Taurus New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

Weekend greetings warriors. Today our Patron of War, Mars, stands full frontal opposition to the Lord of timely resistance, Saturn. Mars in Gemini cuts to the chase, says what it means, and brings up many questions about truth and immediacy. Saturn in Sagittarius answers those questions with more questions about the bigger picture, and how long it takes for stories to unfold. This opposition is a reminder that personal experience is subjective, that the tests of time often turn our truths into hard lessons learned and create foreboding mythologies around those moments when we insisted upon our righteousness instead of biding our time.

Mars opposite Saturn is ALSO a call to speak to truth to power; to invoke fearless friendliness (Gemini) in the face of austerity, and idealist exclusions (Sagittarius); to remember that we must take action to build bridges of connection between ourselves and others; and that holding ourselves at arms length and letting limited perceptions define the possibility of how we do business is no one's loss but our own. This is an aspect that asks for thoughtful action and honest words before gut reaction and immediate instigation.


The Mars/Saturn opposition forms a square to Neptune that could invoke our empathy and willingness to see many points of view, that could inspire us to problem-solve with creativity, and remember our commonalities even as we explore our differences. Could is the key word here, and it really is your choice... If Saturn's presence reminds us of anything it is the power of choice and the lessons learned from choice. So choose wisely loves. Neptune can also serve as God/dess of illusion, delusion and confusion. The square to Neptune points to the ways in which we collapse under resistance; deflect dialogue; avoid confrontation; and indulge our own confusion as an excuse for not saying what we mean. Taking a time-out for creativity, aloneness, nature, and lovemaking are all completely acceptable alternatives to getting gripped in conflict. But watch your habitual patterns and the strategies you employ to sidestep discomfort. Sometimes a time-out is needed AND, the only way out is through... So take a deep breath, be willing to listen, consider alternatives to words (maybe dancing together could get more to the point), and remember that we are all each others' most brilliant mirrors.

This weekend's new moon is just degrees away from Mars, and therefore figures strongly into the Mars/Saturn/Neptune aspect. Emotional subjectivity is at an all time high. Inner experiences are strongly felt and strongly influential in setting the tone for the next 4 weeks. The Taurus new moon plants idea-seeds of resource, generosity, sustenance, sustainability and sensuality. The new moon wants us to be in our bodies and asks if we feel comfortable enough to do so. If you don't feel comfortable in your skin, your sensuality, or your physical needs/desires now would be a good time to make wishes for your own ease and enjoyment.

To top all of this off, the sun, the moon and Mars are all just degrees away from Mercury which turns retrograde on Monday for the next three weeks. Mercury Rx is not the time to make first steps or initiate beginnings, but it is a great time to renegotiate and reconfigure what has already begun. Mercury is in the sign of its rulership, Gemini, and therefore strongly signifies all aspects of communication through words including talking, reading, and writing, as well as the facial expressions, hand gestures, affected accents/ voices, and hearing/listening styles that go with communication. The next three weeks are an excellent time to study and practice active listening and non-violent communication. If you can make a game of it Gemini will be satisfied. Have fun exploring how you communicate. Notice your verbal tics and listening preferences. Can you listen with your eyes? Can you speak with your smile? Can you think with your breath? Don't be scared of Mercury retrograde, use it to your advantage! Now is the time to get creative with communication and raise the bar with your verbal and nonverbal abilities. Mercury and Gemini both love to be curious and enthusiastic. Do yourself a favor by deciding that you don't need to know anything at all and just be present with your questions.

Later next week Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, lending some kind of something to the last three years of mayhem. What has been turned around and inside out for you since 2012 (if not absolutely everything)? It's these places and questions that would like you to consider the potential of beauty and enjoyment. Yes, it is chaotic, but what are the gems shining in the wreckage? Where do you feel called in your heart and what brings you joy? Do that. Even if it means just taking small moments to pay attention. Find the ways in which you can build altars in your everyday to that and those that you love and admire. Feed your joy and it will feed you right back.

All my love and fiercest, friendliness, most fabulous wishes for your new moon. - R

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