Horoscopes and Affirmations for July 19th Full Moon in Capricorn

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Listen here to the guided meditation for this astrology. This meditation focuses on softening the organs, feeling gentle stability in the body container, and recognizing value and abundance in self and other.

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These horoscopes are written partially as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

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“Stormy Mountains” by Elisabeth Fredriksson found on Pinterest

ARIES There something to this astrology about what you learn on the journey. Not so much “the journey is the destination” but I know myself as the traveler. Being willing to confront ideas of who you are and how you got to be that way is required if you’re going to be doing any long-distance travel. It’s also required if you plan on interacting with folks who come from places that you don’t understand. It’s also required if you plan on becoming a learned, well-informed, and spiritually correct human being. Knowing oneself as a traveler is knowing that the place you came from lives on in your heart and impacts how your heart connects to others. Knowing yourself as a traveler means that choices you make about how you work in the world not only impact others, but are dependent upon their good graces in order to succeed. Knowing yourself as a traveler means that time is not confined by your expectations, and to get the most of out your life you have to be present for it. Your affirmation is I am a traveler on the road of life and I choose what kinds of steps I take.

TAURUS There is much comfort to be taken from what you know. Habits and patterns of behaving are things that we have learned at some point and now they are second nature – it would be inefficient to have to relearn how to walk and talk every day! This full moon is bringing some kind of awareness into the parts of your chart that have to do with learning and knowing. It seems to be that you’re learning quite a lot these days and I’d be willing to bet that what you’re learning and how you’re approaching it is radically changing how you know yourself. It’s a good thing to learn who you are and it’s a good thing to know what you are capable of. There’s also something here though about how you learn who you are with others, and what intimacy does to your self-knowing. Being aware of concepts like projection are important for you right now. We all do it to each other so don’t freak out. But do pay attention. Let others help you learn about yourself, and be discerning also. The beliefs you have about what is real, in large part creates more of that kind of truth. Your affirmation is, I choose my teachers wisely and I learn easily. If there’s something I need to know I trust that asking for the right teacher will help them to find me. I ask for the lessons and guides that will heal, restore, and inspire me.

GEMINI I will care for myself deeply. I will be the mother, the father, and the children. I will have my best interest in mind as all good parents do. I understand that best interest does not mean immediate gratification, or maybe not even gratification at all… Best interest has to do with chutzpah, with healthy confidence, with balanced perspective, with patience, mindfulness, and decency. My best interests have everything to do with with how I treat others and how I expect others to treat me. I don’t have to get it all right, right now. I am allowed to mess up sometimes. If I feel that it is necessary I will give myself perspective of time out, or talk myself out of a tantrum. I don’t expect anyone else to do this for me, just as it’s not my job to do it for anyone who is not my child. But it is my responsibility, always, to do this for myself. I do myself a favor by remembering that wisdom isn’t about age, it’s about presence and caring about the moment at hand. The very young and the very old are often the ones who remember this most. I can choose to practice it however old I am.

CANCER What are you materializing right now? Who do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? I encourage you to take time these next two weeks to journal, make lists, and dream about the future. What you’re moving towards is a more confident, and less conventional, expression of yourself. But you have to actively seek out the changes that you want and don’t assume that they will happen just because you make a list. Get intentional. Think about what you do daily and whether or not your habits serve the space you’d like to arrive in. If they don’t you can be sure that you will feel the consequences. Align with what you know is right for you in order to take advantage of easeful change. Speak it out loud, research it, get inspired, get motivated and get going if you’re not already. Your full moon mantra is The ones who are in my life serve my development into the person I want to become. The things I do every day give me energy and joy. I am responsible for where I am going and I am the creator of where I am right now.

LEO You can feel it, it’s close. The hard work is starting to pay off. Your efforts have taken root and are beginning to grow. You can let yourself open up to possibility a bit more now. Lift your head up and open your eyes. See who’s around you and notice what they’re doing too. Beware the same old voices of comparison and self-critique – that’s not what this is about now. This is about you sensing the solidity in what you know about yourself. This is about you being a hell of a lot more comfortable showing it and sharing it. This is about you taking more risks to open and less efforts to deflect. Imagine that you have no secrets and consider that the more comfortable you are with your own shadow, the less you can be intimidated by anyone else’s. Something is happening for you right now that feels big, exciting, and like a lot of change. Best to meet it with courage. Your full moon affirmation is I speak my mind by sharing all of my heart.

VIRGO Don’t let the fluctuations of others upset your feeling about the future. Remember your big picture game plan. Remember the physical sensations of contentment, peace, and wellness. Remember them when you feel insecure. Remember them when you don’t have the answers and when you know there are no answers to be had. Remember when those around you are aching. Remember when those around you move away as quickly as they were close. Remember that your home is the space you inhabit in any moment and is not dependent upon the external. Your full moon meditation is I am at home in myself. I am at peace with myself. All is well here. It is safe to feel love.

LIBRA Discipline in speech is something to be admired. When someone can articulate their view without discounting, insulting, or ignoring the gazillion other views that exist we all get to learn from them. Sloppy speech that depends upon assumptions, that harnesses or hooks us in conflict, or that debases another’s right to express is an act of violence. Speech and language are incredibly effective tools in the world and are used to any extent to make things happen. As a Libra you are, no doubt, aware of diplomacy. But you may also be part of the camp that resists giving your voice due to the fear of your present opinion being one-sided and temporary. Some questions to consider, and your full moon affirmations are: How well does my speech reflect my honest feeling/experience? Do I limit what I say because of fear? Can I speak from a place of deep, empowered truth and support others to speak theirs as well? When is conflict healthy? How do I facilitate space where a range of difference can exist for myself and others?

SCORPIO Questions of your value or worth right now carry a karmic weight. Remember that every time you feel the heat of your own criticism or fear. What is arising is possibility for renegotiating something that is very old and very stuck within your family and/or biography. Change will happen regardless. Your choice in the change is whether it takes you with crude force or whether you surrender with dignity. The changes coming have everything to do with addressing your idealism. Forgiveness, creative love(s), and identifying how you can be of greatest service to the greatest amount of people are points to consider. Your affirmation is, I let go of a better past and I release all ghosts that keep from experiencing true joy in the present. I dwell in equanimity, free from attachments and aversions.

SAGITTARIUS The negotiating places between what’s mine and what’s yours are ripe for exploring. Sharing is inevitable and unavoidable in this interdependent world, so why not do it with gusto? Consider what the most authentic, unique, and personal expressions you make are. And then make them as gestures of offering. Consider how in every exchange there is potential to feel energy, labor, focus, determination, and joy. Don’t hold what you think is yours with too much grasp, don’t give it away with a melting heart. Find that sweet spot in-between where resistance is illuminating, not combative. Allow the tension to strengthen your commitment to being the most expanded, generous, and exuberant hard-ass you can be. Your affirmation is, I know my worth and I easily share it. All that I give freely is returned to me in another form.

CAPRICORN Relationship issues are bound to rock the boat, which is neither inherently good nor bad. So notice when anxiety ensues and consider what feels the most destabilizing. What is often the most terrifying is getting close to truth. When others push the buttons (and they probably aren’t even trying to) that trigger fight/flight/freeze responses we have to work to stay with ourselves. When frustration at not knowing the future is at a peak we have to work at remembering that our tiny human condition can’t possibly fathom cosmic coordination. Your meditative mantra for the next two weeks is, I joyfully abide in uncomfort. Hooray! Comfortable familiarity breeds sleepiness and complacency. Thank heavens for all that pushes me to my edge. Here I am alive, awake, and ready to break the chains that limit how I let myself love.

AQUARIUS Questions to consider: What is emerging right now from the depths of my unconscious? What is coming to light after having been hidden for a long time? What secrets are ready to be revealed? Who am I and how am I becoming? Contemplating the trajectory between the timeless and the present, the collective and the individual, the hidden and the obvious are what this full moon is about for you. The next two weeks shines some light upon your personal identity – how you put yourself out, how others perceive you, and how your perceptions of others’ perceptions affects how you put yourself out. The place you hold in community, especially in regards to organizing and addressing systems within communities is especially in focus right now. Affirm and repeat often: All wealth is created from Labor. I recognize my own labor with objectivity. I know that we are in this together and so I commit to doing my part in the work as well as allowing myself to rest and heal. I support myself others to share in the work as well as the healing.

PISCES Alrighty Pisces. It’s time for actualization. I know this isn’t always easy for you. I know that material forms, to-do lists, and structure don’t make sense in the sea… That said, this astrology is calling for you to come strong with your game face on. Put the self-doubts aside. Banish the excuses. Your creative vibrancy needs outlets and it seems like your work and public life might actually be a great one. Consider that it is undeniably true that this life has an expiration date. Nothing is permanent therefore ‘taking a risk’ is kind of a ridiculous notion. You’ve got nothing to lose from following your heart and your passion. You have everything to gain from allowing yourself off the hook of anyone else’s expectations. There is a very good chance that risks you take now could lead to surprising changes in not only your work and income, but in the very things you think are worth living for. Your mantra is If my heart says Yes, I listen. I trust my path is a joyful one.