Energy Medicine exercises for more Love and Joy!

Energy Medicine exercises for more Love and Joy!


"Love overrides everything!" ~Donna Eden

With Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron all vibing through Pisces, and the Sun about to enter the sign of the fish next week, tuning into our subtle energies and paying close attention to all that is felt yet formless, unseen and invisible, is key at this time!

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could." ~Barbara De Angelis

This brings us to an energy system in the body called The Radiant Circuits (called the Strange Flows or Extraordinary Vessels in ancient Chinese medicine). Radiant Circuits are subtle energy flows that support and assist all other energy systems in the body, especially the meridians. Highly responsive to thoughts and emotions, they fuel joy and other positive feelings. Stimulating the Radiant Circuits can activate inner joy as well as the inner physician, which then continues to do the work of inner healing and balancing.

The Radiant Circuits are more ancient (in terms of evolution) than the meridians, and are not confined to fixed pathways like meridians. Instead, they move instantly where needed with a radiant glow that attracts vital energies from the environment and activates healing from within. They are the psychic energies in the body. They jump to where they are needed!

These miraculous energies perform an amazing array of functions. They help us heal and feel joy, love, feed calming energy to the brain, protect the aura, help to regulate the endocrine system, and connect us to ourselves and others, not to mention to the healing forces of the Universe. And this is only a few of their activities! In the matter of an instant, the Radiant Energies create circuits that spread energy throughout the body and the psyche. Radiant Circuits are those feelings of rapture, joy, pleasure and bliss!

To Keep Your Radiant Circuits Flowing

You can reprogram your nervous system to be more joyful and uplifting through these circuits. The next time you feel joyful, riveted, connected, or otherwise happy, reinforce this energy by “tapping in” this feeling at your third eye, the point between your eyebrows just above the bridge of your nose. Tap with a steady beat for at least 10 seconds. In addition, try these exercises to pump new life into your body by jump-starting your Radiant Circuits.

Connecting Heaven and Earth. In addition to activating the spleen and turning on your radiant circuits, this exercise is a powerful stretch that releases excess energies while bringing fresh oxygen to the cells. It opens the meridians, expels toxic energies, and stimulates fresh energy to flow through the joints. Most people tend to collect too much energy rather than having too little. We need to empty ourselves of this surplus or it becomes the etheric equivalent of sludge. Connecting Heaven and Earth is an excellent exercise any time you are starting to feel poorly. If you do healing work, it moves energies out of your system that you may have picked up from a client.

  1. Rub your hands together and shake them off.
  2. Place your hands on the front of your thighs with your fingers spread.
  3. With a deep inhalation, circle your arms out to your sides.
  4. On the exhalation, bring your hands together in front of your chest in a prayer position.
  5. Again with a deep inhalation, separate your arms from each other, stretching one high above your head and flattening your palm up toward the sky, as if pushing something above you. Stretch the other arm down, again flattening your palm down toward the floor as if pushing something toward the earth. Look up to the heavens. Stay in this position for as long as is comfortable.
  6. Exhale through your mouth, returning your hands to the prayer position in front of your heart.
  7. Repeat, switching the arm that raises and the arm that lowers. After this first set, do two or more sets.
  8. Coming out of this pose the final time, drop your arms and allow your body to fold over at the waist. Hang there with your knees slightly bent as you take two deep breaths. Slowly return to a standing position while making figure 8 patterns with your hands and arms in front of your body.


The following is another simple Radiant Circuit activating exercise!

1. Use your imagination to activate your Radiant Energies. Remember a time when you felt wonderful. Using as many of your senses as possible – see the scene, hear the sounds, fully feel the pleasant body sensations, possibly a sense of openness and warmth in your chest and belly, or a gentle breeze caressing your face. Breathe in and fully enjoy these sensations and notice what happens in your body and with your mood and level of energy.

2. Place your hands at your temples and smooth behind your ears and down your neck 3 or 4 times then let your hands rest on your shoulders. Take a nice big inhale. As you exhale pull your hands down off your shoulders and place them over your heart.

3. Breathe gratitude through your heart – for something that is good in your life, even if it is so very simple like having this moment of peace and breath. While even a simple exercise like this can do so much to shift our energies and help us feel better and more connected and alive!

Hope you enjoy!