Horoscope Affirmations for February 22, 2016 Virgo Full Moon

Happy full moon in Virgo. Read more about the astrology of this moon here. Listen to the Embodied Astrology guided meditation for this moon here. xo - Renée

Collage by Felipe Posada / The Invisible Realm

ARIES As within, so without. I make my immediate environment a reflection of my inner space. I delight in keeping my home clean and in order. I attend to the needs of my body with joy. I care for my animal friends. The details of daily life are easily taken care of. It is a joy to attend to these tasks. As I care for the material present, the immaterial vastness of my dreamspace is cared for too. I clean the cobwebs I see before me and I clean the cobwebs of my mind. I care for this moment that’s arising, and I care for the eternal moment I arise within.

TAURUS I easily express myself with joy. When it comes to self-judgement, I am able to not sweat the small stuff and forgive the medium stuff. I breathe through the big stuff. I know that what I offer is valuable and has meaning for others. I know that what I create touches the hearts of others. I trust in my ability to create. I do not give in to irrational fears. I do not make myself small in the shadow of another’s power. I hold my own even with humility. I trust my expression in thought, word, and deed.

GEMINI I move out and into the world from a place of safety and inner stability. The resource I come from has everything to do with my body, what I feed it, how I care for it, and the love I have for it. I feel the vessel of my body is strong, clear, and ready for what I move towards. I trust the calling of my future. I trust that I can meet it with joy. I trust that the future I move towards is abundant, generous, and deeply connected.

CANCER The power of my thoughts is in the details. I pay attention to the nuance of language that passes through my mind. I choose to attend to the small details with devotion. As I clean up the bits and pieces of my thinking that are not absolutely in-line with the self-love I crave it is as if I am sweeping through my home and getting ready for spring. There is a feeling of joy and freedom every time I catch myself with a self-defeating aside, and then I pause… Look what I just thought, and lovingly replace it with self-affirmation instead.

LEO I trust that others want what I have to give. I trust that what I have to give is valuable on many levels, and that what I give is worthy of compensation and reciprocation. I believe in the power of my mind to be discerning, clear, and smart. I believe in the health and wholeness of my body. I believe in my integrity and best intentions. I can earn money and receive resource in my life without having to scrounge, strive, or manipulate. I hold steady in my intention. I hold steady in my belief.

VIRGO I arrive in myself easily. I easily release the ways of being that have been trying for someone else. I am comfortable in myself. I am comfortable and happy to speak, “I AM.” I no longer carry guilt for taking up space, speaking my wants or needs, or attending to them myself. I lovingly embrace who, how, and what I am. I arrive fully in myself and in my relationships. I see that my relationships are nourished when I inhabit myself. I am here and happy to be here.

LIBRA I take refuge in the spirit. I take refuge in the Goddesses and Gods. I take refuge in the mystery. I take refuge in the Source. I take refuge in synchronicity. I take refuge in Love. I take refuge in the unknown. I take refuge in the universe. I take refuge in the oceans. I take refuge in art. I take refuge in the ineffable. I take refuge in the ephemeral. I take refuge in the One. I take refuge in the many. I take refuge in the ancestors. I take refuge in Faith.

SCORPIO I allow myself to be seen. I allow for the gaze and curiosity of others. I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to apologize for. I have nothing to shrink from. I allow myself to be seen and I allow what I create to be shared with others. When I feel insecure or shy I take deep breaths and imagine that I’m holding the hand of my inner child. “It’s ok,” I tell them “everyone feels shy sometimes.” I recognize my self-confidence to be in the space where I don’t have to get it just right, but I share it anyway. I am proudly human.

SAGITTARIUS I have a lot of power. If I put my mind to something I can do it. I have resource. I have creativity. I trust and believe in my own worth. I can create the future I long for. I can have the work that I want. I can manifest the structures in my life to support the future I wish to create. I am the agent of my own becoming. I am the author of my life. I am empowered, embodied, and enabled.

CAPRICORN I break through. I move beyond. I am free from the limits of what I thought before. I free myself from those limits even if it’s terrifying. I am open to new ideas, new ways of being, new practices, new people. I embrace adventure. I embrace the unknown. It’s good for me to move beyond the limits of the familiar. I trust that these experiences will grow me and expand into someone that I adore even more. I allow the wide open expanse of what is coming into my heart. I do not need to know, and it is the surrendering of knowing that I find true knowledge.

AQUARIUS I am comfortable in discomfort. I easily embrace what others wish to ignore. I pay attention to the tacit and the taboo. I speak the unspeakable. I acknowledge the hidden. I am unafraid to address the spaces we share, but like to pretend we don’t. I am spacious, loving, and accepting of what I find. Because I can exist in this space I give myself and others permission to exist. I find humor in it all. As I become more expansive in what I can accept I realize more and more expansion in my life and relationships.

PISCES My partnerships (romantic and otherwise) serve my highest intentions and deepest needs for growth. I trust that they have my best intentions in mind and that they do their best to remember those intentions and honor them. I easily allow my partners to be who and what they are. Even when they make the choices I would not, I still accept them and love them. I grow with them and they grow with me. If my partnerships needs to change I allow for it. In change and in steadiness, I honor, acknowledge, and appreciate these people.