Astrology for New Moon in Aries - April 7, 2016

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. This meditation encourages relaxation of mental constructs and spaciousness around identification patterns and includes a simple breathing exercise that promotes calm awareness and the ability to pause before reacting.

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New Moon, 4:25AM Pacific time - April 7th, 2016 The new moon, or the dark moon, are when the Sun and Moon occupy the same space from our view on Earth, therefore the light of the sun does not reflect upon the face of the moon. The new moon is traditionally a time that farmers plant seeds. In the darkness of this phase gestation occurs. At the full moon there is a ripening, or readiness for life to emerge. As the moon phase turns from waxing to waning the life essence then disseminates from a single container and pollinates or seeds for future growth.

Symbolically we can view the moon phases in terms of our personal understanding and evolution through experience. The new moon is a time of subjectivity when we might have a question or an idea that takes root. The week following the new moon is a time of growing awareness and support for the question or idea to grow. The first quarter moon is commonly thought of as the first crisis. At this point our idea or question is challenged somehow and we either find the stamina/reason to continue with it or it starts to dissolve. The full moon offers some kind of revelation  — this might be in the form of polarity, such as an argument or conflict. This might also be a realization or illumination. As the moon phase turns from waxing to waning the inner experience shifts from growing to disseminating. We start to talk about or spread our ideas, and questions becomes answers that we can then share or build upon. The second quarter moon is another crisis: do we hold onto our revelation or argument or do we allow it to shift? As the moon approaches dark again we realize that any answer we may have found is always just one part of the story and old answers give way to new questions. We enter a space of emptiness and receptivity for the next seed to be planted.

You can think of seeds as intentions or wishes. The dark moon is a space for magic. Consider the themes of this new moon as you form your new moon wishes. Your horoscope affirmations speak to the areas of life where the new moon’s energy is most potent for your sign and rising sign. The Embodied Astrology guided meditation is an invitation to plant the seeds of your intention into the physical (earth element) of your body.


New Moon at 18° Aries The Sabian Symbol for this degree is an ‘An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees’...

The hammock represents a space for repose and withdraw. The tension and support of a hammock comes from a space that’s held between forms. We might feel surrounded by hard work but there is still a moment to rest. This degree point describes the balance between activity and rest. The middle of Aries (there are 30 degrees to every sign) is the middle of cardinal fire. Aries is, and this season speaks to the energy of the warrior that is awakened in spring — the desire to move out into the world, to take action, to manifest, to get moving and get things done. As temperatures rise and light increases we find more energy in activity and feel a quickening pulse within.

Aries rules the upper head and mind construct. Aries is the function of mind and ego that assert identity and claim 'I', 'Me', 'Mine'. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars has correspondence to the blood, muscular system, and portion of the adrenal glands that create adrenaline and cortisol. New Moon in Aries in general is a time to plant wish seeds for the parts of ourselves who are assertive, yang, bloodful, desirous, and wanting action. What parts of your life do you feel energized by? Where do you need more energy? What projects do you want to begin? What feels compelling and lusty?

I am life. I am fire. I am expression. I trust what is expressed through me


Uranus at 20° Aries is conjunct the Sun and Moon Uranus is the awakener, revolutionary, catalyst. Uranus’ primary need is freedom. In addition to the already fiery Aries new moon, Uranus brings a sense of urgency and quickness of impulse. We just aren’t willing to do things the same way anymore. It’s time to either shake it up and do it differently or it’s time to end it. It’s time to get going, move ahead, and begin or it’s time to change course. In some ways it doesn’t matter what the choice is as long as it’s going to bust up any stagnancy.

With Uranus conjunct the Aries new moon we are ready for shifts in how we identify ourselves. A new construct of ego and how we claim space in the world is wanting to emerge. Where have you been sedate, compliant, complicit, or bored? What and who makes you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Break the repetition. Change the habit. Do something different. Stop being scared to upset yourself, others, or ideas of how things were that you are trying to fit into the mold of right now. Allow change. If you do it consciously and with awareness and love it’s much, much better than the external circumstances we bring about unconsciously when we can’t admit to ourselves that we need something different.

A note of caution: Martian energy combined with Uranus can be unpredictable, erratic, and intense. Watch for sudden bursts of physical and mental energy. Move with care and take note of the impulses you feel right now. In the coming two weeks will be a time to develop and grow them.

I am awake to my own mind. I awaken to limiting thought patterns and habits that have previously defined me, and I am empowered to easily let them go. 


Uranus is in a waning (separating) square with Pluto at 17° Capricorn and a waxing (applying) trine with Saturn at 16° Sagittarius Pluto embodies all the things that keep us from our own power: fear, mistrust, violence, death, oppression, and the shattering rupture of change. Pluto is also the process of embodying our own power and potential life force. When we stop getting stuck in our need to control outcome and we begin to accept what is: when what is arising is change, in any of its forms or our perceptions of it. Finally, Pluto is rebirth — the feeling of having made it through to the other side. The knowing that we touched death, darkness, despair, and we made it through and are not only alive and vibrant but have also brought back gifts from the struggle and now our awareness and capacity for life is that much stronger.

Just like the Sun and Moon in the lunar cycle, all planets have cyclical relationships with each other that function in the same way. 2012-2015 is what many astrologers have called the Uranus square Pluto era. This era was the first quarter (square) of a cycle that started at the conjunction (like the new moon, when the planets are together) of Uranus and Pluto that peaked in 1968/69. What we have here is a cycle that began with the questions of equality and agency represented through huge changes in personal and collective awareness in the forms of: Civil Rights, birth control, nuclear power, and communications technologies.

Since 2012 we have seen a re-emergency of these same issues: Black Lives Matter, gay marriage legalized, Roe Vs Wade back on the chopping block, nuclear power in North Korea, and the evolution of mass media and control over media that in some ways had its most pivotal moment in the late 60’s with TV broadcasts of the Vietnam War… what is shown to the masses via the screen can catalyze or co-opt an uprising.

On a personal level the Uranus square Pluto era has had many of us questioning our own agency and freedom within the constructs of socialized reality. How do marriages function now that most of them fail? What new models do we need for business, education, and parenting? What does hierarchy mean and how willing are any of us to be oppressed or oppress others? What the fuck is freedom anyway when we live in an interdependent world? And how do we approach personal freedom in ways that aren’t overly self-absorbed, destructive, or hypocritical? 2012-2015 saw huge personal changes, whether they were joyful or traumatic, most of us woke up in one way or another.

As Saturn and Uranus move towards their trine we have a very different feeling. The feeling now is one of stabilizing change. Not the shit-show of 2012-2015, the next year wants us to continue awakening in ways that we can build upon. Now that the rubble is out of the way we can start constructing forms that feel more in line with our hearts and less restricted by the stories in our heads. Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to align our awakening with our high ideals. Stop apologizing for yourself. Be who you are and trust that the world can receive you. The more you give yourself permission to be, the more you forgive yourself for not being perfect, the more you can do that honestly for others.

The message of this time is to get over the power trip of Uranus square Pluto. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Stop oppressing others through your own fear of change. If you’re being oppressed, abused, or otherwise not allowed to be who you are, then negotiate something different or seek out the support and allies that will help you to leave. It is important that we build in ourselves, and support in others, a healthy sense of self confidence and stable attachments. How can we support ourselves and each other to accept change and move towards health and equanimity?

I easily let go of arguments and power struggles. I lead by example. I can stay present and engaged without compromising my integrity. The more I embrace who I am, the more others around me embrace who they are. Together we form communities of radical acceptance and mutual respect.


Mars at 8° Sagittarius is trine the new moon Though it’s a wide angle, it’s still important since Mars rules the sign of Aries and therefore tells us how Uranus and the new moon are behaving. Mars is giving a dose of some kind of rocket fuel and lending assertive agency and determination to this picture. Again, with Aries and Mars we have themes of personal agency, willpower, identity, and assertive drive. Sexuality is also an important theme with Mars. Sexual agency and sexual healing are both spaces to explore now, especially as they relate to personal power.

Mars is the embodiment of the masculine sexual function (in all bodies) that seeks to move towards and penetrate. It would be a good moment to check in with how sexual energy is being used and if it’s being expressed authentically, with respect and enthusiastic consent from any and all impacted by it. This time could provide healing and integration. Embodying the force of Mars doesn’t have to be about buying into ideas of what masculine sexuality has been presented as. It’s an interesting proposition to consider what and who stimulates the attractive desire that is compelling enough to take action, and then to own it without objectifying that person or entity. We can enjoy the energy of attraction and use it to become more powerful agents in our own lives.

On April 17th Mars will station retrograde until June 29th and then will be in its shadow period as it returns to this same degree of Sagittarius until August 22. We have been in the first shadow period of this transit since February 17th.

This retrograde encourages thinking before acting and taking whatever extra time you need in order to take stock and make sure that everything is going as you think it is. Mars retrograde, especially in Aries, encourages us to refine and redefine what we put our personal energy towards. Mars’ retrograde occurs entirely within Saturn’s retrograde period and is trine to Saturn by sign. This period in general is a time that we want to use to make sure that the work we’re doing is built solidly from the ground up. Though Uranus’ energy is compelling us to move forwards, make changes, and shift habits. Mars and Saturn are slowing the momentum in helpful ways. Any changes we make now should be made with forethought and reasonable expectations of ourselves and others.

The desires and instincts I feel are nothing to fear. I trust myself to make wise decisions that care for others while honoring the force that moves through me. Not all desires should be acted upon and I am able to be discerning without shame.


IN SUMMARY This new moon offers exciting and momentous energy. With Mars and Saturn retrograde it’s not the best time to initiate new projects but it is a good time to refine what you are already working on. This is an excellent time to build strength: mentally and physically. Claim your personal power in ways that are celebratory and freeing for yourself and others. Cast your new moon wishes for liberation, right intention and right use of will.

New Moon Blessings- xo Renée

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