October 2016 Astrology and Horoscopes for New Moon in Libra

Oh relationships. Can’t live without ‘em, and that’s for certain. No matter how hard we might try and assert our autonomy, declare our independence, fight for our freedom… relationships are a thing. Other people have a way of getting in the way of all the things we think we know for certain, or at least we hope they do. It’s when we become severed and disconnected that our egos take over. The moments that we’re the most certain we’re right are the moments to take the most caution. We can see all 359 degrees of the truth clearly, but the one degree we can’t see is the space we occupy, and without being able to admit that bias the rest of our perspective is always going to be blind to the conditions of our own point of view. New Moon in Libra arrives on the last day of September, first day of October for friends east of the US. This new moon is kind of like a kick-off party to the next year of Jupiter in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationship: it wants diplomacy, considerate communications and graceful negotiations. Libra is actually excited to consider what someone else wants, and then to try and give it them. Libra is also famously known for being indecisive. It wants to weigh the options forever because it knows that there’s no way one fit is right for everyone. With Venus as its ruler, Libra is also much more inclined to love than anger. This is often a good thing, but it can also lead to shallowness and surface-ness if the conversation gets too deep.

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th and will stay in the sign until next October. Jupiter is a teacher. Wherever Jupiter is we are going to be faced with the issue in abundance. Jupiter is called the Great Benefic because it often speaks of wealth, talent and gifts. But Jupiter is also the lead Professor because it has a way of teaching that is honestly unparalleled. Jupiter teaches by magnifying opportunity and giving us the chance to do something with it. It surrounds us in examples of possibility and lets us marinate in them until we are fully saturated. Jupiter doesn’t take no for an answer. It fully believes you have the chops to do this. It gleefully pours you yet another helping even though you’re not done with the last. Jupiter is like Santa Claus for life. It’s a huge presence that gets in through the tiniest spaces, takes up residence, eats your cookies and then leaves you with gifts reflective of your behavior. If you’re putting negativity out into the world, Jupiter will reward you with a huge lump of coal and you can sit on it until your heaviness creates a diamond. If you’re manifesting goodwill in your life, Jupiter will give you every reason to believe in, and celebrate it.

In the next 12 months we will have an abundance of opportunity to learn from relationship. Now, that’s not necessarily a new thing I know, we are always learning from each other. But Jupiter can bring ease, fortune and expansiveness, so this next year we actually have the opportunity to learn with a little less drama perhaps. This couldn’t come at a better time. The past few years of Uranus/Pluto intensity has dug deep into our personal and collective psyche to uncover some really sharp spaces between us. Issues that have been issues for quite some time are now being examined under an exacting and unforgiving light. Relationships of difference are the focus. The color of your skin, the place of your birth, the names of your parents, the flesh and folds between your legs, the gender of your heart and the hearts you love, the very real, very strong memories of your kind and kin that exist in your cells! All of these differences are right here on the table. How different do these differences make us anyway? And whose differences mean what? And how do we make room to appreciate difference in ways that don’t necessitate homogeneity? This is Jupiter in Libra- this is us learning from each other.

Last week a group of us started to work together with the question of what is means to Learn To Love More. Over 100 people so far have joined and we are meeting in the world’s central plaza, otherwise know as the internet. Over the course of the next 12 months we will engage the questions of difference, similarity, responsibility and the shared space we all call home. Our group is open. It is inclusive. There is room to ask questions and to not know what the right words are. There is room to make different kinds of answers through art and experiments. It is a group that wants to grow up together and be a living, breathing evolution of individuals uniting together because there is simply no other choice. To learn more about this effort check in here.

Your horoscopes this week are seeds of intention for the next year. This is a new moon in Libra with Jupiter conjunct. We have all the gifts, talents and strengths we need. We are here and we are ready and we are love. Let’s make the next year one that we remember as the year we built bridges, not walls.

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New moon blessings. Xo- Renée

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These horoscopes are written partially as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

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ARIES This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that defines the ways you meet others in relationship, as well as the kinds of others who you might meet. This new moon is extra plus for you. Extra relationship focus. Plus more relationship focus. Ready? As an Aries you are here on this planet to teach others, and to learn for yourself, what it means to be independent and to put yourself first. Independence is a good thing. The group isn’t always right, and group momentum is hard to sway or stop, which is why we need people who aren’t scared to think outside the box or make choices differently. Furthermore, we all need to put ourselves first sometimes. It’s like when you’re on the airplane… there are some situations when you have to take care of your own needs before you can do something for someone else. In those situations in fact, you better take care of yourself first because not only will you be useless to someone else if you don’t, but you might become a total liability and trauma to them. So this month and this year is all about weighing those kinds of choices with the kinds of people who are partners in your life – life partners and business partners for sure, but really anyone who you see as an equal and who gets to make choices at the same level of power that you do. You affirmation for this time is, “I show up for my relationships as an adult. I take care of my inner child when it’s cranky, whiny and freaked out. I am willing to negotiate and see other points of view. I advocate for myself because I respect myself not because I want to be right. I make deals with others that are respectful to both of us and I’m willing to do the hard work of figuring out what that is.”

TAURUS This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that rules your day-to-day habits, chores and health. It is the part of your chart that holds the jobs you do because you have to, not necessarily because you want to or get paid. In this space we have to look at our willingness to work and how much we apply ourselves to the tasks at hand. Attitude is everything! If you can do the things that need to get done whistling while you work, those things are going to feel a lot more fun than if you’re frowning. And so in relationship to health this place of your chart is important because it’s where you deal with the unavoidable stress and details of life that can either just be a part of life, or can make you into a neurotic, spazzy control freak. Please… don’t be that guy. This month and this year you have the opportunity to get for real balanced about your work/life situation. This is the time to get organized my friend. Figure out how to do what you’re doing with efficiency and ease. Ask for help!! Learn to collaborate. Make a chore wheel. Your affirmation is, “I attend to my tasks with gratitude for my body and my health. Whatever is working I acknowledge it. I let the places that are stressful, painful and dysfunctional be remembered and included by the places that  are reasonable, humorous and effective. I take life in stride and I don’t sweat the smalls. I get things done when they need doing, because backlogs and build-ups aren’t cool.” One additional note in relationship to that last sentence Taurus- this is a great year to attend to your intestinal health. Take some probiotics and learn to eat really well. You will thank yourself for it later.

GEMINI This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that is full of fun, creativity, romance, playfulness, children and your childlike-ness. Woohoo for you Gem, this is a cool part of your chart that gets to be lit up all month and all year! Set your sights for art projects and expressive experiments. Try new things that are exciting and make you giddy. Fall in love with someone and linger in the lustiness for as long as you can before trying to define anything. Spend time with kids. Act like a kid (but just the best parts of them like curious, loving, whimsical etc. don’t be a brat!) As a Gemini you have natural ability to connect with others through your questions. This is a great time to ask all kinds of questions to everyone and to accept all possible answers without choosing any one of them to be right. This is a time to have fun. Seriously. Your affirmation is, “I am courageous and loving and courageously loving because people are too serious too much of the time and I know how to disarm them. I delight in the fact that I don’t know anything. I embrace it. I let all my questions lead the way and I make my answers through singing, acting, painting and performing the possibilities. I choose to see life as a playground.”

CANCER This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that holds your home(s), your family of origin, their karma and baggage, and those that hold you as one of their own. The spaces in which we find belonging are never perfect. The flaws of those people and those spaces though are always the most extreme. Our parents and siblings will inflict the deepest wounds (sometimes by paper cut) upon the subjective awareness of our young brains. The part of the brain that was developing and most powerful during infancy and childhood, when you could not attend to any of your own needs, is where your emotional reflexes and ingrained perceptions and interpretations of others facial expressions live. Hence, this part of the chart is also where we relate in familial ways presently, often finding reasons to relive our early emotional imprints. The new moon with Jupiter though is sweet and this could be a lot of healing, some big understandings and new generosity. I suggest that you make space in your actual home now for an altar (if you don’t have one already) that honors those who taught you to nurture. Remember that teaching happens just as often through bad examples as good and that when we are recipients of wounding lessons we have the opportunity to learn even bigger lessons about compassion and forgiveness. Make space on the same altar for the fierce warrior of maturity who protects home, family and heart – because learning lessons of compassion and forgiveness means that we have come to a place of enough power to know that the transgressions of adults are never a child’s fault. Take whatever simple phrases below resonate most and repeat them with your attention and breath in your upper chest and lungs, focusing on easeful inhales and exhales: “I am safe. I am at home. I am cared for. I am able to care for others. I am protected. I protect what is tender and sacred for me. I am loved. I love. I am forgiven. I forgive.”

LEO This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that is full of siblings, neighbors and close-in acquaintances. It’s here that you learn and learned to communicate through entrainment, mimicry and competition. Your thought patterns now are still highly subject to the ways that others digest and process what you articulate… hopefully. This is the part of your chart that’s a feedback loop. Are you communicating what and how intend to? Can you form structures around your sensations that translate your inner reality to your external relationships? Do those who surround you give you feedback that you can digest? How do you hear and do you practice listening? The next month and year will be full of opportunities to practice communicating. Try to give yourself room for not getting it right all of time and practice a healthy dose of good humor. We have to be patient with our ears, tongues and hands – they have the tough job of making shapes that are supposed to contain what is so often ineffable and deeply personal. You affirmation and blessing for this time is, “Singular responses from others are not mine to take personally. Common responses given to me from many people are mine to take into consideration. May I articulate myself with grace, dignity and diplomacy. May my words and gestures communicate easily and cleanly that which I intend to put forward. May I never be caught in battles of ideological correctness that use words, images or constructs to imprison or harm.”

VIRGO This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that is all about value. What you own and what you earn is here. Your values and what brings value into your life (financial or otherwise) is here. Jupiter wants to magnify this space for you. This coming month and year is ripe with opportunity for you to increase wealth in all ways. If you have home or property investments this is a year to attend to them and put in some sweat equity. If you have the option to work from home and that sounds like fun, do it. You are also being asked to incorporate elements into your wealth production that are creative and fun… So do that too. Because one lesson that most humans need to really learn is that your health is your wealth. If you are getting enough sleep, eating food that is nourishing, and keeping your loving, laughing and playing in balance with your working and earning… well then friend you are as rich as you need to be. Don’t get caught up in striving for what you honestly don’t need, but do aim to achieve a balance that is sustainable for the long-term – in your bank accounts, relationships and whatever/whoever it is that brings true joy to your days. Your affirmation is to practice actually seeing and believing it when you say, “Everything I need I have already. I want what I have. I am blessed with magnificent abundance and I am so grateful.”

LIBRA This new moon conjunct Jupiter is all about you Libra. This is the month of you, and this is the year of you. Who are you? What is your self-image and self-esteem? How do you put yourself forward into the world? What kind of ideas are you? What kind of ideas do you want to be? This is a year for you to show yourself a bit more. It’s actually a year to consider being a tad less Libran. Please put a little more emphases on ‘I’. You affirmations for the coming time are statements that start with, “I am” “I want” “I do” “I like” “I will” and end with confidence, clarity and permission for others to take care of their own needs in regards to what you just said. You don’t always have to be balance and middle paths. You can practice asserting yourself and your beliefs with some chutzpah because honestly… You probably need to. One thing that Libra has to learn is that healthy relationships are formed from individuals who support each other to be individuals, not the same person in two bodies. Libra can sometimes get into a pickle when it knows what it wants but won’t put it forth clearly. Indecisiveness and muddy confusion abound when Libra tries to get its way while simultaneously trying to make sure that everyone else’s way is getting got too. Listen, if you’re dealing with adults then give them the respect of adults. If you are clear then expect them to be too. It’s ok if you don’t always agree. You can still love and enjoy each other. Your affirmations were stated above but this one deserves repetition and maybe getting printed on a t-shirt or something… I AM.

SCORPIO This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that is invisible. Some people call it the ‘waste bin’ of the zodiac, while others call it the collective unconscious. You can think of it as the place where everything arises from and everything ends up. You can think of it as God if you want, or maybe you prefer to think of it as The Dream. This month begins a year of expansion and potential illumination here. It is an excellent time to start recording and paying attention to your dreams. It is similarly a great time to indulge in dream languages – basically anything that saturates your consciousness through symbols, sensation and image that no logical sequence of words will confine. Cinema, music, experimental poetry or painting, collage, and stream-of-consciousness writing are all some options that can open doors to the unconscious. Divination practices like astrology, tarot and runes may also be appealing to you and could provide pathways for communication to other realms. This is a time when you will probably find that getting lost is unavoidable, terrifying and absolutely essential. Remember to take the light of your love with you when you venture into the unknown though. Reread your Brothers Grimm tales and consider strategies for strengthening your spiritual connections. Your affirmation is, “I trust in the unseen, unfelt and unknown mystery. I trust that while my life and person may be small and temporary, the stuff I come from is vast and eternal, therefore I am that. That which I am sustains me.”

SAGITTARIUS This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart which describes large networks and interrelating systems as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. How these themes connect is through strategy, idealism and objectivity. In short, this part of your chart could be called The Big Picture. Here is where you branch out from your immediate concerns and experiences and start to relate notions of your individuality to the whole of humanity, and to fabrics of life, society and culture that hold us here together. This month and the coming year hone in on your abilities for ideating and implementing systems that have the big picture in mind. Negotiating, listening and harmonizing are important as you consider how to navigate towards the ideals you wish to see manifest. Something that’s important to keep considering is how group mentality works. It’s a really strange thing that often defies what is logical or healthy for any of the individuals contained within the group. You can think of it like a web, or like fascia. There are nearly invisible threads all around us that adhere bodies, minds and hearts to habits and rigidity. When there is a strong pull moving in one direction it doesn’t matter if that direction is “good,” it matters that the force is moving that way. Working with group consciousness is endless frustration if you try to point what’s rational. However, conducting attention through pleasure can be a joy for you and effective to boot. People change when there are options that feel better, and what feels better often has to do with things that exist more in our minds than reality. Use your powers for good though. There is enough black magic marketing out there already. The world needs minds that can orchestrate sustainability, balance and beauty. You have a mind like that. Your affirmation is, “My work and efforts are in service to the greatest good of all and the health of this mighty and beautiful planet we call home. I offer myself as an instrument for love to move through. My pathways of perception and action are clear from grudges, fear and insecurity.”

CAPRICORN This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that is about your public image, your career, and the mastery or authority you hold in shared spaces. This moon is all about business and getting sh*t done. It feels like there might finally be some decisive action coming out of the deep inner reworkings that have been working on you for the past few years. Self-confidence and true self-knowing are not easy to attain. Even for those of us who had great childhoods there is always baggage to unpack. The process you have been in for nearly a decade has been one of feeling the weight of baggage, sorting through it, getting angry at it, getting lost in it… Recently though it seems that some shifts have occurred. You are learning to leverage the weight of your bags and seeing that it’s not all just junk, but there are some really important and really valuable pieces of learning there too. Much of this learning has to do with self-actualization and outer action in the world that is based upon your true intent. Staying aligned to our own inner compass while navigating relationships with others is always tricky. You are learning something about that now. Your agency and ability to express your needs is getting stronger and clearer. This week’s guided meditation is especially good for you. As you move forwards in your self-defining it’s important to have tools that help you listen to yourself on all levels and stay integrated between them. Your new moon affirmation is, “My head, heart and body are aligned and in easeful communication with one another. I feel my body’s reflexes and instincts and I choose how I respond to them. I feel the difference between momentary emotional fluctuations and the true intent and capacities of my heart. I am discerning in my thoughts and how I form language around them.”

AQUARIUS This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that has to do with higher learning and the pursuit of knowledge through academia, philosophical pursuits and spiritual quests. This part of the chart has everything to do with difference and how we learn from it and therefore also rules long-distance travel, foreign lands, foreign people and foreign languages. As you consider your intentions for the next month and the next year consider how you will be pursuing expansion of your mind. This would be a great time to invest in a course of study that you are passionate about and interested in. It would be prime time for finding a mentor or developing your skills to mentor others. If you have an inclination towards esoteric thought this is the time to read philosophy, study religion or delve into cosmology. Your affirmation for this moon is, “I open my mind to new and different experiences, people and thoughts. May I receive difference with humbleness, whole-hearted curiosity, reverence and awe. I let go of the need to know any answers, so that I may be graced and surrounded with true knowledge.”

PISCES This new moon conjunct Jupiter lands in the area of your chart that contains your shadow. It is the part of the chart that holds secrets which are known but not acknowledged. It is taboo. It is intimate. It is deeply uncomfortable. It is damn sexy. It’s what you want and what you’re scared of wanting. It’s mystery and penetration into mystery. It’s fixation, obsession and lust. This moon is a beacon for you to really look at, acknowledge and own up to the parts of yourself that are less than honest and that act out in ways that undermine. This is where you hurt yourself and others through lack of transparency. It’s also where you get real and let yourself be seen in all your wretched/wonderful realness. It’s a place where you are invited to open up to your kinks, get down and dirty with your desires, and get real about how others’ energy impacts you and you impact them in turn. Additionally this part of your chart rules finances and resources that are shared and inherited, so this coming month and year is a great time to start paying attention to those matters and doing your best to treat them fairly and get savvy to how others are treating you. Your affirmation is, “I am not scared to admit this intimacy into my life. I am courageous enough to be seen, even if what I am showing isn’t pretty. I promise that I will not keep secrets from myself. I am fully aware of my choices and responsible in them. I give to others what I wish to receive. In taking what others give me, consciously or unconsciously, I make choices about how to use what they have given. I remember my power and my ability to transform. If someone gives me something I don’t want to keep, I have the opportunity to change it and pass a different kind of something on.”