Astrology Aphorisms for the February New Moon in Aquarius

Hello! Please see last week’s letter about my new approach to writing astrology columns. What’s presented below is less technical explanation and more intuitive offering. Strong energies for this full moon exist between 14°-22° of Aries, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces… That’s over half of the zodiac! Which means that most of us will be feeling this moon but those of you who have planets and points around these degrees may feel them more acutely. I have made notes of which aspects I am talking about before each thought for you to use that as a reference. You can see your chart and all degree points for free on If you are interested in pursuing further, personalized interpretation and assistance I am currently scheduling clients for March and beyond and would be happy to work with you.

To prepare on a physically energetic level to receive the gifts and lessons of this new moon, listen to the Embodied Astrology Guided Meditation for February 8th New Moon in Aquarius.

This new moon occurs at 6:39AM Pacific time on Monday, February 8th and happens to be Void of Course. You can prepare over the weekend by working with the meditation and the following writing. On Tuesday February 9th the moon enters Pisces at 3:30AM. Tuesday and Wednesday will be good days for new moon ritual or wish making. Even though the new moon will be Aquarian you can honor Pisces by including elements of water, art, and music in your rituals and/or your intentions.

New Moon Horoscope Affirmations will be available on Monday morning by 6:30AM

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(Sextile Pattern between Uranus conjunct Vesta (Uranus at 17° Aries and Vesta at 18° Aries) trine to Saturn at 14° Sagittarius, both sextile to the new moon (Sun and Moon conjunct) at 19° Aquarius.) Love, It’s time to get real about the changes we are making. The choices aren’t only black and white. If what is being presented feels too much like constriction then it’s time to take a step back and see where your view has become small and confined to a reality that does not need to be the ultimate one. Be open to alternatives that you are not yet aware of.

(The ongoing Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn aspect is now being touched by Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto, Uranus is conjunct Vesta and both are opposing Lillith at 18° Libra forming a T-square aspect with the Capricorn planets) Issues of Power struggles and control trips can now be infused with a remembering of love AND a remembering of authentic truth. No power is ultimate over the truth of your heart. However, the truth of your heart may be hard to hear under the racket of social, cultural, familial, and relational obligation. To tune into your heart it’s important now to truly remember that no one can actually leave. Even if the body is gone, the connection is there. Trust that connection is there underneath all the racket in everyone else’s mind games too, even if they happen to forget momentarily. Examine any feelings of isolation to find where you have cut yourself off from connection because of fear and anger. Be in the places of fear with friendliness. Don’t leave yourself. If we can stay united internally then we give everyone the chance to accept what is, and to love, regardless of whether the ‘is’ is preferred.

Especially important now is to examine who is doing the leaving. Sometimes we may think that we are being rejected and so we turn away and say that it is someone else who makes this necessary. Internal unity is key. If you commit to staying in the truth of your being then you will not leave or be left… Even if others can’t accept. Ultimately we must look at why we make choices in relationship. If choices are being made that feel obligatory, are driven by guilt, or are forced then some part of us will internally resist and detach. Claiming your wholeness and allowing this gives others the opportunity to claim theirs. This may not be easy in the short term but long term will build self-confidence and self-trust. How will you trust or be confident in anyone else’s choices if you cannot trust or be confident in your own?

Uranus/Vesta at 17°/18° Aries are quincunx to Juno/Mars at 13°/18° Scorpio There is discomfort in following intuition and making new choices that you know will ultimately serve you. The discomfort arises when you get caught up examining feelings that are deep and probably very sticky. This is a moment of tension that requires your alertness. Reactivity is easy and arguments may arise. Ultimately your aim must be to awaken and serve something greater. If drama is there and it’s pulling you towards smallness you can choose to rise above. Be mindful of your reactivity and the desire to keep gnawing on that gross old bone. Even if you don’t know the outcome of the future, making choices that align to what you want in the future is better than making choices based on fears of the past. Don’t steal from future potential because you’re stuck on something small.

(Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo at 21° quincunx the new moon at 19° Aquarius) There may be discomfort and feeling that an opportunity is being missed, or a fear of making choices that shut other doors. This new moon is asking for freely considered options and objectivity that is based on your own empirical research of what you know is true for you. In one month we will have entered into eclipse season and the next new moon will either bring themes of greater connectivity and faith, or disillusion and loss. Connectivity and faith must begin with each individual. None of us who are adults can require an other to provide these. The opportunity that is arising now is one that would like you to rise above the need for external circumstances to make you feel safe.

(Jupiter and North Node Conjunct in Virgo, trine to Pluto, Venus, and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn) Consider adult learning theory. We learn the most in a range of mild discomfort, not full comfort, but also not extreme discomfort. If you are facing immediate danger or threat it’s important that you try to reach out to whatever available resources there are and seek safety. Most of us who are reading this column though are not facing immediate threat. So look around and actually see the structures that support you. Most likely your discomfort will pass and you can facilitate your own growth. Do not give in to fight or flight fantasies. Stay present and remember that truthfulness and personal accountability are foundations for an internal sense of wellness and safety.

Focus on the feeling of what you want. Meditate upon releasing any constriction to that feeling. So any ways that you might be trying to coerce or push something. Try and feel what you desire freely and let go of the need to control how it will happen.

Be open to assistance from teachers, mentors, healers and guides. They may not take the form you expect. Be a discerning student of life and see honestly where others may have the ability to reflect back to you what you are trying to learn. Rise above taking things personally and see that everything is personal. You can choose to move through into greater learning with willingness. Ultimately you are your own teacher, but there are those that can remind you of this.

(Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo, opposing Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces square to Pluto, Venus, and Mercury in Capricorn) We know that what is playing out now is both a rearranging of the past and a shifting towards the future. Certain elements of healing can be addressed that couldn’t before. If something is hurting deeply try to see that it is a gift being presented. This hurt was always there. Perhaps people or situations have changed and you think that they are somehow the cause of your pain and that if they hadn’t been then the pain wouldn’t be either. This isn’t true. Pain is not personal. It is silly how we think it is and get so wrapped up in our stories of it. Pain is pain regardless of who’s feeling it. We get to be the healers when we attend to the pain that comes through us rather than perpetuating it. Attending will look differently for each of us but it remains true that we shouldn’t seek retaliation or even need acknowledgment from others. This kind of hurt requires a slow, steady application of your own loving presence. Do not seek to change anyone. Do not interpret others’ actions in ways that excite or poke at your own trauma. Remember the quietness that exists in the center of you. Pain is neutral there.

(Chiron at 19° Pisces trine to Mars at 18° Scorpio, Mars is loosely conjunct Juno at 13° Scorpio) Option 1: Healing is facilitated through acceptance of one’s own shadow. Particularly salient points will be forgiveness for where we have hurt others and acted in ways that have been untrustworthy or motivated by envy/jealousy/insecurity. Rather than indulging those feelings as true, we see that they point to deep fears of loss, most likely instilled during early childhood or even gestation. Acceptance of karma or cause and effect, seeing that there is no path that offers perfection is important. Healing arises when we dare to look underneath, behind, and through the monster of ugly feelings. When we stop trying to push those feelings off of us and onto someone else in blame.

Option 2: Attachment to pain and woundedness is further solidified through feelings of jealousy and rage. We feel martyred, abused, and misunderstood. This in turns leads to acting out maliciously and without integrity.

Aim for Option 1.

(Sextile pattern between Pluto, Venus, Mercury in Capricorn, trine Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, both sextile to Mars and Juno in Scorpio) In regards to the above paragraph, Option 1 will be more accessible since we have the support of earthly transformation. The forces of Earth are present and available for support. In moments of insecurity and uncertainty allow your consciousness to travel through your body and into Earthly connection and solace. If you are in a dispute with others try to feel through their bodies and into the Earth. Now is not the time to be overly mental about healing processes but rather to engage in sensual ease. Breathe, feel your body, eat well, have sex or masturbate, receive healing treatments like massage, exercise… Clarity can come through physicality and being in nature.

(T-Square aspect between Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, opposing Chiron in Pisces, both square to Saturn in Sagittarius) New patterns are forged through daringness and a feeling of adventure. If you find yourself feeding the same demons of stories in your head, or acting out familiar and unwanted patterns then do something that is different and adventurous. You don’t need to go anywhere unless you can and want to, but you can be adventurous in your thoughts too. Look for new TED talks on Youtube, take a class, learn a new skill, go to a gospel church or any other religious celebration that might be fun. Expand the limits of your mind through embracing new experiences.

Love and New Moon Blessings- xo Renée