New Moon in Sagittarius: Big questions, simple answers

Centaur by Sherry Loveless, found on Pinterest
Centaur by Sherry Loveless, found on Pinterest

Astro preamble: For those of you who are familiar or interested in the aspects and angles of the chart, it is here. For the rest of this article I will be focusing on the T-Square aspect between the new moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, and Chiron in Pisces as well as the opposition between Mars in Libra, and Uranus in Aries which respectively form a sextile and trine to the new moon. In effort to be more embodied and less heady I’m going to leave the astro-talk here and write now just about the energetics, mood, and influence. If you’d like to have a deeper conversation about what the planets are doing and/or why I’m interpreting them the way I am please comment on the Facebook page and we can have our discussion there!

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Hello friends.

The Sagittarius new moon invites you to plant seeds of intention in regards to knowledge and your pursuit of it. This includes any higher learning or studying, spiritual pursuits, and long distance travel. This moon is an excellent time to meditate, read philosophy, ponder big ideas, and talk to people who are from places very different than what you know. Tomorrow I will post horoscope affirmations for all the signs. Here are the vibes this new moon is carrying...

Tomorrow’s new moon is a heavy hitter. The energy of this moon is focused, intense, and deeply questioning. There is faith. There is healing. Perhaps there is an obvious transformation between an old state of being and the next. Chances are good that any faith, healing, or transformation is also accompanied by keen awareness of what it has taken to get there. Faith often arises only when we’ve hit bottom. Healing happens because there has been a wound. Transformation is fucking hard and requires willingness to let something die. Faith is the key to transformation and healing is the product. This moon holds the profound potential for all of this.

The new moon is a time to get quiet, bring our attention inwards, and consider how to articulate the true questions. The false questions are the ones that keep us from addressing the truth. False questions usually have an external focus and put us into a space of dependency upon someone or something outside of ourselves to be the answer. True questions get into the deepest layers of belief and perception. Opening to those questions can be terrifying because if we answer honestly it might shift the external circumstances. Focusing on false questions allows us to remain stagnant and frustrated.

Each new moon symbolizes a new beginning. Not the beginning that starts with birth but the beginning that starts with conception. What is being conceived of currently is the tension of generosity. We are questioning how, what, when, and to whom we give. We are aware of the habit to give too much, to give it all away, to give ourselves away for the sake of something or someone else. We feel how we have been drained of our enthusiasm by forgoing our own joy for what we think will make another happy or for our presumptions of what is correct.

We must be mindful to not be seduced by the idea that working harder means the work is better. Notice the desire to grip around the details of a story. Notice when it seems more appealing to fuss, fidget, and try to fix whatever it is then to actually just accept it. The moment of acceptance happens when we offer the presence of our physicality. Next time you find yourself in the grip of your mind and the endlessly recurring story that’s playing there, take a breath and bring your attention to the places in your body that hold the sensation of your thoughts. See if you can let go of the words and just be with the feeling. Breathe into it. Notice how quickly it shifts. Repeat as necessary.

The space we are currently occupying is the space of a mental shift. We have been engaging the back-and-forth of emotional waves for a while now and have been tossed around a good bit. The mental shift is from a sharp, focused mind to a wider, softer and more expansive mind. The details are just details. As the details lose importance the priority will shift from a future goal to present awareness and enjoyment. The mental shift is a sudden realization that we have been holding onto something that isn’t important and that it actually can be fairly drama-free to put it down.

Today and through the weekend suddenness is a key word. There may be sudden revelations, sudden shifts in power dynamics, sudden accidents, sudden endings, sudden beginnings, and most importantly sudden insight. If you have been waiting for something to make sense or waiting for something to shift this may be the weekend that a breakthrough is possible. That said, it is important for all of that we are mindful of our actions and reactions and that just as much as we strive to be kind we also notice when we are being too accommodating for someone else’s mindlessness. This is a weekend to strategize around your own personal power and to deeply consider what it is that makes you happy and what agency you have in creating the conditions of your own happiness. Along with your new moon horoscope affirmations please also consider the following affirmation:

I am the only one responsible for my healing. I embrace this responsibility with joy. I recognize that to be human is to carry a wound and that in my surrender of perfect healing I will become perfectly healed. The greatest gifts I have will be born from acceptance of my own pain and release of any ownership I have of it.