December 2015 Full Moon Horoscope Affirmations

Read affirmations for your sun sign and rising sign. You can find out more about both of these if you know your birth time here. Learn more about the astrology of this moon here.

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KINJIN via Pinterest
KINJIN via Pinterest

ARIESI have nothing to prove. I do not owe anyone anything. No one owes anything to me. I don’t own anyone. I am not owned by anyone. I take full responsibility for my own becoming. I see the foundation that was laid before I arrived, I feel where I sit… And I choose how to build and when to excavate. I am aware of what I stand for. I bless my family that has given me life and I bless all of my relations. I ask for forgiveness, acceptance, courage, release, and support. I honor the goodness that has preceded me and I recognize where I can make steps towards growth for all of us.

TAURUSI take the time to remember and reflect upon the journeys I have made in my mind. I am not swayed by the immensity of knowledge that I have yet to discover. Instead I am delighted by how much I have learned in my short time on Earth. I remember how my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas have grown and changed over time and I appreciate their evolution. When I find myself concerned about the ways in which I still feel like I haven’t learned anything I remember that the knowing of evolution lives in my cells and instincts. I let my brain relax and trust that I know all I need to know right now and that I will remember the rest when I need to.

GEMINII remember and acknowledge that any and all of my wealth (money, possessions, privilege, and all else that brings value to my life) is achieved, sustained, and put to use with the participation of other people. I commit to this awareness as I consider how I want to offer my gifts to the world. Rather than feeling stingy or fearful about my possessions I see that anything I own that serves me can also serve the generative potential I contain, and that will in turn serve others. I release any feelings of guilt or shame that are associated with wealth, how I got it, and who has more or less of it. I ask only that the abundance in my life is received with deep gratitude so that I may approach my life with respect for all that it has given.

CANCERI commit to my own center. I imagine my life as a wheel and I see that the center of the wheel is well-placed and even. As time rolls on and the cast of characters who are my intimates come, go, and change constantly… I stay in the center. I am aware of the subtle shifts that pull me from it: these thoughts that become beliefs and have me pushing forward or pulling back. Being centered is not a constant state of rigidity. It is a constant process of remembering that I am already at home. It is a constant dance that is made vibrant by my shifts of weight, moments of surrender, moments of support, and the return again to my own point of balance.

LEOI recommend for you Leo that you begin (if you haven’t started already) practicing techniques of lucid dreaming. One easy technique is to choose some object that you will probably see many times in a day, maybe like a door handle, and any time you see it you ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” Then at some point in a dream you will see a door handle and will have built a response that gives you the opportunity to ‘wake up’ in your dream and ask for things to be shown to you, or have other agency in its unfolding. The practice of waking up to the dream/fantasy/myth is a valuable skill to develop right now.

VIRGOWho I am: my essence, my joy, my pulsing, vibrant, and beautifully committed heart, is supported by my community. I accept all offerings of friendliness, love, and care. I can accept the essence of these gestures without losing the pulse of myself. I choose to see that I am loved, valued, and important to people in all of my evolution and iterations. I will not be frightened of change or stay the same because I am concerned by what others may think. Instead I choose to courageously offer my constantly expanding heart with confidence, courage, and a clear vision of how I want to continue to learn to love.

LIBRAIt is good to be home. It is good to allow myself rest. It is good to drop all the details, obligations, and endless tasks. I can just be here right now. I can see that what I have done is enough, and not only enough but that it means something. I am willing to consider my ideas about ambition, and if they are excessive then perhaps I can temper them by remembering that at the end of my life I will be carried by the love that I have allowed myself to actually receive. And so I commit to the practice of receiving. I commit to work and ambition that also feels comfortable, sustainable, and generous to myself. I know that my heart is big and will give a lot. I trust that will be so regardless of how strictly I strive. And so I relax, and enjoy.

SCORPIOI love. I feel. I feel love. I love feeling. I give myself to love and feeling love. I commit and marry myself to the practical manifestation of love the way that I know it. I will bring this to the world. I will articulate this love and these feelings without fear, even though they may disrupt. I commit to the force that moves through me and I commit to knowing that force as love, ceaselessly and regardless of how it might feel from one moment to the next.

SAGITTARIUSIt is in the shadows that I can see now what is important to me. It is in the shadows that I can hear now the sound of my own song. I feel the force of my own desire. I recognize its impact in the world and my community. I commit to acting with the utmost integrity and I commit to knowing and claiming what is valuable to me. I am unafraid of these shadows, they are bringing me to light.

CAPRICORNI see myself in you. You see yourself in me. If we look long enough into each other’s eyes, our gaze will become unending like the ocean. It is in this space between us that I understand the dream. It is in this space between us that I learn to hold my breath, and then finally to breath again and trust that the correct elements will enter my lungs. How I see myself and how you see yourself constitutes how we see the other. I invite perceptions that are most aligned with my deepest love to be the ones I cast upon you.

AQUARIUSI vow to look at my life with this kind of care: I will see the objects and remember that they were not always as they look now. I will remember the origin of their materials, and I will remember those materials in my own body. I will see the animals and I will remember that they are governed by their own rules and nature. I will remember that my body too is animal. I will see the people and remember small acts of kindness touch us all and that most will appreciate a sincere smile and gesture of kindness. I will remember that I too am capable of receiving and responding to all the ways in which others strive to express their perfectly human love.

PISCESI revel in the strange beauty that is presented to me in all details. I am amused by the game we all play that calls this shared experience ‘real life’. I allow myself to be swept up in delight as we dance through these same steps and gestures, already forgetting that we did them just a moment ago. I know myself as ageless, genderless, raceless, and homeless. My home is everywhere and everything. My color is the spectrum that opens when what appears solid is put under a microscope. My gender is yes. My age is eternal and unborn. I will create and give birth to what I imagine as divine love. I will see this love grow into something that I can hold, and then I will let it go again.