Full Moon in Sagittarius

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. The meditation theme focuses on balance and integration internally and externally. There are prompts for simple, gentle physical movements and breath awareness.

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The full moon occurs on Saturday, May 21st at 2:16PM Pacific Time in the sign of Sagittarius. This full moon features heightened awareness and energy in relationships dynamics of all kinds due to close conjunctions between the moon and Mars, and the sun and Venus, and precedes the upcoming mutable cross which I’ll start to write about next month. What’s being ushered in now is an overwhelm of information. Just yesterday I was having a conversation where someone said that 80% of the knowledge that is currently available has become so in the last two years! Whether or not this figure is true, the feeling of it is present. There is So. Much. Going. On.

The full moon’s ruler Jupiter takes on extra importance due to its proximity to the ascendant and the north node. Jupiter is currently forming a grand trine with Pluto and Mercury in the element of Earth. I wrote about an earth trine and some of its flavors at the new moon on May 6th, and its energy continues to lend grounding and concreteness to the situation. Though the reality of informational overwhelm is real, there is also a good deal of support for making long-lasting changes that have to do with discernment in thinking and ideating. Understanding that our thoughts and words become real in the world is important. Habitual thinking and speaking become concrete in the structures of our relations and interactions. With the emphasis on receptive/active yin/yang dynamics of Venus, Mars, Sun and Moon we are in a position to notice the effects of our thinking as we are doing. This is a great time to test out new ways of ideating and articulating. It’s surprising how quickly our behaviors can change when we consciously direct the language of our thoughts as well as how we speak about ourselves and others.

Additional themes for this moon include a continuation, revealing, or ripening of what was started at the new moon on May 6th.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and liver. Gemini rules the arms, hands and lungs. This full moon encourages you to stand strong so that you feel yourself supported to reach wide (literally and metaphorically.) Please breathe deep and be conscious and discerning about what you take in. Remember that our bodies are resilient and strong, but they also need cleanliness in air, water, and food. Let’s collectively intend to improve the quality of life for ourselves and others by consuming carefully, not wasting, and extending generosity to others.



Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius Optimism, extremism, emotional urgency to get away from emotions and into ideas. Anywhere that’s far away is better than right here. The desire to expand. Emotional escapism. Enthusiastic, idealistic, romantic, and decidedly unpragmatic. This moon wants to run away on a last minute adventure, it is impatient with details and nitpicking, it wants to dream big and live large.

Sun in early Gemini conjunct Venus in late Taurus Connected, friendly, and warm. The desire to meet, greet, and get to know. Seductive friendliness. Lighthearted sensuality. Chatty, charming, curious, and friendly lovers. This pair wants to put you at ease and talk about everything while eating a delicious and diverse array of interesting snacks.

Moon/Mars in Sagittarius opposing Sun/Venus in Gemini This is a strange and vaguely uncomfortable full moon due to the addition of Mars opposite Venus with the already present opposition of the sun and moon. The polarity is increased by the pairing of a Masculine (yang) planet with the feminine (yin) moon, and the feminine Venus with the masculine sun. These oppositions and conjunctions bring a heightened emphasis to relationships of all kinds, but specifically those that invoke dualistic and binary behaviors. I’d imagine that there will be more expressions of genderblending in everyone, and depending on who you are and how this is expressed it might be dizzyingly delightful or deeply destabilizing. Either way try to be curious about the multitude of possibilities for identity in every moment.

Non-binary expressions of polarity. Image found here

Collective Affirmations for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

I absorb the information that I need and that will serve my highest purpose. I easily release the need to obtain or absorb information that I don’t need.

I embody and retain far-out fantasies even as I am thoughtful and attend to my immediate surroundings.

I allow myself and others fluidity of expression and release the expectation of gendered behaviors. I allow myself to be receptive and willful, desirous and moody, imaginative and sensory, empty and full.