Horoscope Affirmations for New Moon in Aries - April 2016

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. This meditation encourages relaxation of mental constructs and spaciousness around identification patterns and includes a simple breathing exercise that promotes calm awareness and the ability to pause before reacting.

These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

Art by Eugenia Loli, found on Pinterest

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ARIES I easily release any struggle for power. I do not need to fight to be seen. A broader view is opening up before me that is comprised of high-minded vision and deep inner knowing. My sense of self is held by spirit, however I define it. I engage my practices of ritual, prayer, healing, and study every day in whatever small moments or methods arise. The more I recognize divinity in everything, the more I know myself as divine. It is this knowing of myself that supports me to move forwards with confidence, clarity, and faith.

TAURUS I can trust that what I have so far learned is integrating well and that I do not need to seek out difference, or reach so far in order to awaken. Now, it’s the quiet, unknown, mysterious spaces that offer awakening. These spaces exist between myself and others, in the vast complexity that we all arise from and return to… I embrace intimacy with everything. I do not need to separate or define myself because I realize that the contexts of my relationships will illuminate and change me. I remember that there is no permanent or solid identity, and this remembering allows me to arrive here and now.

GEMINI I occupy myself with confidence and self-assurance. I know who I am and what I want, and this allows me to be a visionary and liberator for those who I engage with. I recognize that the groups who are most effective are made from individuals who feel valued and supported to be themselves, and it is to this end that I set my sights for future interactions. Aha! New types of relationships are possible when I free myself from expectations of conformity and treat others as free, intelligent masters of their own destiny as well.

CANCER I heal myself through bravely asserting who I am in the world. I will not be chained or frightened into submission, especially not by my intimate relationships. If I have been scared to exhibit my power in the past, no longer do I subscribe to this fear. Every day I remind myself of my intelligence, of my ability to know, and of my open-mindedness. I embrace confidence through my body. I place the philosophies I know to be true right here in my flesh. Every day I wake up, I attend to my chores, my work, and my health as offerings to the Queen/King that I am. I expect no less from others.

LEO My worldview is broad and vast. I easily embrace multiple perspectives, paradoxical theories, and those who are different than me. My mind is open and inclusive. I invite breakthroughs in my learning, and in any roles I inhabit as a student or as a teacher. I am expansive and imaginative in my daily life. If anything feels tedious or boring I infuse it with higher meaning and creativity. From this expansive, imaginative, mystical, magical place the world opens before me.

VIRGO This is a time for different understandings of intimacy. Something can be revealed that has previously been hidden or denied. Bring light to the spaces and places internally that carry shame, fear, and secrecy. Be that light for others. Something can stabilize now at home, or there can be a sense now of internal stability that allows for greater intimacy and revealing. Remember that healthy boundaries and an expansive and forgiving sense of self is a gift to all relations.

LIBRA Oh Love. Tearing us apart. So we can see ourselves from the inside.” - Ayla Nereo I awaken to the power of my mind. If there have been beliefs, projections or language that it’s about ‘You’... I now see how those beliefs, projections, and words form a prison that keeps me small and separate. I embrace myself and my agency within my relationships. I let go of polarizing arguments. I think, speak, and act with broadminded curiosity that helps me contextualize myself in these dynamics without making anyone right or wrong. In this awakening relationships become joyful affirmations of my true essence.

SCORPIO It is the small acts, every day, that bring value and meaning to my life. Every day I find time for myself. Every day I take time to attend to my body, my health, my surroundings, and any animal companions or familiars that support me. It is in this attention to the quotidian and mundane that I realize my potential and strengthen my resolve. The more I take care of myself the more energy I have to reach out for what I desire. I remember that desire is magnetic, and so my most important daily ritual is to greet my body, my health, my surroundings, and jobs with contentment and appreciation.

SAGITTARIUS I am letting go of the shackles of adulthood and maturity in favor of childlike enthusiasm for play and adventure. I know that if something is not ultimately fun for me, then it is not sustainable. I feel my potency as a creator and cultural producer and I embrace hobbies, artistic pursuits and all involvement with young people as an opportunity to express and grow even more into my potential. I delight in the voyages my mind can take and I trust what is revealed through my explorations. Whatever and whoever inspires me to think and feel big, generous, playful, and opportunistic are my best reflections right now. I am awake to possibility.

CAPRICORN There are new possibilities and options for how I think about home, security, and foundation. Something that I have held on to for a long time, perhaps that I thought I needed, is now ready to change. I am being fortified internally and spiritually so I no longer need to rely on external forms of structure. Who I am as a being is my perfect home. Everything I thought I needed I have already. I can now see that where I come from and what I have been through have, in fact, built a foundation that is integrated, powerful, and healed.

AQUARIUS I have done enough work facing my unconscious fears for now. What needed to be unearthed has arisen. What I have gained from facing inner darkness and mystery I am now able to cultivate into the gifts I offer forwards. How I express my insight and reach out to others comes from my confident sense of self. I am unafraid to make ripples or waves. I can articulate strange, different, and new ideas that the future will need. I trust my vision.

PISCES My values do not depend upon general opinion, preference, or ideals. I claim my ability to know what’s best for myself, and from this space I allow myself to be seen. The more I move through the world with authenticity, the more I receive what I need to sustain. The more my work and actions align with what I know is true for myself, the more my community expands to support me. I know what is important to me and I embody it without argument. From this integrity I lead by example.

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