Aquarius New Moon Horoscope Affirmations


ARIESOn this moon I embrace being Aries! I embrace myself, I embrace my courage, gumption, and chutzpah! I will be free, and I will be me. However… I also embrace community. I embrace notions of collectivity. I embrace the common spaces we share and I feel the ways in which I have to offer to those spaces. How I offer is changing right now. My beliefs and philosophies are getting more real. What it is I believe and what it is I strive for will create my community. My community is my future. And so I embrace being myself as an ongoing quest, a journey into the possible. I will not allow myself to become hardened or rigid in my thinking. I embrace the unfolding story of all that I could be, and I choose to create it consciously with those who I step into the future with.

TAURUSI will do my right work in this world, I will put myself out in a manner that I support and applaud. This is because I recognize my contribution to a collective, I don’t see myself and the collective as different really, but I also don’t confuse the two. If others indulge beliefs that conflict with mine I welcome the opportunity to expand my philosophies, but I do not internalize their critique. New ways of working require risks. Risks require faith. Faith requires suspension of disbelief. I choose to look and listen past the limits of how I previously perceived. Self-doubt that arises will be examined and if it serves to refine my efforts hooray! But if it is the voice of others’ discomfort nitpicking at me, I now choose to gently usher it out of my mind. It is that simple.

GEMINIThere are many things I am here to do in this life, one of them is to open and expand my mind. I embrace my natural curiosity and the power of my intellect but I don’t stop there… True learning and evolving requires me to step outside my own preference and perception and to consider the truth of others. The truth of others can be understood by intellect, which feels detached and objective, or it can be understood through intuition and a kind of knowing that doesn’t require me to explain but simply exists. I commit to the practice of going beyond words. I commit to a practice of knowing that is immediate clarity. In this I commit to relationship, and to an active, dynamic, and absolutely loving listening style. I allow all whom I encounter to teach me. They help me remember what I already know.

CANCERAn important part of how I love is evolving right now. I know a certain kind of freedom that is precious. I know the freedom of allowing others to be who and what they are. This shift for me involves embracing my self-care in an entirely new way. My daily life (including what I eat, how I work, my health and exercise patterns) now must entirely align with the values I have in love. If I value giving freedom for others to be who and what they are, then I value that for myself, and I prove it in my tasks. I will look to myself to be own by best teacher now. I will see what I offer to others when I am feeling the most easeful, and I will choose to offer those same qualities to myself. In the sturdiness of this commitment I awaken to my own power.

LEOThe uncertainty I have felt at times regarding my own expression hinges on criticism and obsession with details being just so. As I let go of concern about what others might think, I realize that that concern itself was the wall between us. As I embrace a larger view of myself and what I’m here to offer I see that in the end details don’t matter as much as follow through, and follow through must carry the same intent as the initiation did. It is ok to release structures that have become binding. The form is not the function. The name of the relationship is not as important as the people in it. The devotion I have to my creative expression, my love, my play, perhaps my children is what inspires me to make new choices in how I put myself out, and how I keep myself going. My entire life can be artistry if I choose to identify as an artist. Artistry is embracing new ways of seeing, believing, and giving meaning.

VIRGOI am renegotiating what family means. I balance desire and comfort in tradition with a boldness to explore new ways of feeling connection. I am claiming my own space and authorship in intimacy. I write my own code of behavior and I commit to my behavior as something that ultimately serves awakening, not only in myself but in those who comprise my past and my future. It’s sometimes tedious I know, and it can feel like a chore to choose presence in each moment. But what I see in my discipline is that choosing presence becomes easier with time. I allow my brain to relax, it does not need to control this show, neither do my habits. Each moment is one that I will arrive in with tenderness and remembering that it is not just who I come from, but the whole world who I am partnered and family with. I will treat us all accordingly.

LIBRAInspiration comes and I don’t need to worry or look for it. Rather than searching for ideas in any kind of fashion that feels autonomous, I instead turn to my close-in environment. I commit to listening in a very different way, one that is beyond my ideas or the need to have an idea. I show up with authenticity and patience. There is nothing to prove. If I have lived in a way that feels like fighting for recognition, now things will change. It is not that I haven’t been recognized before, it was that I wasn’t able to believe that recognition was something I deserved. Now things are different. I recognize myself and what I offer. In relation to those around, I need only to listen to the energy between us and let go of the words. It is in this space that I see my profound influence on those who I relate with. It is in this space where ownership ceases to be the question and collaboration becomes the joyful answer.

SCORPIOIt’s time for a change! I joyfully embrace change and seek it out. I am busting through deeply ingrained patterns of being that confuse service with purpose. I am not sure what this means. Being of service is important, but ultimately the greatest service is to be in alignment with my own purpose. In order to change I need to be able to see what I have become acclimated to, because normal always feels normal, even when it’s not. My practice now is to try something new every day. My practice is to see where I have assumptions of my own preference and behavior and to try something new. “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it” is my motto. I don’t have to commit to the new way, but I have to actively choose the old way if I keep it. How I do this is through enthusiastic experimentation.

SAGITTARIUSIdentity is not a fixed thing. I am not now who I used to be, nor I am who I will become. What I am right now is an idea. What kind of idea am I? I consider this question objectively but also with humor. I am the kind of idea that is unexpected and unafraid to show myself. I am the kind of idea that is sincere, authentic, and true. I am the idea that embraces others without judgement and offers to their hearts from my own. I am the kind of idea that tears down walls of separation. I am the kind of idea who does not seek to control, but seeks instead to come into alignment with a greater order. I am an idea of radical acceptance in myself. I am the idea of honoring desire. I am the idea of courage. What kind of idea am I?

CAPRICORNI am taking the bigger view right now. In order to see clearly, first I need to tear down and rip away the habits that are blocking my view. These habits are deep and I know them when I feel fear or judgment that limits who I think I can be. When I feel the need to defend, when I feel my reactivity, when I feel the need to limit or control… I know that I am in the realm of old habit. I’m working right now on freeing my mind up from thoughts that no longer serve. And being alone may indeed have many answers for me. I embrace solitude but I release isolation. I embrace clarity but I release essentialism. I embrace my truth but I release the ultimatums. The bigger view is going to have to be a bit softer. Part of this tearing down is releasing rigidity.

AQUARIUSIf there was ever a time to trust, it is now. I may not see it but I can feel it, there is something that will be revealed soon. What it is has everything to do with Power, Love, and Clarity. This moon I offer myself to myself. The qualities that I love and the essence of what I believe. This moon I stake a claim in the future by upsetting the past. I no longer have to live by agreements of how to think that have been made for me by others, or by a version of myself who did not have the perspective I do now. As I embrace freedom in my thinking the future becomes clearer and more material. One step at a time I trust the steps I take.

PISCESI am strategically placing myself in the world. I consider and discern what image I present to the public. I am clear that what I put out is aligned to my highest values. I am clear that how I act in places where others can see me is in a way that will make me proud tomorrow and in a decade. The way that I know I am in right relationship to the external world is that internally I am taking risks in belief. I dare to value myself and hold myself accountable to the person I want to be. My self-esteem isn’t something latent and it doesn’t come from thinking about it. It comes from showing up in each moment and seeing that I am acting and responding in ways that are awake, conscious, and free of misplaced values.