Capricorn New Moon Horoscope Affirmations

New moon blessings, here are your horoscope affirmations for this cycle of new moon in Capricorn and Mercury retrograde (January 5-25) in Capricorn.

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ARIESWhat questions do you have right now about your career or life purpose? Think about them and then repeat this mantra, “I am here to be a leader. Leadership takes many forms. I know that I am living into my purpose when the center of my heart feels peaceful and is not grasping or trying to control.” In your daily life notice where you get hung up on details that don’t matter but make you feel neurotic and uptight. Let those details go. This month is a time for you go inwards and reinvest in your life priorities. Let your ego identity change if you need to. Remember that even if you brain doesn’t know your heart does. What brings your heart peace? What feels like something you can commit to for the long game? If it feels stressful and like you have to work really hard to keep it then it’s not for you. This might mean that ideas you have about yourself change. It’s ok. If your pursuits aren’t bringing you inner peace on some level now they probably won’t in the future. Whatever you are working for needs to have the seeds of peace now. Be honest with yourself.

TAURUSI abide in the openings that arise from faith. I dwell in the BIG questions about life and meaning. I open myself to receive answers and inspiration from my art, from my lovers, from my playfulness, and from children. I know that the biggest questions have the simplest answers and that these answers are found in the improbable, in the improvisational, and in the unknown. It’s fine to be in the questions, I savor these moments of surrender and openness when I have let go of anyone else’s philosophy. The more I surrender the more clearly I find the answers arising from the source within myself.

GEMINII commit to patience. I will not jump to conclusions and I will not hold anyone hostage to choices they make. I allow myself and others the space to renegotiate boundaries. I commit to patience and I commit to creating comfort. Not a superficial comfort, but a deep, abiding, and vast space that feels like home no matter where I am, what I am doing, or who else is there. This comfort is also called patience. Who I am is spacious. Reactivity is easy to recognize and I get to make choices responsibly. The patience, comfort, and spaciousness that I exude contributes to well-being in my community and invites the future to unfold with grace.

CANCERMy relationships serve to support me and my sense of personal possibility. Relationships with folks who are caught up in the need to limit me, degrade me, or keep me small in any way are asked to gently leave my life. Relationships that serve me can and will be transformed easily and joyfully into generative, loving, and expansive connections if they are not already. I commit to my personal power in all my interactions. I understand that my power comes from my own center and that I am not dependent upon anything external to feel empowered. I will consciously use my thoughts and words to assist me in claiming my personal power and moving into right relationship with my intimates.

LEOI allow my personal philosophy to change as I release thoughts and beliefs that keep me chained to old ways of being that are no longer congruent with my present and future self. I embrace my true values and I release any fears of losing what is already in the past. I will take action every day to move forwards. My actions align to my true values. I will take action every day to work in whatever small ways I can to live my values and grow into them. I believe in the power of my intention. I commit to patience, discipline and determination. Every day. I am here. Alive. Awake. I am living the life I believe in.

VIRGOWhat happens here in the space between us awakens me to myself. This intimacy I accept, even though it shakes, surprises, and slips me up. I allow these small explosions to expand my heart. I will redefine how I express my joy, thank you. I will redefine how I choose to embody joy, thank you. As you awaken me I am illuminated to the space of here and now and I consciously choose which aspects of my being to carry forward. All that I carry forward is in service to how I am here to shine. I am radiant in this space. Even when I am falling and feel so fragile. I am radiant. My radiance is not dependent on you, but the ways you crash into me certainly help me to shine.

LIBRAI am open and receptive to letting my family change. I am aware that we restrict each other’s growth with expectations based on subjective memory. I agree to examine the ways in which I confine them to how they used to be. I am aware of the ways in which I am myself confined by structures and traditions that aren’t truly resonant with me. I agree to be in a space of question as I let go of those forms and make space for something new and different. The greatest gift we can give each other is the allowance and support to change over time. I show my love through openness to change in myself and others.

SCORPIOI take refuge in the space between my thoughts. I allow myself to pause in the space between this thought and the next. Here is my breath. Inhale, exhale. I commit to mindfulness. Simply observing my thoughts is enough. Just noticing the stories as I tell them. I can choose whether or not I let the stories control my body reaction. I can choose whether or not I let the stories control my interactions. What is important now is the long-term vision. I know that generosity is important long-term. I know that faith is important. Inhale, exhale. The thoughts that are not rooted in generosity and faith are just stories. I notice them but I don’t buy them. I allow them to just exist. I am generous. I have faith. I breathe in, I breathe out.

SAGITTARIUSThis next month I will be patient. The projects and play that I long for will come, I know that is true. But this next month is a time to take stock of what resources there are and what I can do with them. It’s ok to be patient, it’s good to be patient. I will be mindful of my money and investments. I will take this time to diligently examine the truth of my finances. I will take this time to diligently examine the truth of my work. I trust that the right balance will come. I can and will have what I need, financially and otherwise, to pursue those fierce and fiery passions that call me.

CAPRICORNI don’t know who I am and it’s ok. I don’t really know who I was and it’s ok. I have no idea who I will be and it’s ok. What I do know is that I am at home in myself. And I do know that the home of myself is being renovated. So knock down the walls! Make space for more light! It’s chaotic for sure to live with the renovations, but it’s worth it. This mansion is in my heart and I am preparing for all kinds of parties and gatherings with my favorite guests. I won’t live in cramped quarters anymore and that’s for sure.

AQUARIUSI don’t need to know anything, because I KNOW everything. I can tap into collective wisdom when I need it. I can listen deeply to the language of dreams and symbols. I mine the depths of my unconscious and I am shown the deepest inner authority. My inner authority is a collection of all the wisdom that ever has been and so I have no need to be stingy or controlling. My knowing is abundant and so I release the need to control or limit it. I embrace new and different ways of knowing. Rather than worrying about how I will know, what I will say, or how to think about it all… I just let go, surrender, and trust that guidance will come in exactly the right moments.

PISCESMoney and resources will come and go. I don’t cling. I know that I can manifest what I need. I know that what is important to me, and ultimately what will bring the most abundance into my life is to be truthful to myself. The truth of myself is not a dogma, it is a constantly evolving picture of possibility. I won’t limit myself to fears of scarcity. No. I am the most abundant, the most generous, the most willing I can be. When I feel myself clinging tightly I simply remind myself to trust. I imagine an open palm, and just like that I open my heart and trust that whatever I have now will remain and grow as long as it is meant to. If there are endings then they exist only to make room for something else. I do not grasp. I am open and generous with myself, with others, with everything.