Welcoming June with the Sagittarius Full Moon

Happy Tuesday. Happy June. Full Moon blessings. The full moon today shines forth from Sagittarius. The archer, the one who has the vision of what could be, aims, fires, and travels far and wide to follow the arrows of insight. The sun radiates opposite the moon, spreading its light from Gemini, the twins, the connectors, the curious ones who are fascinated with this moment right now- unconcerned if their questions don't have answers for they are already attending to the next question.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is the space that moves from mind to ether. Both signs symbolize knowing, knowledge, and process of learning. Gemini is interested in what we can learn from what's right in front of us, our immediate social relations, short distance travel and being able to connect. Connection happens not just through words, but through writing, gesturing, facial expressions etc. This is Gemini's turf. Immediate connection. Sagittarius is interested in insight. The knowing that arrives through the channels of distance: from the ether that ashes and smoke rise towards. Sagittarius seeks knowledge afar and will not only wait for the answers to come but will actively pursue them through the hidden corners of mind that can only be touched by practices of awareness- through faith and through philosophy.


This full moon is aspected by Neptune, God of dreams who is currently reigning in her own side of Pisces. This aspect argues that imagination and fantasy are also forms of knowing and that the dreamspace is a rich trove of insight, waiting for the ones who can see beyond their immediate needs to know and rest into the space where all that's needed is to remember.

This day is a day to be conscious of how you think you know. To notice the dreamlike wavering of your attention as one moment arises into the next. This is not a day for firm convictions or arguments over right and wrong. With Mercury still retrograde and prominently featured in today's chart- today is a day to let yourself relax around all you think you need to say, understand or get across. Take a deep breath and feel. Today is a day to ask for guidance from the teachers of your heart. Maybe they are living and maybe they have passed- either way they are present. Talk to them. Agree to see their messages in the inconsistencies and paradoxes you are presented with. Let your brain relax.

Fitting but somewhat uncomfortable for this moment, I am awash in the cerebral obligations of finals week and graduate school. Your June horoscopes are coming in a few days. Until then~ Love. Renee

Here is your full moon meditation:

1.) Feel the container of your skull and sense where your brain is- floating in fluid, encased in your cranium. Can you feel yourself think? Notice what happens as you shift from sensory imagination into other kinds of thinking. What happens to the sensation of your brain?

2.) Sense how your brain stem cascades down from the opening at the base of your skull into the soft space of your spinal canal. Sense the fluid that holds and protects your brain as it travels rhythmically along that canal, also protecting and nourishing your spinal cord. Feel how your spinal space responds to your thoughts. Notice what kinds of thinking bring you to awareness at what level of your spine. Can you be in your thoughts and sensory awareness at the same time?

3.) Imagine how your nerves travel out from your spine- in their branches and bundles- cascading like rivers from the base of your neck into your arms, from your heartspace into your chest, from your solar plexus into your organs, from your navel area into your pelvis, genitals, inner legs and fronts of your thighs, from your sacrum into your hips joints, buttocks, and down into the back of your legs and feet. Can you just imagine these pathways? Can you imagine and remember that along these pathways knowing moves from your brain and spinal-center out into the world, and knowing moves from the world into your center and brain?

4.) Breathe

5.) Draw a picture

6.) Sing a song in order to feel the sound of your voice in your brain, spinal center, nerves, and space around you. Don't worry or notice the tune. Feel the song.

7.) Imagine your teachers. All the ones who are inspiration to you. You don't have to have ever met them. The Gurus, the Holy Ones, the Ones who have been forgotten, those who have been patient with you, those who have demanded of you. See them all. Imagine their faces clearly and feel in your brain, center, nerves how it is to be near them. What do they exude? What feelings do they elicit in you?

8.) Thank them. In word. In gesture. In emotion.

9.) Consider what it is that you are wanting to know, what insight are you waiting for?

10.) In whatever ways are meaningful for you, ask to learn. This may be writing, drawing, dancing, meditating, actually asking out loud to those who are present or not... Open yourself to receiving the answers and guidance that will best serve your highest intentions. Trust.