New Moon in Pisces & Solar Eclipse: Astrology for March 8-23

Astrophotographer Bob Hatfield took this image of the total solar eclipse on Nov. 14, 2012 from a cruise ship north of Douglas, Australia. - See more at:
Astrophotographer Bob Hatfield took this image of the total solar eclipse on Nov. 14, 2012 from a cruise ship north of Douglas, Australia. - See more at:

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This full moon is charged by the energy of a full solar eclipse. Astrologically the eclipse points relate to karmic path and patterns and the changing of external circumstances that mirror to us our inner changing landscapes. Eclipses can sometimes bring about a crisis feeling and urgency to change. Eclipses can also act like a reset button for the nervous system, so if there are long-held behavioral or thought patterns that are brought to attention through this moon please regard these patterns with appreciation. Habits are generally invisible. When we are ready to shift they are brought to our attention. The work happens when we commit to steady awareness and keep ourselves from falling back into the sleep of habitual reaction. It does not serve you to blame yourself or get angry when you notice your habits. Better to see them and appreciate the facility you have now that you did not at other times. Practicing kindness, forgiveness, and patience within your observations along with discipline will get you further than altruism or asceticism. How this eclipse will impact you depends upon the area of your chart it falls in. Read the affirmation horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs to work constructively with this energy. If you are interested in a more personalized interpretation of this eclipse, or your astrology in general, consider a chart reading!

The new moon/solar eclipse can act to bring the subjective unconscious more fully into a realized space where objectivity/detachment is possible and allows for internal changes to take place. Between the new moon and the full moon (March 8-23) we are in a phase of growing awareness. On the March 23rd full moon we will have a lunar eclipse in Libra that may reveal aspects of these internal changes and shifts of habits as they manifest in your external relationships. The next two weeks are a great time for all forms of meditation and self-reflection. See if you can encourage more internal space for allowing and noticing to exist. See if you can simply watch the thoughts and behaviors that arise and research them. This is not so much the time to act as it is the time to grow in awareness. Remember that simply noticing will change a behavior. All you need to do is create space to notice. Allow the changes to occur as they are ready. Don’t force anything.

Eclipses happen in cycles. The current cycle of Pisces/Virgo eclipses began last March (2015) and will culminate in February of 2017. The themes of Pisces in general, and magnified by the eclipse include: imagination, service, dreams, ideals, and compassion. Dreams, fantasy, and creativity are all important and potentially much stronger right now. Questions of faith, beliefs, and acceptance (in ourselves and in others) are highlighted.

Below are other themes, and their astrological aspects, presenting at this moon

Stellium in Pisces including Chiron at 20° and the asteroid Ceres at 15° both closely conjunct the new moon, also Neptune at 9°, and Mercury at 6°Energy! How we feel it, control it, contain it, share it, gain it, and give it away. The accumulated pain of energetic sensitivity and exchange. Awakening to the ways in which we indulge our own and others’ suffering through unclear boundaries. On the other hand, there may be a dissolving of boundaries and ability to move past and through the rigidity of Self. Either way we are sensitized to the exchange spaces that we share and energetically attuned at deep levels to one another.

Empathy. We come to know ourselves as the healed and the healers. Breakthroughs into expanded notions of who, how, and what we could be. Seeing past trauma and pain to recognize them as gifts that have brought learning and the ability to heal and help others from the tender places within.

Communication can happen without words. Feelings. Vibes. Knowing. There is a huge opening into other realms. Fantasy and dreams and are strong as are addictive tendencies. Wanting to slip into another reality. Creativity, sleeping, and love-making are healthy outlets. Watch for overindulgence with alcohol, marijuana, opiates, and prescription narcotics. If it’s possible to make the choice to feel instead of numb out or escape then choose to feel. If feelings become too big or overwhelming reach out to others for support. If you choose to use substances then use them medicinally and in smaller, non-harmful doses.

Moon conjunct Sun (new moon) at 18° Pisces opposing Jupiter at 18° Virgo, both square to Saturn (T-Square) at 16° Sagittarius.Pluto at 17° Capricorn lends a helpful trine aspect to Jupiter and sextile to the Moon/SunSimultaneous expanding and condensing sensations. Expansion is what’s desired inwards, outwards, and upwards. As we expand we feel the power and force of grounded ambition, disciplined thinking and strategically aligned internal change.

Long-held restrictions that have to do with internal limitation are called to your attention. Questions of boundaries. How much do you give? How much do you receive? What standards do you hold yourself to and are they appropriate and helpful? Are the qualities of receptivity and generosity balanced? One cannot be balanced without the other. Notice what firmly held beliefs and personal philosophies arise in your consciousness. Are you behaving from a sense of rigidity and obligation or are you allowing your internal sense of possibility to inform the rules you live by?

We must be cautious of the expansion feeling becoming dogmatic. Yes, we are growing and breaking through but there are as many ways to do that as beings who exist. Be mindful that in your process you continue to hold space for the processes of others.

In order to find/feel support, bring attention to your skeleton and skin. Internal and personal structure and boundaries can inform you in this moment. The expanding energy is highly service-oriented and motivated by deep compassion. Idealism is only as sustainable as you are, so practice steadiness and sensory awareness. Exist in a space in which you can feel your solid structure even as your energetic being grows exponentially. You want to facilitate grounded progress rather than explosive growth. Sustainability is key.

Uranus at 18° Aries is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, square to Pluto in Capricorn, semi-sextile to the Sun and Moon, and quincunx to JupiterThe urge for awakening and personal growth. The need to identify, claim space, and inhabit individuality. The need to be unique. The need to stand out, stand for something, move forwards, and make an impact is fed by the forming of beliefs and ideals. New learning, higher learning, religious/spiritual learning, travel, and contact with different ways of being feels fortifying to a growing awareness of who you could be. The desire is to revolutionize the personal.

As relating to the above, there is discomfort when we consider the minutiae of change. How do you implement all those new plans and ideas? The big ideas are great, but the details keep getting in your way. Trip-ups and backtracks are inevitable. Don’t blame “the system”, instead recognize the systems that are at play within yourself and commit to change as a process of radicalized thinking. The priority is more important than the details for now. Each detail can be attended to as it is presented. The key is to not lose your calm/cool or become frustrated with them. Practice Brian Eno’s oblique strategy... Don’t build a wall, build a brick. And each brick will be a moment of concretization in the new form. Change happens incrementally and over time.

We are here for each other as much as we are here for ourselves. We must fully show up, authentically and honestly. To recognize oneness and connection we must commit to radical self-care and self-love. I cannot preach unity if I am self-hating. Embrace the honesty of your heart and be fearless in it. Don’t apologize for it anymore. Love without limits and don’t let the limits of fear dictate how, who, or what you love. Don’t let your fear dictate the honest expression of love from anyone else. It’s a razor edge between self-knowing and self-indulgence so be clear about your priority. Know what your personal awakening stands for and stand up for it.

The best times for casting your new moon wishes are in the hours just after the new moon which is exact at 5:55PM on Tuesday March 8th (Pacific Time.) The Moon moves towards a conjunction immediately after with Chiron and the Sun follows suit a day later. This gives added juju for wishes with healing and teaching themes. The wish for transformation of past wounds into collective healing is a mighty wish and soothing balm. May your heartbreak serve the healing and expansion in us all.

New Moon Blessings and Eclipse MAGIC to you and yours. xoRenée

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