Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Horoscope Affirmations - March 23, 2016

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These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

Image found on Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

ARIES I remember the guidance that has been given that is the same across faiths. Do unto others... Nonviolence... Treat thy neighbor... Don't take what has not been given... Be honest... I allow myself to consider the complexity of these suggestions without falling into binary. I easily adopt into my daily practice a process of self-reflection that references the philosophies I choose to believe. I see all relations as an opportunity to grow past the smallness and self-serving ego that we all battle. In each interaction I am given the gift of awareness.

TAURUS My body is a magnificent temple. Even when it's hurt, injured, ill, or something other than what I am told is perfect. In its structure I see the materialization of mystery. I see the perfect organization of nature. My body belongs to nature. It belongs to the cosmos. It belongs to the unknown that made it. I embrace that mystery. I embrace the wild force of creation and I am not scared of it. I am considering what it means to be orgasmic all the time. Why not? That's how nature is. Constantly colliding, expanding, and birthing possibility. In my body is this force. In each cell. In each breath. I embody myself with pleasure and rest into appreciation for all that I do not understand.

GEMINI Life can be fun. It is fun. I can be fun. I am fun. I have fun in the expression of each day. Tasks and chores as much as play are moments that I enjoy. I find creative outlets in the exchanges I share with others. I draw on napkins, make sculptures from stuff on the counters, and dance in the streets. I romance my life and life romances me right back. I wink at strangers and smile huge smiles to friends of friends. I allow myself to be seen. I remember that sillyness is the antidote to awkwardness. I remember to take deep breaths into the sensation of self-restraint and when I exhale out I'm not afraid to sing.

CANCER I honor and bow with two hands together all of the homes I have ever felt at home in. I give thanks for the spaces which allow me to take off the persona I wear in the outer world. I give thanks for the space of vulnerability. I recognize that allowing myself to rest is imperative to any work that I must do and so I take care to create spaces that are beautiful and that fill my mind with openness. As I am supported to be more grounded, quiet, steady, and easeful by my surroundings, so will I support the same in others. I recognize the enormous privilege it is to feel at home, if even for a moment. I commit to gratitude when I find myself in those spaces. The more I recognize them, the more supportive they become.

LEO My words are vessels for the qualities that I choose to carry. I choose them with the best intentions and I trust that those who hear them are intelligent, compassionate, and thoughtful enough to listen. In return I offer my ears as vessels for listening and open them to hear beyond my assumptions of what anyone else is saying. I allow myself openness to express with others and not just to them. I invite collaboration and I release competition. I recognize my teachers as the ones who are here and now. I am graciously, patiently, lovingly, and absolutely honestly myself in my encounters. I know that my authenticity opens the doors for expansion.

VIRGO I have enough. I am content. I am taken care of. I see that others support me and I joyfully receive their support. The spaces that I share with others benefit when I remember that I have what I need. In this remembering I easily release the reactive habits of over-giving or clinging. I am secure in knowing that my needs are met, even when others have different ways of giving then I do. I adopt and remember the practice of gratitude every day for all the ways I have been blessed and continue to receive.

LIBRA My primary relationship is with myself. I commit to that relationship with enthusiasm. This relationship is an open one, and I joyfully include others into my heart. I trust that each connection is unique, and that the specialness of each connection serves me to be even more radiant. I always come back to myself. Even when I am with others, I don't leave me. I shape the ways that I articulate myself to myself and to others to reflect this commitment. It is a generous articulation that it gives space to everyone else to be their own primary relationship too.

SCORPIO I pay attention to my dreams. I pay attention to symbols. I pay attention to subtlety. The mysteries shown to me in waking life are unlocked in the dreamtime. I don't need to understand them. I don't need to know. I don't need to explain. All I need is my hunger to learn. All I need is my willingness to travel. All I need is to remember that I am always a humble student. If my waking life becomes too tedious or lonely then I remember to practice asking "Am I dreaming?" and I let the question blur the sharpness of this realm a bit.

SAGITTARIUS I effect change in the world. By asking the questions that I ask, by having the answers and solutions that I do, and by unapologetically being the person that I am, I effect change. I creatively move into spaces that are defined, structured, systematic, and bureaucratic. I easily express what I need to so that many people can hear me. I envision my place in a large community and I know that I have something valuable to offer. I easily offer my insight and teaching. I trust that what I offer is an important aspect of the work we are all here doing together.

CAPRICORN I fully embrace work/life balance. I have enough time and I have what I need at home so that I feel rested and able to meet the demands of my life with graciousness and ease. I give myself time for quiet, stillness, and meditation. I give myself this time especially when the pressures feel the greatest, and especially when I get caught up in the questions about why/how/what. I know that balance is moment-to-moment and that perfect balance is never static.

AQUARIUS I am supported to learn. I am supported in my longing to know. I am expansive in my community and welcome in others from all tribes. I easily take action towards my ideals of how it could be. I easily make strides out into the vastness of the world, and I will return home with a huge wealth of new experience, fresh perspective, and inspiration to continue. My sphere of existence is great and there are no limits as long as I am truly authentic. When I reach out to others I do so from a place of stable self-certainty. I have no need to try to be anyone else. I know by now that diversity is what makes this all beautiful and exciting.

PISCES I choose to be unafraid of the shadows. I know that denying or refusing to look will only make the fear bigger. When it comes to confronting my fears I remember my own value and values. I am worthy of a peaceful existence. I believe in what I stand for. Who I am is basically good. I see that the shadows and fears shrink when I am able to stand behind myself with loving confidence. There are some things I've been sweeping under the rug, some places where relationships have been unclear... And so I commit to gently addressing them. I do so with diplomacy but also with honesty of my experience. I trust that these exchanges will lead me towards embodying my ideals even more fully in the world.