Leo Full Moon Horoscope Affirmations

Full Moon blessings! These affirmations are here to support you in whatever ways they can. Read for your sun, rising signs, and moon signs (you can get a free astrology chart and learn about your signs here.) To further embody the healing potential of this energy you can listen to the guided meditation for the full moon here. This meditation focuses on the body affiliations of the signs of Leo and Aquarius as well as the themes they signify: heart/heartfulness, self/other, creative agency and expression, confidence/courage, and connectivity.

Love. Renée

Image found on Pinterest via Lushlight
Image found on Pinterest via Lushlight

ARIESThe events of the last three years have prepared me for this moment. I know who I am in a different way. I am comfortable in the heaving, crushing, mess of collapse. I trust that order arises from chaos again and again. I trust by now that what is destroyed must be in order for new life to grow. Where I used to hold tight and breathe less, now I let go and laugh. I open my senses to receive communications from Power. I am comfortable conversing with Power- my own and others. I have learned that Power is not an external construct. It is instead the faith to put one foot forward after another and trust that the ground will be there. It is the knowing that there is no difference between my foot and the ground. It is joy in the moments of surrender. I am Powerful.

TAURUSI know that I am at home when my heart feels full, warm, and big. I can see my ambitions objectively today. I can see where they pull me out of my sense of home, and in those places I see an opportunity to grow my home bigger. Wherever I am I can be at home; I can feel sated, secure, and generous. It is my joy to remember this especially when I am provoked by the actions of others. Especially when their actions are unskillful or not of my preference. It is in the power of my belief that I am at home. It is in my faith and in my prayers. I practice everyday: I breathe into my heart and it expands. I breathe into my heart and it is warm. I breathe into my heart and it is generous. I am home.

GEMINII understand that communication is the key to healthy relationships. I understand further that listening with openness is just as important as speaking with openness. I am courageous in my communications. I listen without an inner dialogue; I allow myself to release my bias as I listen so that I hear beneath the words for the intention. I offer myself with transparency. I have nothing to gain from hiding, so why exert that energy? I am delighted to let those guards down. I realize in this honesty that relationships are stabilized without pretense and that then they are allowed to grow. The worlds of others open up when I do.

CANCERI magnetize and manifest abundance. I am open to receive gifts and aid from others. I am not stingy in my receptiveness either, I allow for the gifts I receive to be a reflection of the gift that I am. The more I believe in my own value, the more I attract it. Yes, I know this and will practice it. I will also continue to work hard and give everything I have to small steps forward everyday. I magnetize and manifest by believing in my own worth, and I believe in my own worth by proving it to myself with my commitment. I show up for what I believe in. This is enough. I trust that all doors will open when they are ready, and that awakening is happening constantly.

LEOWho I am and who I am becoming is still unknown but the forces of change are too big to stop now, and nor would I want to even if I could. This has been here for a while now, this voice, every day whispering, “change is coming”. The discomfort of staying static in old ways of being is too great and will make me ill. I will risk what I know already in favor of this craziness my instincts push me towards. The idea of who I am or may be is illuminated now by the larger ideas of the networks I move through. I see myself as part and whole. So the notions of what I might lose if I resist change become meaningless. I offer myself to this process as a gift to my current and future intimates. I know that I would never want my partners to stay small and stuck for me. So I shift, allow, and expand.

VIRGOExplode. Collapse. Transform. Shift. This space between us is working on me and is relentless. Somehow you’ve gotten through the layers and all my guards. What you bring in the middle of the night is nothing short of total chaos. Do I embrace or do I resist? Resistance becomes rigidity and will lodge itself in my heart and spine until I am slowly dis-abled. If I choose surrender then I am thrown into the unknown moment. So as the teacher said, “The bad news is that you’re falling and there is nothing to hold onto. The good news is that there’s no ground.”

LIBRAI bring awareness to my roots. I honor my ancestors: the journeys they took, the trials they faced, the sacrifices they made, the love they felt. I abide in the tension between what they have instilled in me and what I am awakening to now. I forgive all of us for short-sightedness. I forgive all of us for our human fears. The power of my relationships now is to wake me up to ways of being that I have inherited. They to show me my biases, habits, and where I can make different choices than my ancestors did. The future illuminates the past. I make choices that serve the highest good of my spirit. I make choices to relate with others in ways that align to my deepest held values and are based in love, generosity and trust.

SCORPIOI am willing to investigate the deeper gestures that are underneath my words. I pay attention to the small and subtle shifts of my body. I notice when these shifts precipitate emotion. I notice how emotion forms thoughts. I watch what my mind does with sensation. I empower myself to have the experiences I want to have. I do not need to give the power of my experience to anyone else, unless it brings me joy to submit, but then it is my choice. I allow for my preferences and I claim them as my own. I am no longer enchanted by being disempowered. I begin here and now in my flesh. I claim myself back. I recognize that by attending to the signals of my body, I am better able to be easeful and steady in my mind.

SAGITTARIUSI see clearly and can identify that which I am in service to. Not the forced service of obligation or expectation, but the service of my heart to my soul. I align my mind and its power to articulate with the place beyond language; the infinite knowing and the deep trust. I am uninterested in glamour or façade. I am not enchanted by anything that performs itself externally while the inner experience is not yet formed. I commit to the rigor and discipline of my seeking. I commit to my growing authenticity. I will not serve the hungry ghosts and skeletons who feed on insecurity and who go by the sound of “should”. I will serve the joyous, fiery awakening that sings the sound of ‘Yes!’. I will serve the spirit of freedom and adventure. I will serve the boundlessness of my true heart.

CAPRICORNWhat I value and how I feel myself to be valuable determines my relationship to wealth and my experience of wealth. When I am honest about the elements of my being and my life that bring me joy I feel full, abundant, and generous. I feel my values as gems. Each one is priceless. Each one has been considered and determined to be something that is authentic, that I can offer honestly, that without I would feel less rich in the widest sense of the sentiment. So in this moment I ask myself what good there is in confining my values in the past? Allowing them to change will not decrease their value- but may allow me to see how they evolve over time and become mature. I will invest in this allowing. I will honor what I know to be true for me and what I believe in, but I will not entertain the frozen shadows of my past, or my fears of the future that try to masquerade as truth. I can feel the difference in my heart. I can listen. In this I am wealthy beyond measure.

AQUARIUSI have found and I feel a space of inner quietude. It resonates and hums somewhere I can’t see. I stop trying to see it and I decide to completely trust it. I receive communications from dreams, angelic beings, and helpful allies of the unseen realms. My trust and listening give me pause, peace, tenderness with myself and others. I trust myself. Even when I don’t know. I trust myself. Even when I don’t know. All of my relations are illuminated in this trust: close ones, distant ones, beloved ones. What is illuminated is intuition. I can get out of my head and stop thinking about relating or feeling. I can trust. I pause in the spaces of quietude and listen. I trust the responses I receive.

PISCESI bless and honor my body. I give thanks for all of its parts. I shower myself with affection and adoration. I radiate out from my centered self-love and I receive radiance reflected from the corners, the details, the small tasks and to-do lists. I do not need to look for affirmation in grand gestures, I see it in the subtle shades of my daily life which are nothing if not normal. Every task is an opportunity to give thanks for the doing. I remember that I am made of everything, and so I practice self-love by attending to everything with equanimity and appreciation. This remembering allows me to stay present in all my relations, in my hopes and dreams, and in my relationship to that and those that sustain my wellbeing.