Interdependence Horoscopes and Affirmations for the Cancer New Moon on July 4th

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There is no audio meditation this week. I've been unable to record one because I've been blessedly un-alone for the last 8 days, sharing space with some pretty incredible folks who are doing amazing work around embodiment and activism. Becky Hartt is one of those people. She is fierce, intelligent, and the voice of the future. In place of guided meditation from me, I hope you'll listen to this.

These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

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ARIES In the moments when I am most compelled towards a public eye it is also most important to feel at home somewhere. May I have a deep anchor within my being, and many safe spaces that allow for quiet, comfort, and sanctuary. I take hold of what I know I can achieve. I am fearless in facing the future, and embodying my performative self. I always find spaces to come home to – be it a physical space, a dream space, or shared space. I remember where they are, and they serve my power.

TAURUS My learning and understanding are facilitated with kindness and care. I find new ways to articulate ideas that promote clarity in my questions. I trust in the generosity of my expression. I allow myself to be influenced, changed, and transformed through the ideas of others. My learning and curiosity are rich, abundant spaces that soothe unseen anxieties. All that I learn becomes a benefit to all beings.

GEMINI It’s in the wanting of what I have that I find the power of generosity. It’s in the value of self-love that I find strength to honestly receive love from another. I generate wealth through following my heart, and the wealth I have already exists within my heart. I find ease and healthy challenge in the question of sharing. I allow the rigor of this dance between mine and not mine to serve my competence and capacity in all realms of life.

CANCER Well… This is my heart, and my heart is who I am, and transparency is not something to be ashamed of, in fact it should be celebrated, and who I am and how I give can’t be hidden or changed or forced into any kind of should/would/could, and what I know is that love is possible and expansion is everywhere, and what I believe you might call a dream I call healing, and I won’t be contained by expectations of others who are scared to show how they actually feel, and I will be disciplined in practicing this showing of myself every day because if I don’t my heart will suffer. And at this point it’s better to be vulnerable and open than protected and numb.

LEO Give yourself time to linger in not having an answer. Just be. In the question. This vastness that exists before the answer is given, and before the form is set is a dreamspace of impossible possibilities, shapeshifters, paradoxes, and parables. Don’t try to make it make sense because it’s not supposed to yet. The key is to keep showing up for your commitments, and not to let yourself get lazy in love. Keep pushing to the edge of your hearts comfort. Make yourself appreciate if not adore, all the things that have kept you fearful and holding back… But don’t let fear rule the show. It’s time to claim the bigness. It’s time to own your own possibility.

VIRGO In the spaces where you are challenged to find self expression that is authentic, powerful, and puts you forward into leadership your affirmation is “I am the boss of me! No one can make me feel small without my permission.” In the spaces where self-expression is in response to the honest desire to connect, your affirmation is “the mirror of relationship serves to confuse the ideas of myself that threaten to become rigid. I easily give what is mine to give, but I retain what is mine.” The areas of your life that show you yourself through relationships (to your friends, colleagues, lovers, partners, kids and collaborators) are all conspiring to bring you home to the vision you have of all that love, and community, can be.

LIBRA The work that I do in the world is about coming home. Coming home to the heart. This centerspace that knows the value of clear boundaries, disciplined and dedicated kindness, trust in unknown generosity and willingness to dream big. I take action and refuse to cut corners. I go deep and I practice remembering the light when others forget. I shake up all your ideas of who I should be, but I present the potential of all you could be to you. This is my work – I believe in it fully and I feel that it fully believes in me!

SCORPIO When the ideas I have of who I am are under review I turn to the ones who are deep in my heart– the teachers, philosophers, storytellers, seekers, and seers. I look far and broad beyond what is close and right here to remember the questions we’ve all asked forever are still unanswered and will continue to be until we know... but the knowing is never singular, and the infinite will someday be remembered as one dream. In that space I attend to the details of craft, skill, and repetition to express the un-expressible. I strive to surprise myself by showing up new to the same old every day.

SAGITTARIUS I offer tenderness and welcome where there is instinct to shut down, hide, or turn away. I show up with a warm countenance and forgive our failings. I invite it all in – the struggle and the confusion. I invite it all in – the sweetness and the mastery. In the invitation my home becomes bigger and there is room for it all. In the invitation I am at home in the groundlessness and in-between spaces. In the invitation I am intimate with what I can truly take stock in, and I count my blessings and remember that gratitude is the greatest magnet for manifestation.

CAPRICORN My relationships have a lot to teach me about faith. To have faith in another is to surrender the self in so many ways… It basically asks for a reassignment of identity and forces a confrontation of belief. I remember that faith is different than trust. Trust is human – it is easily damaged and readily broken. Faith is the image of our souls rising high above our bodies, and the wisdom we come from making choices that we can’t understand but that will eventually lead us home to ourselves.

AQUARIUS Changing habits is a practice that is often born from pain, but with perseverance becomes confidence and agency. Self-acceptance goes beyond Hallmark cards and Yoga Journal and lives in the sticky, sweaty heat of confrontation with everything that is the most abhorrent but since it exists means that the potential is also within. Facing that darkness is no small task, so ask for support from friends and allies in all realms. May I remember the pure and shining center within me, and may the heat of my effort fan the flame that will burn off anything that dims it.

PISCES There’s a lot to be learned from play. There’s a lot to be gained from letting loose. There’s a lot to be said for showing up with whatever I’ve got, even if I’ve forgotten who I am. I am supported by those around me - my partners, lovers, and friends. I am allowed to be messy, creative, crazy, wise, rebellious, ridiculous, demanding, passionate, and FREE. I have permission to give everything and I have permission to gladly receive what is freely given to me.