Astrology for New Moon in Taurus and 5 planets retrograde

New Moon greetings! May’s new moon in Taurus is pretty sweet in general. The moon is exalted in Taurus and loves being here, plus she’s given a boost(boon) from Taurus’ planetary ruler Venus who’s just a few degrees away in the same sign. Read below for breakdowns on this astrology. Read your horoscope affirmation for this new moon here

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. This meditation focuses on connection to the earth and sensing internal stability and abundance.

These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.


I couldn’t start without noting that there are currently 5 retrograde planets. Retrograde is a phenomenon that is purely Earth-based. From our vantage point here it appears that these planets pause and then start to move backwards in the sky. This has to do with the difference in speed of the earth’s orbit in relation to other planets’ orbits, and you can read more about it. Astrologically, retrograde implies a turning inward of the energy that the planet represents in the personal and collective being.

Mercury (stationed retrograde April 28th) turns direct May 22th: represents the mind and mental function. Mercury retrograde affects things that have to do with thought. We tend to be or have to deal with occurrences of forgetfulness, mindlessness etc. Mercury rules communications and connecting transactions so we are encouraged to be aware of both. In general Mercury retrograde is a good time to consider communication, technology and purchases but not necessarily to act on them.

Mars (stationed retrograde April 17th) turns direct June 29th: represents the initiatory desire function — what we want and how we’re going to go after getting it. Mars retrograde affects our energy and drive. We might find that we are bit more tired and a bit less inclined towards impulsiveness or direct action. In general this is a good time to rest and rehabilitate your mind and body rather than force either into action.

Jupiter (stationed retrograde January 8th) direct May 9th: represents the expanding force, generosity, and talent. Jupiter retrograde can be a call to reassess how and what we give. We might find that we are more prudent or reserved. This is a good time to renegotiate boundaries and to make sure that we are giving and receiving in balanced ways.

Saturn (stationed retrograde March 25th) turns direct August 13th: represent the aging/maturing function that results from challenge, restriction, and struggle. Saturn retrograde invites us to reflect upon how we are aging and what our current actions and states of being are setting us up for in the future. This is a good time to check in with your long-term (10 years +) goals and imagine what kind of elder you want to be. Look around your current life and see what kind of habits you have that will either support or detract you from living towards your goals.

Pluto (stationed retrograde April 18th) turns direct September 26th: Pluto is the transformative function. Transformation means change. Change means death, rebirth, and all the associated states of being… a big association is fear, another is power. Pluto retrograde is a time to reflect upon the transformative processes of life in general and your personal biography in specific. Take the time to appreciate how transformation has happened for you — remember the adversaries you have faced and the fears you have conquered. Apply those rememberings to the current moment and whatever is scary and unknown now.

New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct) conjunct Mercury, and (loosely) conjunct Venus (all together now!) Taurus is often accused of being stubborn. It’s not really that. Taurus knows that the world is chaotic and changing anyway, and so it resists the need to prod, poke, or provoke itself or others into action. Action is inevitable. Take a minute and chill the frick out. Enjoy what is here right now. Have some food, take a nap, enjoy the day. If there’s beauty to be experienced then experience it! Stop rushing all the time and missing the good stuff.

The sun(ego) and moon(emotions) are together with Mercury(mind/mental function.) There is some space now — an opening or receptivity to think about what it means to pause, settle, and just be. We consider our place amongst the family of Earth and what’s sustainable and good for all of us. We consider harmony. We consider abundance and the fact that there really is plenty when there’s not hogging or overconsumption by a few.

Taurus rules the lower jaw and throat. It is the doorway of discernment both in terms of what we swallow (literally and metaphorically) and what we utter into the world and in doing so make impact. With the mind turned inward and reflective (retrograde) as well as towards the physical self (Taurus.) This is a good moment to meditate upon the places in our bodies that are fearful, grasping, and greedy.

The presence of Venus so close gives support to love and accept what we find. Can we communally remember the stillness and satiation of having what we need? Can we invite into our bodies the grounded forgiveness that arises from a place of safety? Can we swallow only what is right for us to swallow and avoid binging as well as obligatory stuffing? Can we utter and place into the world the sounds, shapes, and textures that consider the healthy whole/many rather than the separate and fearful one?

Grand trine in Earth formed by the sun/moon conjunct (new moon,) Pluto, and Jupiter A grand trine emphasizes the feeling of openness or receptivity. The possibility is not only present, it is available for the taking. You are welcome here. A grand trine in Earth is deep stability, delicious sensuality, embodiment, and healing. Here the ego, emotional self, and thinking mind, meet in harmony with our urge to give (Jupiter), to change, and to embrace authentic empowerment (Pluto.)

Jupiter in Virgo has an abundance of options, is hugely attentive to details, and is looking to expand notions of what it means to be of service. Pluto in Capricorn transforms authority and power, it pushes confrontation of fears and hangups and asks us to restructure the skeleton of our worldview. Both planets are also retrograde, affecting us in deeply personal ways and invoking a remembering or re-imagining of the energies they ignite.

There is space to perceive the ways in which we are slowly, but surely, shifting. Since 2008 we have been processing new relationships to power. This has meant that we’ve had to deal with whatever forces have been oppressing us, the ways in which we have allowed our own oppression, and how we’ve been complicit in oppressing others. The human instinct is nothing if not a power a struggle. But it’s also more than that and we all know it. To collectively mature is to face ourselves internally and see that the actors and structures we abhor exist also within ourselves.

This grand trine reinforces the remembering of personal power and empowerment. The invitation is to connect with a power that is the source life itself, to feel that power surge through your being, to remember that this power is not over anything/anyone else- but this power grows stronger the more we trust it to support us. As we remember, we reflect the remembering to one another. In order to remember we must forgive ourselves and release the shame we carry which limits how we embrace/express power. We must also be willing to heal and let go of identifying as our injuries.

The thing about grand trines is that they’re so easeful and relaxed that we can miss the opportunities they present. To harness the power of a grand trine we need a bit of tension. Luckily we have a good dose of hard aspects with what’s called a kite formation (you can see in the picture the red line that goes through the blue triangle) created by an opposition within the trine between Jupiter and Neptune. Both Jupiter and Neptune are also square to Mars and Saturn, increasing the potency of both those planets.

Chart for the May 6th, 2016 New Moon

Kite aspect created by Jupiter opposite Neptune — both planets square to Mars and Saturn. The Jupiter/Neptune opposition has been active since September and asks us to put theory into practice. Both planets and their placements speak something about our relationship to love and how love asks us to serve. Neptune in Pisces epitomizes notions of unity and oneness. Jupiter in Virgo recognizes that loving relationships take work and attention. The tension between these two is to find the middle ground between utopian idealism and practicality. Yes we are one, but we sure do all express oneness differently! How do we harness the power of our individual abilities and find the right places to step in (step up) and serve the collective good?

Squares to Mars and Saturn (both retrograde) imply that we are forced to pause for a moment to consider our methods, intentions and desired outcome. We face situations that help us to recognize that to be impactful takes some forethought. We understand that we will have to put in the extra hours and curb our impulsiveness.

Collective prayer and affirmation for the new moon: May I trust and develop my unique talents towards creating a vibrant, abundant, and nurturing life for myself and others. May I easily face and transform my fears so that my fears do not demonize me or my relations, but instead become my wise mentors and allies. May I remember my place in the family of Earth and may I treat this family with deep respect.