Heart of the Sun

Burning heart Hello loves. Happy Full Moon in Leo.

This full moon is conjunct Jupiter. Benefic planet of optimism, growing through learning and expanding whatever it touches. Jupiter's magnifying lens frames the emotional, instinctive, subjective moon in Leo whose desire it is to express, be seen/heard, cuddle up and purr (or maybe growl). The moon is reflecting the light of the sun in Aquarius whose cool rays might be felt as detached though perceptive, have a marked intellectualism about them, and are probably a bit odd.

The full moon today is a balancing act between head and heart. The tight rope we all walk between courageous and spontaneous expression, and taking the time to think about, and come to a place of objective understanding about what we're expressing before we express.

The sun and Leo rule the heart and spine- symbolizing vitality, love, and the irrefutable force of magnetic self-involvement, and self-sustenance. The moon rules the lungs, breasts and chest and is co-ruler of the womb. Through our lungs we take in breath that our hearts need to pump and deliver (communication through air) the sustenance of our blood to every cell in our bodies. The heart needs to feel supported by the lungs, the lungs need to feel supported by the heart. They work together physiologically and that's obvious. As metaphor, our ability to take in oxygen and transform it into life force relates to our emotional ability to take in what's in the world around us and make it our own, as well as to feel that we have to give back is appreciated and part of the necessary whole.

Our personal warmth, vitality, and ability radiate directly depends upon our ability to receive what's good and nourishing in our immediate environments. This is not about gasping. A deeper breath doesn't mean you get more oxygen. This is about receptivity and a feeling of ease and security in which you can absorb that which you inhale.

This week I'm unspeakably grateful to my teacher Bonnie for her profound lessons and motto, "Support precedes movement". Here's a video of her speaking to the astrology this week through her body-centered wisdom. (For those of you in Portland, Bonnie will be here twice this year and if you have any interest in embodiment practice then she is not to be missed!)


And should you wish for a yoga sequence to engage the luminaries with today- here's some old videos of mine on yoga for the heart and lungs.


And should you just be feeling the full blown fullness. Nothing better than a dance party with The Queen.



XO - Renée