Astrology for July 19th full moon in Capricorn

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Listen here to the guided meditation for this astrology. This meditation focuses on softening the organs, feeling gentle stability in the body container, and recognizing value and abundance in self and other.

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Full moon salutations. This lunation falls on the anniversary of the 1st Women’s Rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848. In the last 168 years what it means to be a feminist has changed many times. Much of this change has come from conflict as women have had to address intersecting levels of experience and oppression, and for white women to understand that while all women’s lives matter, the lives of non-white women in the U.S include oppressions and challenges that many white women have never had to face. Today feminism includes advocacy for people, in general, to pursue life, liberty, health and happiness without abuse or determent – this includes women, POC, those experiencing physical and mental disability, children, elders, LGBTQIA folks, anyone who happens to be (either by default or choice) living under/outside the middle class standard, and more whose identities exist non-defined in categories and/or who I am not aware of.

Yes. That’s a lot of people.

One of the reasons I appreciate and use astrology is because it provides a language that is broad, inclusive, and open to interpretation. It exists as pseudo-science and therefore isn’t subject to streamlined reductionism of meaning that people generally seem to want from Science. Astrology is an acknowledgment of our place in the family of everything and honors the forces that have shaped us and continue to. Astrology places our individual experiences within the context of the whole. In moments of extreme chaos and upheaval it’s important for us to remember our wholeness. As one of my teachers said, “Consciousness gathers around discomfort.” When you have a physical injury it can take all of your attention, and most of us instinctively pick at our wounds. Moving our attention away from the distress and towards the health that exists in the greater whole takes a conscious and sustained effort.

Moon in Capricorn opposite sun in Cancer, both are square to Uranus Cancer and Capricorn represent the original binary of father and mother. Cancer is the 4th astrological house of hearth and home. She reigns over feelings of familiarity, comfort, and nurturance. In the body Cancer rules the chest/heart space, the stomach, breast tissues, breast milk, pleura of the lungs, and the base, or ground fluid, that is present in all differentiated fluids of the body. Cancer is a lot of feels. Cancer reigns over the hormone Oxytocin which is released in large amounts while breastfeeding (for both baby and mama) and while ‘falling in love’. Oxytocin is the chemical bond of clanship and kinship. It is also the hormone that is found in increased levels while experiencing fear of “the other” i.e. xenophobia and racism.

Capricorn rules the 10th house of the astrological chart which defines public image and one’s work in the world or career. Capricorn has become synonymous with the father figure because, well, patriarchy. But it’s an earth sign and therefore it’s feminine. In our bodies Capricorn rules the skin, bones, joints spaces, teeth, and knees. She is governed by Saturn, a genderfluid judge who watches time pass and makes you mature through resistance. Capricorn knows a lot about boundaries, stability, and structure. The sign has also become the holding place for governance. I am calling for a redefinition of Capricorn. The masculine version is outdated and expressing itself in extremity. It is fearful, rigid, and controlling – grasping to power. Emily Trinkaus suggested Capricorn as the council of grandmothers. Those who remember 7 generations to the past and make choices with consideration for the 7 generations to the future. Let’s adopt this version.

The full moon forming a T-square with Uranus is a confrontation with the Uranus square Pluto era of 2012-2015. The last 4 years have brought a resurgence of themes that hit a high point in the late 1960’s. Civil rights, environmentalism, and women’s right to govern her own body are all still arguments we’re having. This full moon hits us hard and asks, “Who do you give your power to?” “What are you complicit in?” “Whose abuse do you ignore in preference for your own comfort?” “How does your individual voice carry the message of our times?” This configuration is a shake-up, wake-up. If we don’t use our own power someone else will. There is a huge amount of incentive to give power away. As a population we are extremely desensitized, anesthetized and complacent. Our power is taken from us before we are born. It is taken from us with the lie that we are autonomous and not dependent on the Earth or one another. Our individual power (Uranus in Aries) is derived from the notion of home. Cancer. The place we were originally fed. Where we go from home (Capricorn) is towards our maturation. We must all become warriors and fierce protectors of our heart spaces.

Saturn in Sagittarius is square to Neptune in Pisces and the nodal axis (Pisces/Virgo) The ruler of the full moon is thick in the middle of a conflict with Neptune. Saturn square Neptune is a cycle that began in the late 1980’s and coincided with the end of Apartheid, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, the beginning of The War on Drugs (and legitimizing the school-to-prison pipeline), and the transition The Cold War into what is now The War on Terror.

The current aspect of Saturn square neptune is a waning or closing aspect that will complete in 2026 with their next conjunction. In the waning square we face a crisis of consciousness. Neptune is our idealism, oneness and mysticism as well as our delusions, addictions, and confusion. Saturn is what makes the rules. We could think of this cycle as one that either manifest our idealism into reality or one that prevents ideals from becoming reality.

Grand trine in Water between the Sun (Cancer), Chiron (Pisces) and Mars (Scorpio) The sun is our consciousness, ego, and self-hood. Chiron is the mortal wound that we either make peace with and integrate to become healers and teachers of others who are wounded or that we internalize in shame and use to wound others the way we’ve been wounded. Mars is action, decision, desire and aggression. Water is the element of feeling. It is a shared resource. At the moment it is extremely polluted. This trine could go either way with Chiron as the deciding factor. Pain must be acknowledged and integrated. We must become the healers of ourselves and commit to holding space for others to heal. We must choose where our consciousness dwells. We must choose what we will take action for. A trine suggests ease and a lack of opposition. Feelings are big right now. Ripples become waves, waves become patterns, patterns reinforce. To support healing in ourselves and others is to also hold space for the pain to be expressed. May we consider council rather than contempt when we are listening. Notice when the pain of another brings defensiveness, competition, or insecurity. Remember that we are here to heal together. Remember the health of our wholeness. xo- Renée

Collective Affirmation (if you are so inspired, please print this out and repeat it with me for the next two weeks.) My human tribe is carrying a load that is heavy with responsibility on this planet at this time. As I feel my own anxiety about safety, security and how to make my way in the world I will remember that regardless of what happens, I am safe. As I sense the massive darkness that pervades through the conduit of fear, I will cultivate my faith by choosing to see the divine order in nature. As I am witness to dynamic of relationship that casts out ‘other’ and clutches to ‘same’, I will practice awareness of spiritual similarity between myself and all things. I offer reverence to the unequivocally unique space I provide for Spirit to work through.