Full Moon in Virgo - Astrology shapes and textures

The full moon in Virgo is approaching on Monday morning. It's potent energy and carries the potential of emotional overwhelm. The opposition of the sun and moon triggers the mid-point of the Uranus/Pluto square and therefore may hold a feeling of culmination or 'coming to a head' of energy that's been building for the past few years. Take it easy this weekend. Be gentle and loving with yourself and others. Horoscope affirmations on Monday morning. You can listen to the guided meditation for this moon here. - Love and full moon blessings, Renée

Art by Federico Hurtado, found on Pinterest

Moon in Virgo Opposite Sun in Pisces (full moon in Virgo) An overwhelm of details clogs the emotional body. The mind is confused and has trouble with clarity. Antidotes to overwhelm and confusion are attention to what is health-giving: good food, clean water, attending to the body, and creative or spiritual practice. Allow yourself an outlet that is non-linear

Sun opposite Moon (full moon) Sun at midpoint of Uranus/Pluto Square, Sun is semisquare to both Uranus and Pluto, Moon is sesquisquare both Uranus and Pluto A major theme in your life has been present since 2012. What began then that is a culminating now? This has been something that has been probably very destabilizing in many ways and has forced you to confront issues of your own power, authority/authorship in life. There may have been some really dark times in these last few years. What is happening now feels like something coming to a head. Are you ready to change? Whether or not you are doesn’t matter anymore. The issue is being forced. Breathe deep and act with love. Compulsive/obsessive behavior is possible. So are sudden events. Better to not make huge decisions right now. Next month on March 8th at the new moon and eclipse a new cycle will start. This time right now has the potential to be hectic. Anger and overwhelm are in abundance. Move slowly and be on the lookout for your own quickness to jump to conclusions. Be extra mindful of old patterns and issues that have been building for a long time. Yes, you need to change. But being reactive or making changes in an erratic, unstable fashion might not be what you wish you had done in the future. Take the time for a little bit of meditation of forethought. What is your end game? Don’t act out on others unless you need to as a matter of survival. Don’t get lesser issues confused for matters of survival. Be savvy.

Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo (same sign as the full moon), trine to Pluto Now the time for healing has arrived. You must see the ways in which you have integrated past suffering. This integration must lead to maturation. You are the teacher. You are the healer. Accept what fate is offering you, there is no other choice. DO NOT fall victim to your own victimhood if that is tempting. If you are someone whose life has allowed you into a space to read this blog then chances are you are doing just fine. Don’t confuse yourself otherwise. Always take the high road.

Saturn in Sagittarius approaching square to Jupiter/North Node, trine to Uranus The place where you have been stuck and limited is finally moving. There will be fear and resistance. There will be even more internal blocks. But now the internal blocks can be seen and felt… Before they were too big, too limiting for you to pick them apart. As they become manageable they scream out in defiance. The instinct to live is present in all manifestation, including the demons of resistance. Just know that this moment will pass. Breathe deeply and don’t back down. You are following something that you have worked hard for. Just. Keep. Going. This moment is the last hurdle and then you will move into a new space of awareness. The old challenges will seem so easy. You are blessed now by your teachers and guides. Seek their counsel if you are unsure, let them affirm and reaffirm that you are moving towards your goals.