Horoscopes for October 15/16 Full Moon in Aries


Hello. The coming full moon in Aries (October 15/16) is explosive and urgent. Feelings of polarity and conflict have been brewing and are coming to a head. The current social and political landscapes are magnifying differences and instigating rage and self-righteousness. The moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of revolution, evolution and upheaval. This moon is pitting subjective emotional volatility against relational awareness and the need to consider anyone else. Mercury’s recent conjunction to the sun in Libra and Jupiter’s current residency in Libra means that we are all very aware of relationship – particularly differences in relationship. Square to Aries and Libra, Mars in Capricorn is approaching conjunct with Pluto. This combo has no problem fighting with force and asserting ideas of right and wrong. Expect to see ideological battles grow bigger and arguments become more explosive.

We can work with the energy of this moon by channeling our anger into constructive and positive means. Remember that anger is a powerful and awesome force and needs to be treated with respect. Don’t be pulled to a level that is below your expectations for yourself or anyone else. Behave in ways that you are proud of and can stand by in the future. The collective mantra FOR EVERYONE is, I allow my anger to motivate me, and I choose love as my ultimate motivation. Stay safe, stay sane, stay woke this weekend and the next few weeks. It’s a pretty wild ride for all of us!

For those of you who are interested in navigating right relationship and workshopping personal ethics... Almost a month ago a group of us started to work together with the question of what is means to Learn To Love More. Over 100 people so far have joined and we are meeting in the world’s central plaza, otherwise know as the internet. Over the course of the next 12 months we will engage the questions of difference, similarity, responsibility and the shared space we all call home. Our group is open. It is inclusive. There is room to ask questions and to not know what the right words are. There is room to make different kinds of answers through art and experiments. It is a group that wants to grow up together and be a living, breathing evolution of individuals uniting together because there is simply no other choice. To learn more about this effort check in here.

This amazing Aries warrior illustration by the talented Linnea Solveig who finds ways to capture what words cannot through her powerful use of image.

I’m offering a grounding meditation for you that I find deeply helpful when the external world gets overwhelming. Listen here.

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ARIES This full moon is shining bright and illuminating YOU. I encourage you to reveal yourself in ways that exhibit all you know that you are and are proud of. There’s also a healthy amount of awareness for you these days in your personal relationships and that’s a good thing. We need others to reflect back to us so we can see where we still have some work to do and where we’re succeeding. The ability to moderate our own desires and expressions with the reality that we are not alone on Earth is what makes relationships and communities strong. It is important to be both a strong individual and a team player. Right now it seems that you are more aware of that then ever. Further, it seems that you are realizing that this ability to balance between your own and other’s desires/views/concerns can actually lead to more personal power then if you were either completely self-focused or completely compromised. As you continue to wake up to the power you have for defining your own rules and reality you will may find that you are also put into positions of power more often. Consider what’s going on in politics right now as motivation to embody the kind of leadership you want to see in the world. Work with integrity and honesty. Be considerate, compassionate and keep your dignity. Don’t back down to bullying. You have what it takes to put yourself forward for success in whatever areas you finding yourself working for mastery in. Consider that hype and explosiveness might get you attention, but that laws of nature say you get what you give. Your full moon affirmation is, “I am proud of myself. I live as an example of the values and ethics I would place upon others. I take my fair share and I know how to share. I show up strong and stay until the end. I recognize the power of my own commitment. I respect the power of my intention, thought and deed.

TAURUS This is what I want for you in the next two weeks: Plenty of time in bed or other dreamy/dreaming places. Sanctuary spaces that refine your deep thoughts and reflect them to you as integrated knowledge. Consistent, daily, balanced self-care. Easeful commitment to your own inner process and continued commitment to the ways in which you are learning and growing in your mind. There is something you are working on that is ready to be revealed. Something that has been in the shadows, perhaps hidden for a long time. Whatever you have been doing lately in terms of your personal practices, learning or travel/adventures is getting to the heart of what this hidden something is and it feels like awakening is ready. It may be that you’re at a place where you can finally see yourself and where you’ve come from. It may be that fixtures from your family history and lineage have obscured your view for a long time. It may be that the hardest place to see is always what we’re standing on. It may be that you just weren’t healthy enough until now. When we come face to face with shadows it’s helpful to breathe and remember that safety is something we can create in our hearts. It’s helpful to remember that internal safety isn’t about fortresses or total flexibility but about the ability to respond appropriately and to trust our own responses. Be gentle with yourself friend. Believe in your inherent worthiness and trust your desire for happiness. Stay on the path of learning, keep going for high wisdom and don’t let yourself be pulled down by servitude to anyone who wants to keep you chained. Your affirmation for the next two weeks is, “I am allowed to be exactly where I am. I am proud to be exactly who I am. I commit to working towards what I believe in and to what expands my mind. I release my attachment to habits of relating that keep me consumed with petty details.

GEMINI Issues of your creativity and lifeforce are front and center for this full moon. How do you spend your time, what do you create, what projects or people thrive because you are there for them? Finances and support from others figure prominently as well. You want to make sure that anything you’re receiving from someone else doesn’t feel like a handout or any kind of control trip that can keep you small or dependent. Now is the time to assert your value and demand recognition (from yourself first, then everyone else) for your talent, time and truth. The mainstage for the next few weeks though has to do with putting your message, and yourself, out in a place where others can see you. The area of your chart that has to do with large groups, collective thought, mass media, and networks is lit up and full force. This is also the part of the chart that rules “hopes and dreams for the future.” You’ll want to check your ideas or idealism and consider the impact of whatever your personal efforts are and how they work on the long-term level. The moon together with Uranus in this place could have you feeling shaken, OR like shaking something up in a major way when it comes to big picture plans and the people involved. Stay grounded these next few weeks by letting out your energy with art projects or playing crazy with some kids. Your affirmation for this moon is, “I am courageous. I am considerate. I am compassionate. I use my creativity and the resources that pass through my life towards aims that serve a future which is balanced and healthy for the whole.

CANCER This full moon highlights an ongoing struggle that seems to be between security and personal fulfillment. The moon is pressing on something that has been burning for a while now in the part of your chart that has to do with your career, public image and desires for recognition and mastery in the things that you do. If balancing your personal ambitions with the needs of a partner or family is bringing tension into your home life then it’s a good time to pause. Here are some questions to ask yourself, 1.) Do I feel supported in my life by my family and partners to take risks and develop my individual offerings/character? 2.) Do I support my family and partners to take risks and develop their individual offerings or character? If you answered ‘no’ to either of those questions then some assessment needs to be made about power balance with your people. Maturity has something to do with allowing our big ideas to grow big enough that they can change in response to our loved ones’ interests and needs… And, if you grow old and never let yourself pursue what you know that you are capable of because others are keeping their ideas of you small, well… that’s your life force, and you only get one chance for this life. I know that it’s tricky terrain and can be quite uncomfortable to take a stand for yourself if it means risking stability. But consider that external stability is always something to fear losing, while internal stability just grows stronger when you attend to it. Your affirmation for this moon is, “I see the support from others in my life to walk on my own path. I see my own path and I trust its direction. I see myself on my path extending support to others who walk their own roads. We are always together even when we are apart. I trust my own inner compass.”

LEO What’s coming through in your chart for this full moon is some major ferocity. It feels like gears clicking into place and wheels starting to turn after everything has been a bit stuck or slow for a while. What’s at the core of this momentum seems to be a kind of inner alignment between your beliefs and actually actualizing them in real life. I would say it looks like you are finally telling the truth to yourself and about yourself. My friend, you know how to work hard. You are disciplined and focused. You can get shit done. The power that builds when you realize your own power can be huge and even intoxicating, especially if your power has been dormant, hidden or suppressed for some time. This is a moon to be careful with your language. I’m not saying don’t speak, I’m just saying speak well and with intention. There’s so much force at your disposal right now and your ideas are so big and bold that it may completely escape your notice how others perceive you. By no means am I advocating for you to temper yourself for anyone who wants to keep you down… But remember that most people don’t want to. Most people basically just want to get along and go along. Choose your battles and be clear with your intent, make sure you’re using the abundance of energy that’s with you right now to build bridges, not walls. If you bring your best it could be that there’s a boon for you from someone or something that is impressed by your aim. Your affirmation for this moon is, “I have the power reach my greatest vision. I have the power to reach my greatest potential. My vision and potential are absolutely awesome AND not better than anyone else’s. I am generous, humble and good-humored with those around me. I recognize that good relations and shared leadership are key to going far and staying strong.

VIRGO Here’s what I need to say to you. If it’s not at least 51% fun then it doesn’t matter what the paycheck, premise or promise is. As a Virgo you know how to give and give and give of yourself. You know how to work at something because it has potential. You know how to take less than you deserve because you know you could do just a teensy bit better. Babe… Please stop giving yourself the short end of the stick. This is a moon to stare down that shadow of self-negating neurosis. Stop worrying about whether or not you will get X, Y or Z from so and so and such and such. Stop worrying about what you can do to fix it. This isn’t about that. This is about you recognizing the value of your time and energy. This is about you seeing and owning the strength of your heart and attention. This is about you being very clear with yourself and all concerned parties that your number one priority HAS TO BE making sure that at least a little over half your time/life doesn’t feel like a total drag. Yes, you make concessions and compromise. Yes, you take one for the team. But if your cup isn’t getting filled then at some point you’re going to go dry. My preference for you is that you find a way to lovingly, but firmly, assert what you will or will not put up with. Do not shortchange yourself. These next few weeks are an important time for you to consider how taking care of your own happiness, health and humor actually can fortify your relationships and bank accounts. This moon for you is about exchange. You want to feel that you’re getting as much as you give. Period. Repeat to yourself, “I am honest with myself about my output. I am worth everything I put in. I release fears of scarcity. I can receive. I let go of holding on to people or situations that I know aren’t going to match me in the ways that I need most.”

LIBRA This full moon is bringing some charge to the part of your chart that has to do with partnership. Partners can be intimate/romantic or life partners, but they can also be business partners and collaborators, friends that are close enough to tell you the truth about yourself, and even “enemies.” Basically- these people are equals and therefore teach you something about your own power and how to use it (or not.) This year you are graced with some big benefic energy in your self notions and identity. Taking care of yourself is paramount. Living your you is non-negotiable. However, it bears mentions that often when we assert our independence it means that structures of relationship which previously depended upon our complacency or compromise then need to shift. In your efforts to build a stronger foundation for yourself and your family (current, future and past) you are being asked to look at the ways you do business with others. As a Libra you strongly desire fairness and harmony, but this isn’t always possible. Sometimes you have to fight for what is fair. Sometimes harmony only comes after egoism does a self-check. If someone is having a tantrum and trying to pull you into their mess then respectfully step back. You don’t need to put your energy into it. If you are having a tantrum and feeling cranky about someone else’s choices, then get yourself to therapy or find a way to work it out with dignity. Basically what you want right now is to be a grown-up and to be around other grown-ups. Do not let temper tantrums trash your house. Your full moon mantra is, “I see myself reflected in those who I share power and space with. If and when we disagree, I take the high road and behave maturely. I advocate for myself without drama. My requests are reasonable and respectful. I expect no less from others.”

SCORPIO Breathe deep. Go a bit slower. Think things through at least three times before you speak or write them to someone else. This full moon presents you with ample opportunity for injury through carelessness. Something is brewing behind the scenes, in the recesses of your subconscious, that has do with ideas of justice and equality. In the last week or two awareness has been growing and you may have had some revelations that you want to articulate. This is good, and it will serve you to formulate your feelings in ways that can be held objectively. But objectivity is key! When feelings are strong they are always subjective and you have to remember that. There is never only one side of the story, and in the case of most circumstances we find ourselves in, we did something to get ourselves there. My advice to you is to take the next two weeks very carefully. If you have something you want to say, write it down and wait. If something feels urgent and pressing but really isn’t, find a way to release your energy other than confrontation. This full moon is illuminating the part of your chart that rules the day-to-day. Frustrations on the job could be big, as well as anyone who you feel you’re taking care of or attending to without adequate compensation. This area also has something to do with your body and health. You need to be mindful of yourself in space and move slowly around sharp or explosive objects. This is great time to meditate and get super disciplined about your self care. If you are going to take on what you perceive as injustice then make sure you’re doing it from a standpoint that is self-contained and has done due diligence. Your affirmation is, “I will never regret kindness or patience. I make a priority out of doing and speaking with calmness, eloquence and respect. I extend this care to all others human and non-human, my environment, and the objects within it. I act with grace.”

SAGITTARIUS I highly encourage you to take this weekend for fun. Go out dancing, work on an art project, make Halloween costumes with kids, have a lot of sex, be silly, sing songs at karaoke. Do anything that gives you a chance to let some yaya’s out and not be über responsible. This full moon and the next two weeks can bring revelation into the part of your chart that needs to have a good time. It’s easy to poo-poo and cry selfish here, especially for those of us who have a mission… as I know you do. However, you know (and I know that you know) that no matter how great our efforts in the world are, they will collapse if not backed up with a healthy reserve of personal energy. You have got to take the time to take a break and let your inner child play. If you don’t, chances are good that you’ll have a tantrum instead. Avoiding crazy-making crankiness is not only good for your wellbeing, it is also good for your wallet. The struggle you’ve been facing with values is one that is testing your resolve to do what you believe in, without sacrificing what brings you joy. Finding the balance between these two isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Your affirmation for this moon and coming two weeks is, “What I do is fun, fulfilling and financially balanced. I am supported to live my life with joy.

CAPRICORN This full moon has you looking at your personal power in a pretty serious way. Your career/work life and family/home life are yours for creating what you want. This is a huge revelation. You can have what you want! You can have the work you want and you can have the home you want. You can stop fighting and start seeing where your personal agency has the potential to open doors that have probably felt stuck shut for a long time. OR you can feel victimized, powerless and resentful at what you’ve been cheated out of. Please go for the former. Chances are good that if you’re reading this column you are not in a position of purely being oppressed. Chances are good that you do, in fact, have quite a bit of say in the circumstances of your current life. In some ways it can be easier to blame others or some kind of external control for the ways in which we aren’t fulfilled. Ultimately though, this kind of thinking only leads to feeling more trapped and controlled. Facing the situation of your life condition is brave. Seeing that you were dealt the hand you got and forgiving the cosmic dealer takes willingness to surrender. Recognizing that only you get to play the hand you have means owning up to your own power. That’s what this moon is about. You owning up to you. This has the potential to dramatically shift something in the structures of your stability – this means home, family and roots. When something shifts at the roots it means that the leaves shift too. Consider where you want to end up and make choices as if your greatest desires have already been fulfilled. Letting go of self-pity and entitlement makes way for you to come through as the leader you are. Your full moon mantra is, “I release myself from entanglements with the past and those who would hold me there. I assert my own agency and I make my own bed. I recognize myself as a leader and I lead with the utmost diplomacy. The future me is proud of the present me.”

AQUARIUS The power of language is to make feelings and sensations real that are otherwise nebulous. The power of language is to put containers around these sensations which allow us to stand back and learn from them. The power of language is to share and transmit our personal experiences to others. The power of language is to be able to understand what others wish to convey to us. This moon illuminates your ability to articulate and gesture as well as perceive meaning and intent in the articulations and gestures of others. This moon is ripe for learning or understanding something that was previously obscured. The last number of years has seen you dancing in and around the depths of your unconscious, uncovering hidden instincts and motivations, untying your power from invisible shadows that have contained it. The next two weeks have something to show you about that power, and the potential it has to speak and learn from others. It’s a great time for writing and reading. Absorb yourself in thought that elevates and informs you. Push yourself to contribute to conversations and invest in dialogue even (especially) if it scares you. The power of your mind is great and ready to awaken even more to itself. Feed the hunger to wake up by surrounding yourself with information and others who are woke. Your full moon meditation is to write your own mantra every day. Don’t make it a big deal. Take 5 minutes out of your life and write half a page that begins with, “I am.

PISCES May this moon for you be an awakening to your own powers of manifestation. May you see and recognize that who you are is valuable, and what you love brings value to others. May you be reflected by an abundance of beings that see and celebrate you for you. May you easily receive the joy and gratitude they reflect to you. May your own self worth be great enough that you release others from your need. May all of your relations be mutually respectful, joyfully balanced, and graciously honest. May you find safety and sanctuary with your intimates. May you never doubt your own strength. May you fully, 100% believe in a future that fulfills your heart. May you let rest the fears of your ability to lead and may you lead through your examples of utmost integrity. May you feel your life as a vessel for spirit to move through. May you recognize yourself as steward and captain of your own vessel. May the future bring you wealth in all ways. Your full moon mantra is, “I am worth the value I place upon myself. No one else decides this for me. I choose to love who I am. I offer myself to love.