Astrology shapes and textures for the January Full Moon in Leo

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Dear friends,

Astrology is a language of metaphor and archetype. There are some rules, many suggestions, and as many different ways to interpret the heavens as there are interpreters. Astrology, like any other method of divining including tarot, ruins, tea leaves, etc. is simply a channel for  conscious human awareness to tap into a greater awareness. The greater awareness is like fabric that holds us all together. Our individual experiences are all wrapped up in the same stuff, so as I move you are shifted, and when you cut a hole in the fabric I can crawl through too.

Sometimes we are given tools to feel the fabric that connects us and then we can know. Knowing in this way is not always specific. Sometimes it is vague and textural; sometimes thematic; sometimes razor-sharp prophecy. Knowing requires trust. This is called intuition. We can pay attention to sensation, images, repetition, and notice where attention guides us. We have to learn to listen in ways that most of us have never been taught because this listening is outside of what our culture regards as real.

Astrology is a complex science and I am a young student of it. It is easy for me, as it is for anyone, to want to try to explain or prove my point… But I am finding that in my personal practice as an artist, astrologer, and human I am becoming less and less interested in explaining my perception of details. And as someone who exists often in the mental plane I am interested in letting my thinking and explaining go in favor of the immediacy of presence.

This instinct for me (to think less and feel more) is why I’ve started offering the Embodied Astrology meditations and have chosen to write affirmations instead of predictions for horoscopes. And it’s why, this week, I will start to write less about the particular configuration of points and planets in favor of a more poetic and sensory exploration. I will list all the aspects and events at the beginning of these columns so those of you who are students of astrology can anchor with them. Otherwise, just listen to the feelings. They may or may not be true for you in the moment. They are images, textures, themes, and perhaps clear guidance at times. Hold them gently and allow them to speak to you in the spaces where you are learning to listen too.

I offer these with complete humility. I am working with them in myself and I know that you are too. Thanks to all of us who sit in the fire of discomfort and practice presence and loving kindness. Thanks to all of us who are willing to fail and try again.

With love, Renée

Image found on Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

Moon at 3° Leo opposite Sun conjunct Pallas in Aquarius (Sun at 3°, Pallas at 0°) both square to Mars conjunct Juno in Scorpio (Mars at 10°, Juno at 11°)

  1. Noticing disruption in the still waters of mind. Ripples that spread with attraction and aversion. Wanting more. Wanting less. Ripples become waves. Unintended reactivity occurs and the waves become larger. Guilt and anger that the waves exist. Desiring the glorious image of a ship atop smooth, glassy waters and the sun rising behind. Spitefulness and envy for surely that image exists elsewhere as reality. It will come when the waves are recognized as water and water remembers it is held in the container of Earth. We don’t need to push and shove against the boundaries, or fearfully cling to their permanence. Love is not leaving. It is constant and encompassing.
  2. Attending to the child that is lost. The world is massive and terrifying. Death is certain.It is important to stay connected and tethered. It is equally important that as adults we are able to attend to the children who are still lost within us. Recognize the fear of death as the first gate to pass through when seeking relief from suffering. Acceptance.
  3. A flame that burns bright is fed by the heat  of the flames surrounding it. A flame alone goes out. Specialness occurs with inner recognition. The external, glamorized façade is never the full picture. Inner recognition is not mutually exclusive to recognizing and appreciating specialness in others. It is a sacred task to hold space for one another to remember what we already know. One can remember when the other forgets. We all have our turn. Do not allow fear and insecurity to block the connection between vessel of heart and substance of love.
  4. The deep breath and peace when gazing across an expansive vista Remember the wisdom of nature is not something to figure out in the mind, there is no separation. We are already wise.

Mars conjunct Juno in Scorpio trine Neptune at 8° Pisces

  1. Holding the knife in slippery hands. The knife turns to rubber and meltsAcknowledging anger if it is present reduces its sharpness when we can focus on the sensation but let go of the story.
  2. The erotic potential of jealousyAllowing the taboo to awaken us in the places that precede societal conditioning. Welcoming a turn-on without objectification is the practice

Uranus conjunct Vesta in Aries (Uranus at 16°, Vesta at 13°) opposing Lillith at 16° Libra, both square to Mercury conjunct Pluto (exact at 15°)

  1. Alone, sitting in a cage of my own making. The door is open and unlocked. Meanwhile I am furious and clutching at the key.Beware of feelings of resentment and the instinct to create an argument in order to support separation. Remember that in hurting others we hurt ourselves. Investigate empowerment that comes through forgiveness… Making the first move is noble. It may not be returned. We can still decide what games we want to play and will find willing playmates. Choose to engage with those who support you through their own empowerment.
  2. Messages that come through from another realm. Big and fast changes in consciousness. Sudden awakening to one’s own behavioral patterns and the suffering they create. The adept student welcomes the lesson and is rewarded with integrated understanding.Stay with yourself. Stay with mindful awareness of what’s arising. Whatever is arising is the teacher.
  3. Letting go of competition and power strugglesAs awakening happens, the desire to serve health and wellbeing grows in place of desire to harm
  4. The pieces of a complex lock click into place. The opening is suddenly smooth and gentleWhen the mind calms and becomes a servant of the heart there is ease. If something feels forced and frustrating it’s time to check in and ask if the desire for this is coming from a healthy and empowered place within or if it’s coming from the child, the competitor, the tyrant, or some other character that is filled with neediness. Stop fighting.

Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo (both at 22°) opposing Chiron at 18° Pisces. Jupiter/North Node are trine to Mercury conjunct Pluto and Chiron is sextile.

  1. The graduates are welcomed into the next class. The teachers are supportive and the classmates are encouraging. The graduates wonder if they have what it takes.The last 3 years have been full of tests. There has been much growth. Strength of will and presence of mind has increased. The only way to know this is to test it. Your weaknesses will continue to be presented but the tools you have now are different. Keep moving forward, you are up for this challenge.
  2. The scar no longer burns. Now it is a good story and there is pride in telling it.Trust that the wounds will heal. As we heal we are asked to serve those who are wounded. This is as it should be. Honor yourself for persevering and making the best choices you could make. Recognize that there was never a perfect choice. Compassion is the willingness to be uncomfortable together.