Astrology for June 4th New Moon in Gemini and Mutable Grand Cross

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Listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. This guided meditation includes an introduction to the astrology of the June 4th new moon in Gemini that is part of the mutable grand cross, a defining occurrence in the astrology of 2016. The embodied meditation focuses on feeling and maintaining 'centeredness' in the midst of possibility, distraction, and distress.

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There are some times that feel more concrete than others. There are some times when what we want to do has a clear starting and end point. There are some time when we get the point. There are some times when we are certain.

The astrology for the upcoming new moon on Saturday is not a time that is so clear, but then again maybe it is. The new moon has lots of options, and any of them could be the right ones. There’s a point to it for sure, and the point is what you make it.

An astrology chart looks something (I imagine) akin to what a DNA strand looks like. You can see markers of tendencies, inherited traits, red flags and warning signs that point to potential trouble. The chart is not fate. There is also nothing about it that is inherently good or bad. And astrologers, like other artists, poets, and (scientific) researchers… are biased. So we see what we look for, and our past experiences color our interpretations of the present and expectations for the future.

It’s important to remember that astrology is a language that humans have built upon interpretations of signs. It’s important to remember that humans have codified meaning and attributed it to symbols that exist beyond the memories that we consciously carry. It’s important to remember that our ideas about the possible depend greatly upon our ideas of the impossible, and the impossible has a way of sneaking into realness all the time. It’s important to remember that what we think is permanent is really just a momentary state of balance, but to suspend that state for too long is stagnation… and that my friends, is not what the universe is about.

Chart for the new moon in Gemini- Saturday June 4th at 8:01PM Pacific time

Can you see in this picture the big red cross and square, and the big blue triangle? In the language of astrology these shapes have meaning. The meaning depends upon who you talk to. Beware of the people who speak in manners absolute. Beware of those who tell you what will be, rather than what could be. If anything, the astrology of right now is one that highlights personal agency and choice. If anything, the astrology of right now pushes each of us to the edge of our realness and asks, “What kind of idea are you?” because this astrology knows that ideas of possibility grow roots, and roots become real, for now.

Mutable Grand Cross formed by the new moon conjunct Venus in Gemini, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, square to Neptune in Pisces which is opposite Jupiter conjunct north node in Virgo.

The grand cross is an incredibly stable configuration. Two oppositions intersecting act like a wheel or gate. Since the square and opposition aspects are challenging, the grand cross is a formula for productivity and movement that is the result of challenge. When all parts have equal effort the wheel turns. If one part is more dominant or giving a greater effort, the resistance met breeds huge frustration that (in mutable qualities) result in chaotic dispersion of attention and overwhelm.

The new moon conjunct Venus is the most transient and fastest moving point in the grand cross and so it acts as a catalyst for stability as it encounters the other three points which have been engaged in a tense relationship called a T-square since early last fall.

The last 8-9 months have been a time in which solidity of thinking has been forming and we have been pushing towards ‘taking a stance’ on things, and ‘getting real’ with ourselves about where we are going and how practical it is. Most of us have been experiencing some variation in a process of discernment in which we have been measuring energetic output and return against what our underlying principles and beliefs are. The new moon in Gemini comes at a time when we have already done much of the heavy lifting required to see the reality of our present situation and how it is, or is not, fitting into the ideals we have for our future. This grand cross and new moon in Gemini is something of a relief! It gives us a way out of the tension and frustration through a very simple answer… Change through thinking.

Gemini is an air sign, which means that it exists in our mental thoughts, words (both written and spoken), and gestures made through our arms and hands. Shifting one’s thinking is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do since so much that is invisible underlies our thoughts including all of the things that we want to ignore and/or don’t consciously know. Our thoughts are constantly colored by the bias that we come from including culture and family as well as influences that are designed to be invisible, like marketing and what people call ‘the news.’

The new moon in Gemini and the role it plays in the mutable cross is an invitation to shift our thinking through curiosity, friendliness, and inquiry. We can approach changing our thoughts through noticing repetition. If you’re telling the same story all the time about different people, chances are good that you’re the common denominator and so maybe the story has more to do with you then with them. Replace ‘people’ with ‘jobs’, ‘health’, ‘money’ etc. We all have our stories. Our stories are perpetuated and continued by our thoughts and by how we relate our stories to others through our words but also through our expectations which have been based on past experiences. When we take responsibility for our reactivity we claim our agency for choice. This is not saying that life is fair or equal at all… This is saying that each of us has choice about what we do with what we are given and whether or not we perpetuate the ideas and behaviors that have influenced us.

The new moon is conjunct Venus, and the ruler of the new moon (Mercury) is in Venus’ sign Taurus marking one third of a grand Earth trine (the big blue triangle in the chart drawing.) This is a very beneficial and productive arrangement that supports efforts which are motivated by Venusian qualities such as love, friendship, harmony, beauty, and diplomacy. As you approach your thoughts please consider treating them like pets- be gentle yet firm when they are unruly, and offer rewards-based alternatives to naughtiness such as incentives for Venus (pleasure! beauty! art!) when you are diligent about keeping your mind in check and not letting it run away with its distractions, fears, and petty grievances.

You might also practicing centering meditations such as this one.

In honor of mutability I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to those who have influenced me in my pursuit of astrology- the following links will lead you to the astrologers who I consider to be my teachers, all of whom have plenty to say about the current planetary arrangements and much more.

Peace, love, and respect, Renée

Heidi Rose Robbins was my first astrology teacher and is a poetic and artful interpreter of the heavens. Here is an excerpt from one of her recent writings on Gemini, and you can read the full article here. The greatest opportunity of this month is to cultivate conversation with your soul. Have an ongoing conversation with the true YOU. Refuse to see superficially. Look deeper at every encounter, at every exchange. Refuse to polarize. You can stand in integrity and right action without polarizing. Can you feel this?

Eric Frances is a prolific astrologer who publishes almost daily and also has a great podcast and video channel. Listen to his recent podcast on the mutable cross and Gemini new moon.

Carol Ferris is one of my current teachers and inspirations. She doesn’t have a website or digital offerings as far as I know, but you can find her as well as other brilliant star readers at the Portland School of Astrology.

Chani Nicholas is someone that many of you already know and love, but if you don’t know about her then you should. She publishes weekly astrology and horoscopes that are powerful, precise, and on-point.

Lynn Koiner is a fantastic blogger and medical astrologer and if you’re interested in some of the longer-term aspects mentioned in this column you should read her article about Neptune in Pisces.