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Energy Medicine Exercise for Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces! Because these planets are vibing through Pisces, it is best to follow your intuition as to what to do to balance your energy. Our intuition comes in through the auric field, and Pisces rules the auric field or bubble, which is both a receiver and transmitter. This is subtle energy. With these planets in Pisces, it’s helpful to create a strong auric field, as Neptune diffuses and Mars can be piercing.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and in Pisces there is a potential for much sensitivity in what we feel from the outside, as well as what we transmit from the inside. So, there can be a tendency to *feel* or sense more than usual, which often can be both a good thing and a challenge. So, keeping the aura attached, strong and healthy, we can help to protect ourselves from negative outside energies, as well as help to build and send out positive, beneficial energies.

One great way to build, strengthen and seal the aura is an exercise called Swim the Aura. It’s actually a lot easier to demonstrate, and appears harder when it is written out. But, it really is very easy. Try not to over think it or feel the need to be too specific. Energy Medicine is very intuitive a lot like Pisces, so just have fun with it!


Swim the Aura:

  • While standing, gently clasp your hands over your abdomen, with your elbows gently hugging your side. Breathe deeply, as you ground through the feet.


  • Spread your arms out wide to either side, with palms facing forward. Arms are straight out.
  • On an inhale: breathe in deeply through your nose, and slowly bring your arms together until they are reaching straight ahead, palms touching. You are pulling your aura close to your body.
  • Then turn your palms out, so that backs of hands are touching.
  • Then exhale:out your mouth, as you spread your hands out wide again, spreading your aura out as far as it wants to go.
  • Then turn your palms forward.
  • Inhale: pull your aura close, arms & palms come together.
  • Exhale: spread and stretch arms back out to either side, spreading aura out.
  • Repeat In/Out about 3 times.
  • Then reach your arms and hands straight up to the heavens on an inhale, till palms are touching with arms and fingers pointing up to heavens.


  • Turn your palms out, backs of hands touching (still reaching to heavens).


  • Exhale: slowly pull the arms out and down, gently pulling down until your hands firmly touch the sides of the thighs. Remember, *subtle energy*, you are attaching your aura to your body.
  • Turn palms out.
  • Inhale: slowly bring palms out and up, stretching arms out and up, until palms are again touching, with arms and fingers reaching to heavens.
  • Repeat about 3 times.
  • Be sure to really connect your hands to the sides of your thighs when they get there.

End with your hands once again clasped gently at your abdomen. Breathe deeply as you return to center.


I also find it very helpful to do figure 8’s with both hands. Just weave your hands around in the field outside your body in a side to side figure 8 pattern. Like this ∞


Love, Melina