Horoscope Affirmations for the May 6th New Moon in Taurus

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. This meditation focuses on connection to the earth and sensing internal stability and abundance.

These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

Found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

ARIESI make conscious, clear, and grounded choices about what to do with my money, time, and resources. The fact is that money is pretty matter-of-fact. It is energy that manifests or depletes. That is all. I engage with this energy to strengthen my sense of purpose, and to deliver that which only I am capable of. I engage with this energy daily and so I do it with awareness and respect. I choose to use my spending power in ways that serve what I ultimately want to support.

TAURUSThis is the moon of my becoming. To love who I am and let that love be expressed through all that I express. I allow my perfectionism and all the details to take a deep breath and pause. What I have to give is enough. I consider the simplicity of that general sentiment and ask, “what would happen if I trusted that what I give is enough?” I am courageous and generous in offering this question to myself.

GEMINII commit and recommit to paying attention to my dreams. The sleeping dreams, the awake dreams, dreams for the future, and dreams from the past. There is a lot to be learned in the spaces that are quiet, covered, and covert. I give myself permission to pause the interactivity and pay attention internally. If I have the capacity I will give myself a retreat where I take a break from business and instead engage all manners of abstract exploration and ephemeral wanderings.

CANCERI consider what it means to be emotionally sensitive but personally secure. My feelings and the feelings of others are important yes, but they’re also transient and changeable. I recognize how I am capable of listening and attending to details, and I let my listening broaden away from the details and into the bigger picture. No one else’s story is mine to take care of, but everyone’s story is important. I can care for others in the ways that I attend to my own emotional responses. The more space I make to hear myself, the better I am at listening.

LEO What I give to the world is strong, sturdy, and sustainable. How I work in the world is with beauty. My body is transforming as I calibrate to my right rhythm of work, play, and rest. I know that in order to give all that I have I can’t worry about what I’m going to get back. So I choose to trust implicitly in the abundance of my life. I will always have what I need. I don’t hold back from giving.

VIRGOMy path now is to solidify my guidance. Teachers, mentors, spiritual companions, and the winds of inspiration call to me and I listen. As all great artists, philosophers, and mystics can attest, the greatest knowing is found through surrender. I surrender. The ones who work through me and with me support me in creating, producing, and playing to the best of my ability. Together we create experiences that are deep, powerful, encompassing, and absolutely transformational. LIBRAI consider that intimacy means ‘to listen.’ I listen deeply to the unsaid spaces. I stop focusing on the words and I feel instead. I don’t turn away. I don’t distract. I don’t interrupt. Most importantly, I don’t need to know. I listen in the wide open space of not thinking about how to respond but simply being there for the listening. I listen to myself. I listen to you. I listen. SCORPIOHow do we want to express together? Let’s consider our expression to be an evolving state of impact. Not just limited to you and me, but rippling out into our communities, and rippling in into our psyches and self-image. How do we want to express together? Let’s choose to express the states and sentiments that we want to build upon and grow from. Let’s allow the discord and chaos to settle and simply be held rather than try to explain. Let’s feed each other from bounty of our possibility. SAGITTARIUSOh body of mine! You are my temple, my Queen, my King. You are my lover and you are loved. I inhabit you with joy and with pride. I caress the details that I’ve picked at. I embrace the spaces I’ve disowned. I care for you as you continue to care for me. I love you. I release any shame in loving you and I do proudly, loudly, and radically. This is the most political act now. I love you unconditionally, unquestioningly and as long as we are together. CAPRICORNI am a creative powerhouse. I am unafraid to travel off the beaten path. I am unconvinced by stereotypes and identity boxes. I am unavailable for boredom. I fly free in the face of the status quo, willing to live my existence for what it is… a one and only. I choose this life and I choose to live it with absolute integrity and authorship. I am director of my perception. I am the boss of me. With love and care I create the structures that house my identity and all that I can become. AQUARIUSOf all the houses I have lived in, the home I call my own will travel with me. I call on the Tortoise as a my spirit animal guide right now and consider what it means to feel support and stability at my back. I can retreat and still be present. When I go inside I stay right here. In the sanctity of this home I observe my desires and values, I allow what I have and what I want to pour forth into the world. The world responds by welcoming me home.

PISCESI honor my lips, my mouth, my tongue, my voice. I honor my hands, I honor my heart. May the organs of communication be clear and true. May I say what I mean and mean what I say. May the lines of interaction between myself and others resonate with realness. As I speak the sound of my voice resounds to encompass me and it washes away any confusion I have over my identity or being. Here I am. I am here. I hear myself and I like what I hear.