealism. Aquarian energy is psychic, relating to collective knowing and group thought. Aquarius isn't sure whether it wants to be part of the group or not though and is also the sign of individualism, oddness, quirky eccentricities, and I-don't-give-a-sh*t-ness. Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo and this polarity axis speaks to the individual; awareness of individuality because individuals are one of many; awareness of the group and what the group thinks; and the tension between being part of the group, pleasing the group, and just doing your own thang for your own reasons.


Unlike Leo though Aquarius is cool and detached- its awareness of the group can be calculated and monitored. As an air sign it exists in intellect and its particular brand of thinking trends in the opposite direction of emotionally charged. One of the things that Aquarius wants the most is FREEDOM! Emotional muckiness and heartstring attachments feel cumbersome and boring. Where Leo is loyal, Aquarius wants free love. Where Leo wants to be the center of attention and doted upon, Aquarius wants shared responsibility and egalitarianism. Look at your chart to see which house Aquarius rules and you'll see the part of your life where you want to untangle yourself, detach, and revolutionize.

The new moon time is a time for wishing, planting seeds, and generally making space to open towards what you are wanting to bring into your life, perhaps without knowing quite what or how... The Aquarius new moon asks questions of your future revolutions: what do you dream about tomorrow? What do you know already, but don't know that you know yet? Who's playing on your psychic friends network and how do you want to play with them? This new moon is coming a day after a conjunction with Pluto, lending its power for complete and total transformation to the seeds of your questions. The new moon is also receiving a harmonious angle from Saturn, suggesting that you do indeed have what it takes to get these seeds to grow and thrive.

Tomorrow the moon will conjunct the planet Mercury, and Mercury will then station retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year and though it usually stirs up quite a bit of flustered fussing about all the things you ought not to do, Mercury retrograde is, in fact, a great time to get it right. Since this is the planet of thought, communication, and articulation it's not the best time to put out new information or make big decisions but it is a great time to do be doing all the 're' words instead... Re-main in your questions and be with all that they bring up, re-vise your mission statements, re-fine your strategies, re-negotiate your priorities, re-define your style, and re-view your plans before putting them into action.

This year all 3 of Mercury's retrogrades happen in air signs, and the angles at which they occur form a grand trine in air. The planet of thought and communication turning backwards in all three air signs signals a process of refining how we think about thinking, how our thinking effects our communications/negotiations and connections, and how we come to understand the power of thought as the connecting fibers between ourselves and others. This current transit through Aquarius gives us a time to pause and re-view our connections to the bigger picture of our social circles. Aquarius rules the larger social networks and our friend's friends. Mercury Rx in Aquarius is a negotiation of how you think about your personal freedom in a highly connected world.

Unity Hands by Garry Tutte


This is a week to slow down and mellow out. Mercury and Aquarius both have affiliations to the sympathetic nervous system. Try not to get caught up in your thoughts, just watch them flow in watch them flow out. Be patient with all the things that need to get done. Remember that the world will go in, even if those things don't get done. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointments and make sure you give yourself the type of space that you need to be generous in your thoughts and words towards others.

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