Getting Unstuck – Astrology & horoscopes for new moon/partial eclipse in Aquarius – February 15, 2018

Strange possibilities and fantastic ideas abound in this Aquarian vision by  Janna Dorothy

Strange possibilities and fantastic ideas abound in this Aquarian vision by Janna Dorothy

In astrology, eclipses describe the turning of the wheels of karma. Simply put, karma is residue. It is the cumulative layers of past impressions, which have become habit and expectation. Habits are invisible. They form patterns and structure. They may be learned or instinctual. If they are learned once, they become instinct later. Expectations come from bias. Though possibilities are usually vast and maybe even infinite… most of us operate with limited expectations of ourselves, others, and the world in general.

When eclipses happen we are given the chance to glimpse these invisible patterns. These events often provide us with the external circumstances, and internal recognition, we need in order to change. For most of us, change is not easy. For most of us, it is a long, sometimes extremely messy process. If these eclipses are hitting you hard, and it feels like your life is turning inside out, please be gentle with yourself.

Remember that conscious processes of change require support and stability. We hope that the floor won’t fall out beneath us, but in order to ensure that, we need to pay attention to our foundations, and build new support structures when the old ones are ready to let go.

This eclipse and new moon bring endings, release, offerings. The eclipse happens at the south node, the place where karma resolves. If you are facing endings currently, it’s also true that beginnings are close by. In the releasing it is each of our choice to either open to new patterns, or reformulate the old.

An image of the current saros cycle (eclipse pattern). Note the circular, spiraling, serpantine pattern.

An image of the current saros cycle (eclipse pattern). Note the circular, spiraling, serpantine pattern.

In my podcast for this new moon and eclipse I talk further about the meaning of eclipses, and how I interpret this particular eclipse and its aspects. You can listen to it here.

The guided meditation I’m offering for this lunation is an exploration of fixed and stuck habits in the mental, emotional, and physical layers, and a few simple mindfulness practices to encourage movement and creative ideation for surprising solutions. Practice here.

To learn more about eclipses, and the current cycle of eclipses we're in, read this post from last summer's total solar eclipse, and listen to this podcast where I explain eclipses from the lens of astronomy and astrology.

I'll catch you at the next full moon on March 1st. Until then, follow me on Instagram, and watch my facebook page to stay in touch with the regular mini astro updates I post there. xo-Renee

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, February 15-March 1, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

My ideal communities arise when I’m ready. As I allow my internal sense of self to evolve and include–I notice that my friends and social networks become more evolved and inclusive. I treat others as if we have known each other for a long time, and no longer have to look for trust. Trepidation and shyness give way to tenderness and authenticity.

I stay anchored in my own experience, and I allow my experience to be a shared space. I accept and celebrate what I need to feel safe and sated. I recognize that when I’m comfortable, I model comfort for those around me. The way I act in the world, and the work I do, begins with a sensation of family and familiarity. I create this sensation wherever I go.

All forms of learning and teaching are incomplete. All religions and philosophies serve the purpose of providing meaning, at the time that meaning is needed. I easily notice where my belief systems are outdated. I let go of formulaic thinking and meaningless performance. I listen for, and learn to trust, the wisdom that arises within me.

I reexamine my self-evaluation strategies. Ideas of self-worth, which have been based on others’ judgments, now expire. I release the need to impress. I take a holistic view of my relations, and observe the many ways we give to each other. I notice for myself, what feels good and pleasurable, and I invest more in those who bring out my goodness and pleasure.

Getting freed is a negotiation with myself. I choose whether I hold on or let go. No one else can make that choice for me. The result is internal. I am either bound or not. What would happen if I freed myself? What comfort and securities do my restrictive bonds provide, that I can find within myself instead?

I easily free myself from obligations, chores, jobs, and acts of service that keep me unhappy and unhealthy. I notice the ways I accumulate busy-ness and am honest about the ways busy-ness allows me to avoid… I am emotionally present with myself and others. I am mentally clear. My choices to let go are supported and joyful.

I adopt childlike social concerns and release adult judgment. Are my friends accepting and fun to play with? Do they value me? Do I value them? I drop status issues. I know my true freedom and its wealth will be found moment to moment, joy to joy. So who cares what anyone else thinks?

Growth happens after clearings and cleanings. I sort through ideas, attachments, and bonds from the past. I examine my notions of self, and easily reconcile and release, those parts of me that still hold tight to tired traditions, and mistrust the future. The future is now. There is no other time to be who I am here to be.

I will tell the story of my life with language that is current, and that has integrity. Integrity is built by resolving fears that dwell in the past. Integrity is built through trusting my own instincts, and acting for my best interests. Integrity is built when it I easily understand that my best interests are not met through greed or gasping, but rather through compassion, courage, and responsible boundaries.

Clinging to old belief patterns and (in)security issues is over. I see them for what they are and were. I honor the reasons I chose to adopt them, and I honor the ones who taught them to me. Now I define, for myself, what my true needs are. Now I define, for myself, what is most important. When I am free to prioritize my own truth, everything I truly need is given freely.

Breaking ties with the past requires tenderness and tenacity. I see old emotional patterns for what they are. I allow myself to feel the ways they’ve created my conditions and culture. As I feel their shape, I recognize their habits. In this recognition I discover agency to change. Discerning intelligence keeps my heart open and my mind clear.

Future plans and goals will be revealed when I let go of old plans and goals. This is the in-between space that comes after knowing and before understanding. The patterns of my life reorganize into more cohesive, innovative structures. I make space for this development when I get my mind out of the way, and simply open to the creative flow that exists all around me. I allow plenty of space for surprise.

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