Horoscope Affirmations for the Sagittarius Full Moon - May 21st, 2016

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You can listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. The meditation theme focuses on balance and integration internally and externally. There are prompts for simple, gentle physical movements and breath awareness.

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These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.


ARIES I open myself to new adventures. I receive information from afar. Expanded thinking, vast curiosity and passionate inquiries connect me strongly to my work in the world and what I hold most valuable in life. I am receptive to learning and I find abundant beauty when I open my mind.

TAURUS My curiosity, ability to connect, and the ways that I articulate myself lead to deep and meaningful intensity and intimacy. The space that is between myself and my intimates is vibrant, alive, exciting, and challenging in all the right ways. The creative space of connection leads me to new breakthroughs and understandings.

GEMINI I am not responsible for anyone else’s feelings or actions. I trust that people make their own choices and do so to the best of their ability in each moment. I am aware of myself and my own choices and actions. I feel supported internally by solid, satisfying beauty that exists everywhere. In the moments when/if I don’t understand the actions or behaviors of another I am able to offer present, loving reflection and I resist reactivity.

CANCER I am able to easily balance my need for unstructured, quiet, dream time with the activities and demands of my daily life. When I give myself permission to be silent and spaced out, I also have more energy for action and decisiveness. I communicate my need for spaciousness easily and with generosity. Others are more than happy to support my needs and we become increasingly more mutually supportive and understanding.

LEO I completely trust my creative instinct. I have plenty of energy to pursue playful expression and to manifest my ideas and vision. I am supported by my community to realize my talents. What I have to give is received warmly. When I trust that my offerings are received then what I offer illuminates beauty and kindness in others that is then reflected back to me.

VIRGO Who I was is who I am becoming. Who I am becoming will inform who I was. As the past, present, and future coexist and depend upon one another I commit to my present state as an offering to the future and integration of the past. May all that is unanswered settle and be still within my generous heart. May I approach the wanderings, wonderings, and expressions of the future with abundant love, fortitude and goodwill. May all of this be here and now within me.

LIBRA I am my own greatest teacher. I accept that sometimes the lessons I offer to myself are ridiculously hard, seemingly unattainable, obtuse, and inaccessible. However… the frustration of trying to learn something is valuable. Frustration builds fortitude and endurance. It also creates the glorious release that allows the tidal wave of knowing when I finally surrender my striving and trying. May I hold my efforts with love and care. May I bless all those who have taught me too through our relations. May I hold the young student and aged master equally in my regards.

SCORPIO I value the shittiest, scummiest, slimiest, sourest, most spiteful spirits that live within me. I embrace the demons and wrap them in acceptance. I do not try and change, coerce or ignore. I don’t pretend away their existence and I don’t project them onto others in order to escape my shame. I create space in my being to take a million deep breaths around the deepest hurts and say, “Yes that was hard. Yes you are in pain. Yes you suffered and suffer still.” In accepting those parts of myself that I have hidden and learned to fear I approach the potential power that comes when I arrive fully - forgiving and forgiven.

SAGITTARIUS I am emboldened to proclaim my power and presence. The challenges that I have faced are now ripening into a fortitude and fullness that I am proud of. I am proud of myself. I stand tall, I breathe deep, I accept praise. What I value and what is valued around me is not a cause for competition but celebration. I know I occupy an important space in my community and I do so with love and admiration for all who share the space with me.

CAPRICORN The messages of my unconscious are shown to me in my body. I listen to the places that are tight, tender, and tough. I massage my limbs with love. I caress my skin with patience. I stroke my face with adoration. I attend to my body and commit to its care. I commit to this vessel and its tissues are saturated with healing. I am healed. I am whole. I am very, very well.

AQUARIUS My inner child and inner teenager are included in my posse. I roll deep with the cool kids. I don’t care what people think, I do my own dang thing and I love it. I am courageously creative. I am extravagantly experimental. I am sensually, sexually, silly. I play the kind of games that keep me entertained and make the people around me smile and let loose. The more I let loose and let go the more I find that the mysteries of my relationships easily untangle.

PISCES I completely embrace self-love as a way to work in the world. I completely release competition and ego in/deflation dependent upon my perceptions of others’ perceptions. Instead I turn to my inner guide and compass. I am realistic and determined. I know when what I have done is something I am finished with, or that’s at least good enough. I hold myself to my own standards but those standards are carried with a deep sense of love and allowance. If I work hard it is because I love the work, not because I am trying to prove anything.