Energy Medicine for Cardinal Spring Fire!

With Aries we begin again. The cycle continues. The snake’s tail is forgotten again, and it’s head moves forward. It’s eyes are wide open and ready. Aries is that forward moving energy, marching onward and upward. But in order to begin anew with strength, clarity and presence we need to start fresh. Spring is a great time for flushing our meridians and ridding our body of any old energies that may be stagnant or blocked. It's a time to create new habits, and energy loves new habits, because energy wants to move. Flushing liver meridian is a simple and powerful exercise the help move energy through, and strengthen Liver Meridian.

To flush a meridian, we first must trace it backwards one time, then we trace it forward three times. Tracing backward helps clear it, then tracing forward helps to flush and strengthen it. (tip: the only meridian we never flush or trace backward is heart).

Liver Meridian

To begin, take both hands and find the ends of the liver meridian points, just under the breasts, on the ribcage and massage with fingers. Then, with open palms trace straight out to the waist, then forward on the hips, and straight down the insides of the legs and all the way down and off the inside edge of both big toes.

Then, we will reverse that same thing and trace liver meridian forward three times. Starting at the inside edges of the big toes, trace all the way up the insides of both legs, to the hips and out to the waist, and at the points just below the breasts at ribcage and massage the end points with your fingertips. (Repeat 3 x’s)

Spring is also the time to get out into nature and connect. Smell the flowers, hug the trees and move your body. Maybe take your shoes off and get your feet onto and into the earth. It’s grounding and helps with our polarity = feet on earth and head in sky.



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