December 2015 New Moon Horoscope Affirmations: Jupiter/Chiron opposition, embracing healing

Happy Friday loves. Here are your affirmations and horoscopes for this new moon. I recommend you read for your sun and rising signs. You can get a free chart here to find out both if you know your birth information. Affirmations work with magic so consider printing or writing them out and placing them somewhere you will see every day, multiple times a day. For the next 48 hours the moon is in its crescent waxing phase and it's prime time to make wishes. Read about new moon wishing here.

To bring this energy into your body listen to the Embodied Astrology meditation here.

If you'd like to read more about this new moon you can do so here.

Much love and new moon blessings. -Renée

Voyager by Beth Hoeckel via Pinterest

ARIES My heart opens like eyes. From the deepest space of my being I see. My heart and eyes are soft, kind, and full of awe. I allow myself to see what is and I keep my eyes and heart soft regardless. Each day I attend to this practice of softening. I see my path before me and I embrace it. I see my desires and goals and I embrace them. I keep my heart and eyes soft. I do not grip the future. Each day I accept the day and I accept what is. With soft eyes and a soft heart full of kindness and awe I move towards my destiny.

TAURUS I am courageous and willing to rest in the space between myself and others. The space where our desires, fears, possessions, and energy mix. From this potent space I take inspiration to create. From this potent space I take inspiration to relate to the world at large. I am courageously facing my fears of intimacy and I see that any fear is not about the other, but about truly seeing myself. I embrace myself and the reflections offered. My creative practice is my solution. I do not run away. I move deeper into the question.

GEMINI I plant seeds for healing in my relationships. I ask for clarity and trust. I remember my broad vision and I attune my guiding principles. I take a philosophical stance with my intimates and I let go of subjective grasping. I observe what is between us and I ask, “Does this serve my right work?” I observe what is between us and I ask, “Does this serve the health, happiness, and growth of my sense of belonging and wellness?” I give thanks to all my relations and see that they inspire me to offer to the world. I give thanks to all my relations and see that we are all from the same home. I invite all of us to heal our home. I invite all of us to heal our world.

CANCER I commit to self-care. I commit to showing up every day and taking one step at a time towards my vision. I commit to healing the thoughts and beliefs that keep me from showing up for myself every day. I commit to discipline with my thoughts. I commit to the process. I do not expect perfection, but I commit to the process and will continue, every day, to practice thinking thoughts that serve my greatest sense of wellbeing. I commit to the mundane practice and I allow the mundane to spread and flow into the larger picture. I start here. I commit.

LEO I commit to my creative practice. I commit to joyful, fun, expansive exploration. I commit to what is important to me, to my heart, to my health, and to the purpose that I feel beyond all else. I practice living my values. I practice living them even when I think I don’t get what I want. It is my creative practice that illuminates my values. It is my creative practice that brings me home to myself. My creativity is in the art I make, the children I play with and/or parent, and any romance or sex that feels fun and exciting to me. If it doesn’t bring me joy I reserve the right to not do it. I open my heart to a way of being that completely embraces my joy and self-expression.

VIRGO I am at home in myself. I attend to my home with the greatest respect and deepest reverence. I am at home in myself and I care for my home by kindly and gently cleaning the corners and dark spaces, inviting light and spaciousness. I am at home in myself and I lovingly usher out any relations who do not treat my home with absolute love and tenderness. I heal the spaces and make altars where there has been wounding from lack of respect. I do not hold grudges. I am at home in myself. I am home.

LIBRA I plant seeds for healing in the garden of my mind. In my thoughts, words, and perceptions I practice mindfulness and attunement to the present moment. I am comfortable not knowing the details. I trust in the abundance of mystery and feel its benefic presence behind, beneath and around me. I attend to healing in my everyday actions. I see all tasks as an opportunity to practice love for myself, love for others, and love for the world.

SCORPIO My knowing is priceless. My faith is priceless. In my mind, heart, and body I know. In my mind, heart, and body I have faith. My knowing is reflected in the light of my creativity. I turn to the creative source for knowing. My faith is reflected in the dreams I have for the future. My faith grows larger and more radiant when it is shared with others.

SAGITTARIUS I offer myself for awakening. I awaken. I see the course of my actions and the actions before mine were made. I see the future, its unfolding, and my participation in it. I awaken to possibility I embody. I awaken to the supreme teacher who resides within me. I completely forgive the past, I release any lingering debt to it, I embrace its many gifts for the future. I am awake to the gift of myself and all that has made me.

CAPRICORN I see the places where my mind is hurt. I see the thoughts that have been hurtful and how they have shaped my life. I allow my mind to soften and accept all that it does not understand, and all that is not understandable. I embrace the shifting of the ground beneath my feet. I allow silence so that I can hear clearly when there is a call to action. I trust my future actions to be in accordance with who I want to be in the future. For now I purify my beliefs and ensure that they will serve my greatest becoming.

AQUARIUS I am freedom. I am freedom. I am freedom. I am free from any values I have inherited that keep me chained to needless neediness. I am free from servitude to other people’s messy minds. I clarify what I stand for. I cleanse from myself any and all that I have carried for others and no longer wish to. I am free in my thoughts. I am free in my beliefs. I am free in all realms of existence.

PISCES I am confident. I trust my purpose in this life. I trust in others and the others in my life are trustworthy. I trust myself. I honor myself. I embrace myself. I love myself. I accept myself. I am trusted, honored, embraced, loved and accepted by others. I am guided by life to do what I need to do, and that only I can do. I ask for all reflections of myself that will encourage my confidence, courage, and self-compassion.