Astrology for the Libra Full Moon & Solar Eclipse - March 23, 2016

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Full moon & lunar eclipse The full moon and penumbral (lunar) eclipse occur in the morning hours of Wednesday March 23rd early in the degree signs of Aries and Libra. The sun is currently in Aries, having ingressed the sign a few days ago marking the equinox and beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and beginning of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. In astrology, eclipses signify moments in which changes occur easily. The eclipse points are karmic points and suggest that karma is an accumulation of habit over time. At an eclipse we are often confronted with the results of past actions; things "come to a head", we are forced to change through external events, or we suddenly perceive in new ways that allow us to shift our behavior.

The full moon in general, and lunar eclipses in specific deal with emotions and relationships of all kinds. The moon rules home, lineage, the past, family, heritage, clans, and the ways in which we have (or have not) been nurtured and therefore how we nurture ourselves and others. When the moon is full the sun shines upon it and something is revealed. Full moons and lunar eclipses often bring emotions to the surface and can intensify feelings. This full moon and eclipse happen to fall in the two signs of primary relational axis: Aries and Libra. Aries (where the sun is currently) is the sign of the Self: Me, Mine, and I. Libra (where the moon is currently) is the sign of the relationship, awareness of other(s), the need for balance, and the need to consider other points of view and perspective. The Aries/Libra axis is the polarity of self/other and speaks to that continuum of awareness that exists in all of us. This full moon and eclipse brings opportunity to have new insight, revelation, revolution, and change of habit in our relationships.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, both opposing the Moon in Aries The Sun signifies consciousness and the light of sentience. What grows from the Sun? All flora and fauna. What is sentience? It is too big to be known. The sun cannot be gazed upon and consciousness will continue to remain a mystery. There are some things that we don't need to know as long as we inhabit these bodies and their individual experiences. Mercury is conscious thought, the ability to articulate, to  perceive mentally, the ability to learn and the curiosity behind it. Mercury conjunct the Sun is a moment when conscious thought is illuminated by something greater; when our personal becomes The One, when the mind can expand its subjectivity to include a broader perspective. As Mercury and the Sun oppose the moon we step back from feelings for a moment and mentally reflect. We give voice to what has been sensation. We utter the words that before were formless. This is a moment of clarity and of becoming. In the beginning there was word... This is the essence here. What you give voice to is formed, so be conscious of what you choose to speak. How do you articulate experience? How do you reconcile feeling through language? This includes what you speak as well as the language of your thoughts. Language is the structure that most of us live in, and it forms the structures with which we can support, destroy, free or imprison others. Notice the power of your word and use it with care.

My speech is honest and impeccable 

Mars at 5° Sagittarius is sextile to the Moon and trine to Mercury/Sun Mars is the ruler of Aries and therefore rules the Sun and Mercury as they both transit through the sign. Mars, as the planet of action, desire, and will is currently in Sagittarius where it's applying it chutzpah in ways that have us acting on our ideals and beliefs. Watch for more hyperbole and extremism in political debates, especially as they revolve around self/other ideas and clan mentality. This energy can add fuel to the fire of divisiveness that revolves around fear of 'the other.' Mars in Sagittarius can be headstrong in its philosophies and trends towards dogma and totalitarianism. On the upside Mars in this placement can act like an acupuncture needle that encourages action to change patterns and move through mental blocks. We can use this energy for benefit when we put into action the beliefs that we find easy to preach about and offer to others, but might have more excuses when it comes to applying our good advice selfwards.

I know what is right for me and I trust my own guidance. I easily release the need to convince or control others.

1.) Jupiter at 16° Virgo is exactly square to Saturn at 16° Sagittarius. On Saturday the 26th of March Venus will perfect the T-square pattern at 16° Pisces (opposing Jupiter and square to Saturn) 2.) Pluto at 17° Capricorn trines Jupiter and sextiles Venus 3.) Uranus at 19° Aries trines Saturn

1.) They say that everything is love, but so often we find that love isn't always enough. Relationships are a graveyard of hopes, expectations, and lots of preferences laid to rest. You would give the world. You would give yourself. You would give everything. But... The interior barriers, the internal walls, the eternal restraints. This is a question of giving and refraining. Where to give? How much? To whom? And why? What have you done for me lately? We trend towards criticality when viewing our relationships and the problems we perceive in them are glaring. Our ideas about who we want to be, what we stand for, and where we are going butt heads with what feels like tedious chores towards impossible ideals. All of this and... LOVE. Love seeps out from the cracks in the walls and fills the cracks in our egos to finally make its way to our hearts. Unconditionality makes nonsense of our checklists and every time we set boundaries our hearts ache with the separation. There is a balance that is unique to everyone that has to do with the space between what is dream and what is practical. Pragmatism about one's needs are necessary, so is the willingness to suspend disbelief and trust absolutely in potential and positive intention. Feel it out for yourself and consider that having a huge heart could also include complete acceptance of reality. You don't need to keep your head in the sand. You also don't need to take responsibility for anything that's not yours.

2.) If the details become too encompassing/obscuring and we lose sight of the whole picture it's important that we step back and consider long-term intention. Not tomorrow, not next week, not even next year. Maybe 10 years, better 20, even better the next 10-20 generations. Human life is tiny and our collective forgetting of this fact causes 100% of the destruction and turmoil we, as a species, are responsible for. So when you feel like you're drowning in tallying sheets, checklists, and comparison charts, or when your relational life becomes too convoluted or confusing for you to make sense of, remember this... Clarity comes when we feel our place in things. No one person has enough perspective, wisdom, or time to control much other than their own small sphere of experience. Put down all the questions and the infinite ways you find to distract yourself in drama details. Stand steady in the kind of energy you want to pass for the ones down the line who matter the most to you. And actually let yourself think about who that may be.

3.) This is about waking up. Waking up to your own power. Waking up to your own potential. Become your own teacher. Claim your inner guru. Stop waiting for someone else to give you the answers or illuminate the way. You know what is right for you. That doesn't mean it's right for anyone else and that's fine. Be brave to stand in yourself and know what you stand for. Embody it. Trust it. Love it. And. Stop. Apologizing. For. It.

I see myself as an equal in all of my relations, regardless of their form. I allow myself to consider every day what it means to recognize myself and all others as spiritual beings worthy of love, happiness, and respect.