Full Moon in Libra Blood Moon Eclipse - Meditation and journaling exercise

Meditation and journaling are usually helpful. During moments in our lives when we are consciously changing, trying to change, evolving, trying to evolve, letting go, trying to let go... these moments especially become more poignant and the work more profound when we bring our commitment and practice to them. The following is a meditation for the full moon, eclipse day on Saturday April 4th. To learn more about what this moon and eclipse mean for your personally, look at your free chart to see where 14 degrees of Cancer is. Whatever house, and whatever the house/degree is opposite are where the meditation and journaling exercises can be directed. The link above for the free chart also has an option for 'interpretive charts' if you want to know more about these areas of your unique constallation.

This month's yoga practice for everyone is also a great tool for internal balancing.

The practice for the Aries/Libra Axis (Libra full moon), begins with journaling. Here are your prompts:

- "Who are my most important and influential relationships"? In your entire life, and presently (this isn't necessarily about relationships that are "good", but the ones that have shaped you.)

- Write 2-5 qualities or reasons that each of these relations are important.

- Answer the question "Who am I?" 10 times (in writing), make each answer different and consider how, or if your answers have anything to do with the people mentioned above or their percieved effect on you.

And here is your meditation:

Find a place to be comfortable either lying down or sitting. Close your eyes. Begin with the first person mentioned in your journal: Imagine their face, body, smell, vibes, etc. Imagine as many details as you can about their demeanor, dress, and energetic presence. Notice the responses that arise for you. Notice your body and how it feels; where or if you're holding tension, experiencing sensation, or physically moving. Notice what thoughts and emotional responses arise and where those thoughts and responses register in your body... Feel your response as fully and deliberately as you can while also maintaining a "watching mind" that observes. Try not to get caught in the story of your relationship, but rather observe the effect. Repeat this with all the people you listed in your journaling.

Journal and again ask, "Who am I?" at least ten times. With every response consider what you have noticed about yourself through these relationships.

Wait... an hour, a day, a week, a month, or until next September when we'll visit this again.

And then...

Meditate on yourself and the qualities, essence and energies that you most desire to feel as often as possible. Give yourself enough time to really luxuriate in, and absorb these sensations. When you are done, journal:

"What agreements do I need to make within my relationships to nurture and cultivate that which I want to feel and exude?" You might have different agreements with different people, or agreements with groups or types. Write as many as feel important to you and then make yourself some reminders- post-its on your mirror, wall, dashboard etc. And in small or large ways start to agree to your agreements, with yourself, and with others.