Libra Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse - Alone together

"We know ourselves by knowing relationship" -Krishnamurti

In my studies of embryology and developmental movement one of the patterns that is most fascinating to me, and that I have found most useful as a movement therapist is the pattern of physiological flexion. Physiological flexion is the impulse and manifestation of the fetal shape: the toes and fingers curl in, the joints of the arms and legs flex and pull towards the body and the spine rounds into a C-curve. Physiological flexion is a necessary pattern that creates a lot of what we might think of as the foundation of "core strength", and it is absolutely essential in our ability to come back into ourselves after extending outwards. One of the most important environmental factors in creating this pattern is touch; the sensation and resistance of the uterine wall that creates a withdrawing instinct; the pressure, pumping, and pushing of the fetus by the movement of the mother and container of the womb as it grows and has less space available to spread out. In our first knowing of another person we know resistance; through resistance we develop and know our own strength; it is our internal strength that creates a sense of "I"; it is the sense of "I" that we must return to, time and again, as we navigate relationship, and it is from the sense of "I" that we are able to relate to others, form reasonable boundaries, develop compassion, and through knowing others we learn to know ourselves even more.

Tomorrow's full moon is created by the radiant sun in Aries, casting its oppositional light upon the reflective moon in Libra. The Aries/Libra axis is the understanding that is grown through the back-and-forth of relationship to self and relationship to another. The sun (conjunct Uranus, which we'll get to later) in Aries symbolizes the personal desire to initiate change, to meet the challenges of our lives through our own creative ability, to assert ourselves in the world, and to just "do your own thing." The moon in Libra reflects the need to recognize the polarities and opposites within our own nature so that we can then tactfully relate to the dichotomy and paradox presented to us by others and our environment, and so we can create harmony by allowing for the needs of others to be met as well as our own.

Sound familiar?

It doesn't matter what sun sign you are, you have Aries and Libra somewhere in your chart. And this axis of growth is one that is intrinsically part of the human experience. It is this first axis that creates the horizon line in the astrological chart, symbolizing the most basic of human polarities: self and other. Aries, as the first sign, begins the zodiac wheel with a battle cry of "Here I am!" Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is written as the symbol we commonly associate with male/masculine. Libra, as the 7th sign, begins the second half of the zodiac and leads us into the realm of relationship where we learn to temper our individual desires in the name of diplomacy, harmony and pleasantness. Libra is ruled by Venus and is written in the symbol commonly used for female/feminine.

"Because astrology is a symbolic system, it attempts to express through its imagery and its structure the energy patterns which underlie life and the human psyche as an aspect of life. The first statement that astrology has to make about life is at the same time childishly simple and unutterably profound: everything stems from the relationship of two polar opposites, whether we call these male and female, active and passive, yin and yang." - Liz Greene

Venus and Mars were lovers in Greek and Roman mythology, and are another expression of the yin/yang polarity. Venus symbolizes the basic "feminine" urge to relate, to build community, to seek harmony, to listen, to share, and to adjust oneself in order to accommodate the needs of relationship. Mars, as the counterpoint, expresses the basic "masculine" urge to separate and build oneself as an individual, to conquer and assert oneself over others, to fulfill personal desire. Each instinct is glorious and wretched. Venus seeks to share and merge to the point of being subsumed. Mars seeks to reach its goal and in doing so will trample and expend itself on others. Mars and Venus require the function of one another not only to exist, but to exist without being utterly destroyed by their own inherent tendencies. In this month's practice for everyone, I offered a simple technique that addresses the need for internal balance of masculine and feminine in all of us, regardless of biological sense or perceived gender. For more of a personalized practice check out the April horoscopes for your sun sign, and get your free chart to see which house holds 14degrees Libra- in this area of life, and in its opposite house of Aries apply these questions and meditation.

Eclipse energy can be potent medicine. It is maybe not the easiest to swallow for everyone and may also cause minor discomfort, moderate upheaval, or violent reactions. Eclipses work in pairs and form seasons. This month's lunar eclipse in Libra is partner to last month's solar eclipse in Pisces/Aries and sets the tone for questions we'll still be asking, or maybe answering, at the next set of partner eclipses in the same signs this September. If there's any takeaway from this astrological moment it's BALANCE. One of LIbra's key words; we are reminded now to remember balance is always up for negotiation and the perfect balance is the one that is adaptable and present. No "right" balance exists between your needs and another's, the question is always p for asking and the answer will be different moment to moment. How you find your way into unique expression of self that only you can offer is dependent upon those you'll meet along your path. Here is your meditation.

Full moon, blood moon, Libra moon, eclipsed moon blessings. - R