Horoscopes for October 30th New Moon in Scorpio

Lots of feels with this Scorpio new moon! Helpful aspects to Neptune offer us a glimpse into the greater meaning and higher potential of our individual emotions. Mars and Pluto take our feelings and turn them into action, helping us define and defend the best use of our strength and energy. Recent decisions we’ve made to move forwards in our ambitions must be balanced with relational obligations/growth. The see-saw between self-worth and consideration for others is still going back and forth. This new moon is a time to collectively plant seeds of intention for healing and growth in our waterways and wealth pathways. Our collective affirmation is: All Wealth Comes From The Earth. Repeat to yourself every time you exchange currency or resource. Remember that there is no such thing as permanence: in your body, your bank account, or your relationships. Remember that vibrancy and abundance is collaborative and collective. file_000

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Listen to the guided meditation for this new moon here. I focus on integration and healing of the deep fluid and emotional pathways.

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ARIES It’s good to remember that identities and concepts are formed by cultures which change. We might think that certain ways of being are fixed, but if we step back for a broader view we see that the ways of being we take for granted are just one expression of an evolving idea. Leadership is one of those things. Currently, throughout the world, the dominant idea of leadership is Dominance. People trend towards viewing aggression, decisiveness, physical strength, and mental force as “good” qualities for leaders to have. Concurrently there are more and more studies which show that opposing qualities of empathy, collaboration, and good listening are actually what builds a person’s reputation as someone to trust, and therefore lead. Additionally, we all know (though we often forget) that no matter what kind of leader someone is, they will only be effective if they have considerable support from other people. This month’s new moon brings your personal power into the spotlight, especially where and when your power is gained or grown through the resources and attention of others. This would be a good month for you to make a practice of noticing exchange. Notice when people help you, and notice when you help them. If you really get into it, you’ll begin to notice that you’re hard-pressed to find a single thing you do in life is possible without the aid of someone/something somewhere. Your identity and self-concept are currently in a huge transition and awakening period. How you are changing has a lot to do with how you accumulate, store, use and share power. Moving away from paradigms that equate power with dominance and autonomy and towards paradigms that allow power to be shared is something that is happening on a global level. As an Aries you were born to investigate leadership and evolve through your independence. I would love to encourage you to cultivate a kind of independence that is joyfully interdependent, and experiment with leadership by incorporating more listening and collaboration.

This new moon is prime time for you to make wishes and intentions that have to do changing and evolving your concepts of power and shared resource. Working to shift the habit of thinking that power = I into power = WE will be a huge boon to your changing identity. Visualize all beings all over the world connecting by almost translucent strands, notice how when one element moves everyone feels the ripple. Your affirmation is, “I am connected and supported to the resource that connects and supports all life. All power is shared. When I give freely I make space to receive.”

TAURUS I like to think that we are all teachers – that as we share and express to one another there’s a continuous lesson that’s being given on consciousness. It’s kind of amazing to think about how many people there are on Earth and how many unique stories and experiences each person has.

Your current astrology emphasizes learning through and with other people. Friends and lovers (some of whom you may not even have met yet) are available to expand and expound upon your notions of being: the what’s, the how’s, and the why’s. This moon is a good time to consider what wishes you want to make for your present and future relationships, and how you hope to learn and grow with those others. The magic of this moon includes your broad networks and extended friends as well as those who you have formally engaged in partnerships of any sort. Be open to invitations from afar and consider how much you learn from those who are unlike you. If you’re curious about someone you’ve only met a few times this is a great time to reach out for further connection.

Along with considering connections, you might also contemplate how you want to work as a friend/teacher to others. It can be easy to forget our own perspective and cease to remember that we are the other to others… What kind of influence you are and what vibrations you create in the world has a lot to do with who will be attracted to you in turn. Your visualization for this moon is to imagine two magnets responding to each other in attraction and aversion. Your affirmation is, “I allow myself to be seen and I trust that others will perceive my goodness. I trust my goodness and allow myself to see it reflected in others. I am open to all connections from friends, old and new, who have something to teach me at this time.”

GEMINI There’s something magic happening close by. It’s in the moments in between your tasks; it’s in the ways you attend to your chores; it’s in your daily give and take; it’s in your body and the ways you care for it. This kind of magic has been growing for quite some time in the spaces where you are silent and secretive. It seems that what used to be hidden in the shadows is now becoming clearer and more accessible, and what you used to be afraid of is now becoming exciting. This is a moon that could have you dreaming of what to do and where to go with your newfound awakenings. This is a moon that could throw you into the spotlight in such a way that all the parts of you you like to hide suddenly become delightfully visible OR this is a moon that will have you hiding in full view and getting off on it. Ideas of public vs private are huge. The more you can approach your daily life with an attitude of emotional intimacy the more you might find that deeply satisfying encounters can be found just around the corners of what seems totally normal. Make wishes for this moon that have to do with reveling in revealing. Your visualization is shadow dancing. You affirmation is, “I invite magic and mystery to penetrate into the essence of my life. May I see it and feel it everywhere.

CANCER As someone who is deeply attuned to feelings, you do a lot of work in the world that has to do with caretaking- yourself and others. Feelings can spin out, freak out, and create massive fallout. You can deal with it. More so than most you have the capacity to listen, empathize, and accept. With this capacity and instinct it’s important that you have plentiful options for dealing with feelings and processing through their residue.

This new moon calls you to investigate the potential of your emotional relationships as a source of creativity. If you can momentarily let go of the personal dramas and individual preferences you can step back and just observe them without having to attend to them. If you can see how you and yours enact patterns that are found throughout nature (push, pull, attack, defend, consume, create) you might be able to touch into the sublime joke of our human condition. Basically, feelings and thoughts exist and propagate on the level of human meaning. In the scheme of all things our individual feelings and thoughts are fairly meaningless. Observing ourselves as forces of nature is an interesting approach to taking care of feelings. It means that you have to suspend judgment and analysis (also human constructs) and feel yourself as connected and representative of a larger whole.

Accepting everything as it is doesn’t mean you have to take care of it though. Taking a high-minded view of deep emotional terrain allows you to see long-term patterns and habits in ways that can help you use the force of those feelings strategically. Allowing perspective that encompasses all the feels but doesn’t individuate them means that you can take some space from having to take care of all of them. Finally, if taking a broader view means that you can do less caretaking, you might find that what used to keep you tied up in helper mode is now a source of inspiration. The best art is able to touch and prod the personal while also staying relevant for a greater audience. This kind of art needs to have understanding that’s large enough to include subjective experience without getting trapped in it. You currently have the kind of perspective that can lend itself to this kind of communication. Your guide and visualization for this moon is Frida Kahlo. Your affirmation is, “I am a competent and adept translator of feelings. I have the capacity to teach others through the ways that I express back what I feel. My insistence on authentic expression is my strength in relationships. I will not be subdued.

LEO Spaces of energetic exchange are confusing, mysterious and scary. These spaces give no guarantee to your vulnerability and offer no promise that you will end up with everything you started with, let alone anything more. Spaces of energetic exchange are also magnetic, irresistible, and seductive. These spaces can grow you massively from inside out and offer intimacy that you never even knew you wanted. This new moon is forcing some kind of issue(s) that has you looking at the ways that you love, the ways that you share, and the potentially confusing truth of what you want. You are being asked to sort through old baggage and determine how much of what you’re feeling is historical holdout and how much is still current. The ways you learned to love, determine safety, and ask for what you want are all up for examination. This is sticky tricky terrain friend and there’s no two ways around it. But this work is good and at the end of the day will serve to give you greater clarity in all levels of relating.

Meanwhile you have two points of strength in this bog. 1.) Your joy. It seems like you’re figuring something out about what makes you happy in your heart. What this is is not dependent on other people, but has everything to do with how and what you want to express. Keep trusting recent determination to move forward with project plans, playdates, and personally fulfilling activities that expand your sense of wonder and awe. 2.) Your work ethic. Your drive to produce and stay consistent with discipline is strong. The focus you’ve been giving to work and health improvements is admirable. In some ways this is the most tangible things right now. Keep on going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Attend to your priorities and don’t back down.

I know it can feel defeating and overwhelming to deal with deep and messy feelings, especially those that go back far in history. Trust your process and continue to strengthen your determination and integrity. Right now is about rising above whatever wants to keep you down – that could be someone else just as much as your own mind. Deep breaths and continuous reminders that the here and now is safe and you have choice in it. Your visualization is a beautiful golden aura that surrounds you like a bubble – it reflects out what won’t serve you and absorbs in what will. Your affirmation is, “I am healed. I am whole. I am healthy. I am safe. I am competent. I am confident. I move forward with deep respect and absolute release of any parts of my past that bind me.

VIRGO Your current task is to notice how the language you use to describe yourself (this includes the ways you talk to yourself about yourself) is influenced by the people, preoccupations, and projections that you relate with. If you are currently coupled, this is that person/those people. If you are single this is about your past experiences and their residual impact as well as your future hopes and prospects. The space in your chart that holds your partners and relationship contracts (like marriage, divorce, and business deals) is currently casting a haze over the part of your chart that holds your cognitive and communicative abilities. This haze is not good or bad, it can reveal just as much as it can obscure. Working with it consciously though you have a better chance at utilizing its gifts and avoiding its pitfalls.

First of all – this influence wants to wake you up to love, in a really big way. If you are perceiving love through someone else’s words, acts, and presence it is important that you take time to consistently remind yourself that you deserve that love; that you are a manifestation of that love; that you do not have to beg or think yourself small for it; and that it’s not in anyone else’s power to give you something you already are made of. It’s also important that you give space for expressions of love to change. The times that are warm and glowy need to be remembered in the times that are mundane or frustrating. In those times it will serve you well to have a reservoir of love-memory that is based in your own knowing and self-worth. This is because the other aspect of this current influence is confusion. Confusion like this often expresses through inconsistency and disillusionment.

Feelings of love and closeness are wonderful, but if we’re not expecting them to leave/change, then when they do it can be devastating. This is not to say that you need to guard yourself against anything for fear of losing it. This is to say that sublime love exists, but the very reason it feels sublime is that it is out of the ordinary. The ordinary exists and the sublime is hidden in it. Use this time and any external relationship influences you have to strengthen your capacity for giving and receiving love while simultaneously cultivating a heart that is open enough to withstand change. Your visualization is the yin/yang sign – practice seeing yourself in the heart of others, and feeling them reside in your heart. Your affirmation is, “All love is everlasting and bigger than the bodies who contain it for time. I know myself as part of that love. I honor all others as part of that love.”

LIBRA It seems that for some time now you have been yearning for an existence that is more spiritually and empathically connected and cohesive. You know that what you spend your daily energy on has the power to either uplift you or deaden your lifeforce. This knowing seems to have catalyzed some recent decisions to change significant aspects of your home life in order to better provide a structure which can allow for the kind of integration you want. As you continue to move forward with these changes and shift into new patterns at home, you will also probably have to confront shifting values. Shifting values could literally means finances shifting in order to accommodate said changes. It could also mean that you find your priorities changing, and that what you used to feel passionate and dedicated to might now be pushed to the periphery in order to make room for other interests.

Try not to grasp too tightly to anything right now. Trust that the changes you’ve made will take some time to balance out and adjust to. Your consistent effort to align your thoughts with what you know is true in your heart will guide you through the repercussions of change (there are always repercussions.) As others in your life shift with you, continue to bravely embrace what you imagine is possible. Getting caught up in dogmatic behavior or clinging to old ways will sap your energy completely. Your visualization is walking across a tightrope with head high and a fun bounce in your step. Your affirmation is, “I value that which I know deeply in my heart to be true. Pursuits for individual gain will not serve me. The more I consider collective wealth, the more I am supported in turn.

SCORPIO This moon is like a window into your Self Scorpio. It is an opportunity to understand what makes you tick and what you are here for. This moon might also be a mirror for the parts of yourself that can sometimes be extremely hard and uncomfortable to see. Please give yourself space in the next few weeks to process, because this moon depends upon your mental efforts and cognitive clarity to deliver its gifts.

As a Scorpio you feel deeply and you hold onto feelings for a long time, perhaps longer than necessary for others. The instinct you have to give importance to feelings is part of your work here in the world. We need people who aren’t scared to dive in, ask hard questions, or dig for real answers. What is important to remember for you though is that most people approach emotional depth in fairly private or hidden ways, and many people don’t approach it at all. When you’re someone who feels emotional currents in the ways that you do – basically as the forces that create and change culture – it can be extremely frustrating to deal with people who don’t want to see or go there. Rather than get caught up in frustration though, this is an excellent time to examine how you can effectively communicate through feeling without freaking people out.

Compassion for others’ limits and capacity is key, but so is strategy. If you consider that expression of deep truth is an art rather than an imperative, you might find that it’s more fun and less frustration. If you are trying to get your message across consider doing it in ways that allow people to take their own time with it. In order to do this though you have to be accountable to your own impact. You have to allow yourself to see the emotional repercussions of your insistence. You might be convinced of others’ arrogance or unwillingness when in reality they are simply not ready or perhaps it is not right for them to perceive what you do. In these cases you must utilize other avenues for expression. They say a picture speaks a thousand words… This moon is a time for you to consider what means you have available to express what words cannot. It is also a time to deeply consider what you are striving to express, and how that expression can serve the growth and awakening of those around you. Visualize mirrors and investigate the switcheroo of left and right. Repeat the mantra, “I am a clear conduit for feeling. I perceive and accept. I do not judge, try to change, or insist. I perceive and reflect. The reflections I offer are given with conscientious awareness and compassion.

SAGITTARIUS Somewhere in a space that’s currently hidden from view there is a desire forming. This desire is deep, dark(ish), and intensely focused on transformation. It has a lot to do with emotional intimacy. It has a lot to do with the things that you’re scared of and scared to admit. It has a lot to do with accessing not just your deeper personal power but in many ways the collective power that we all share. It seems that there has recently been a shift in how you negotiate value - perhaps your personal value(s), perhaps the value that you create in your life financially, or a combination of both. You will know that the shifts you’re making are the right ones if your heart is getting louder and your head is listening. If you’re acting from a place of long-term vision, rather than short-term lust then you can trust the steps you’re taking even if you don’t where they’ll end up.

Trust the instinct to solidify your being-ness in the world through love rather than fear. Be accountable to yourself and listen to what you know that you know. If it feels like bad boundaries, or icky, or like you’re being lied to on any level it’s a sign to heed and slow down. If it feels terrifying in the ways that let you know you’re being asked to confront and resolve some very real fears that are steeped in events from very long ago… well that’s a sign to take another step forward. Your visualization for this new moon is a lit candle glowing in darkness. Your affirmation is, “I trust in the strength and integrity of my spirit to guide me towards decisions that serve my healing, integration, self-compassion, and enjoyment of my life.

CAPRICORN After the last few years of upheaval I imagine that it’s hard to indulge, let alone trust, your fantasies and future imaginings. You have been through a lot. The world is a shaky and unpredictable place always and for everyone. There are no guarantees on anyone or anything. I hope you can acknowledge that and take a moment for self-compassion… and then take a moment for visioning what your future might look like if you were willing to hold all the uncertainty and lack of guarantee without dropping your intentionality or desire to build things (structures, relationships, ways of being) that last.

You seem to be getting clearer around an issue that that has caused a huge degree of upheaval in your life. In many ways this issue had to do with attachments to structures and ways of being that were wildly out of sync with who you actually are as a person. None of us are immune to creating destructive situations in order to free ourselves from things that we’re too scared to leave. It seems that you’re coming to terms with your own potential for destruction and recognizing where and how you can create stability within the freedom that you desire. Steps you’ve recently made to assert your self-empowerment are ones to trust and move forward with.

The key for you Capricorn is to stay soft, pliable and listening. You have a tendency to want to reduce complexity into attainable outcomes, goals and descriptions. That won’t work right now. Strive to continue to develop your sensitivity and adaptability as you begin to rebuild. Your visualizations for this new moon are structures that move with fun and grace (tree houses, rope bridges and human pyramids.) Your affirmation is, “I find freedom in commitment to my own truth. My truth is not dependent upon shutting out or competing with the truth of others. I find joy and contentment in accepting the paradox and multiplicity of all that it takes to work together.

AQUARIUS There’s something exciting in the air that has to do with your work. It might feel like a new idea or plan, but actually it’s been brewing for quite some time. The past eight years, give or take, has been a kind of cosmic excavation of your internal world. It may have been a slow, steady and quiet thing for some time, but the more recent span of that time (roughly 2012-2015) brought a long-standing issue into focus. This issue seems to have something to do with the ways that repressed information/energy have influenced your mind, cognition and communication abilities. It’s kind of like you got out from under a huge rock that had been shutting you off from sunlight, air, and other people. It took a lot to realize you were even there, and then it took a lot to get out.

Now that you’re out (maybe you don’t realize you’re out yet, but you will soon) you have a huge amount of power available to you. The thing about being under that rock for so long is that it built a kind of fortitude and inner resistance that can now translate as fierce determination and joyful resilience. Once you know that you can withstand that much pressure basically anything else is easy lifting. That determination and resilience will get you far in the area of your life that has to do with your public persona, authority, and leadership. You have enough internal space now to recognize that freedom is a choice you can keep choosing.

You can take more risks in your interactions with others and let them in on your dreams and ideas. What is important now as you further integrate this strength and drive is to keep your focus on integrity. As you become more empowered watch out for the human failing that lets confidence dissolve empathy. You have a lot to share that has a lot to do with what you have learned through resistance. Make sure that you continue to let your ideals and ideas broaden and expand. Be inspired by this as a visualization for the new moon. Your affirmation is, “All past injury and oppression has transformed and is now my power. I pierce through misperceptions that keep me imprisoned. With complete trust I surrender my need to brace and protect. I am free, open, and receptive.”

PISCES You might be feeling fearful these days – like something (maybe even you) could slip away and be lost forever. If that’s so then I hope you can pause and take some deep breaths. Remember that everything is always changing and that grasping for permanence is the root of suffering.

It seems like maybe this fear is arising at the same time as you’re breaking out of your shell a bit. It seems that this fear slides around on a sense of identity you’ve been working hard to build. It feels like you’re ready to stop apologizing for something that has nothing to do with anything that’s in your control, but for some reason you’ve taken it on as a personal responsibility. We all have misperceptions about our own size and impact: we think that we should be able to single-handedly solve huge problems, we take responsibility for others’ disfunction, we feel helpless to change the course of time or the currents of culture. You, perhaps more than most, take on more than your fair share of internalized guilt for “the way things are.” Listen… Your sensitivity doesn’t need to be a burden. The insight that you have through your heart and intuition is incredibly valuable, it is not something to apologize for. It is not something to feel at fault for. It is not something that should ever be used as a weapon against you.

Recognize that empathy and connection are at the heart of all philosophies as something to strive for, and many of us really do need to strive if we want to feel anything else than our own fluctuating. The access that you have to an expanded sense of identity that doesn’t limit itself with attachments to autonomy is the very source of your power. Allowing yourself to be that big means that you’ll have to let go of structures and constraints that limit how much you let yourself feel your full force. Your mantra for this moon is, “Power is not control. Power is connection. Connection is responsive, responsible, and shared. My Power is in my ability to connect and to stay with myself through all connections.” Visualize your whole body as just the tip of a mountain and feel how deeply and grandly you extend your mass into the earth.