Come Back to Your Senses - Astrology & Horoscopes for Virgo Full Moon - March 1, 2018

Remember that what is saturated by the waters now, will be harvested in 6 months time. This visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

Remember that what is saturated by the waters now, will be harvested in 6 months time. This visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

Individual lives are short, and personal memories are shorter. We wake each day to perform repetitions of the days before. Childhood to adolescence to adulthood to old age–watching the years pass upon our faces as if a dream. Dreams of the ancestors may be unknown, but they are never far away. Our bodies built with their codes, our tastes informed by their habits, our fears rooted in their suffering, our values inherited and so often left unexamined. Dreams of the future feel innovative in our imaginations, but as each perfects we see it for what it is. Yet another layer laid down. Once it’s happened, it’s the past. Residue. Repetition. Evolution. Deviations over time. The dream continues.

It’s some kind of magic to make ourselves believe in oneness. We might use the words and buy the bumper stickers, but how often do we really feel as one? Trapped in flesh and bone for now, we can’t help but submit to the illusion… this world is here for me, my story is the most important one. And then, time-to-time, we snap to attention and see through the veils. We see eons past and feel our fragility. We remember that we are nothing without everything. We recognize that everything, as far as we can conceive, is probably, eventually, nothing.

March 1st’s full moon resides in the axis of Virgo/Pisces. This axis describes evolution, and the human experience in its most basic mystery. Pisces is the everything around us that can’t be named. It’s the ever-present, yet unknown, substance that anything is formed from. Virgo is the form. Virgo categorizes Pisces, gives it a job, organizes its experiences, puts it to use. This axis is where each of us touch the infinite, and bring that inspiration onto Earth through our efforts and disciplines. It’s the balance we find between spirituality and practicality. It’s the ways we create Order (Virgo) out of Chaos (Pisces), and the way that Chaos gives way to Order, time and time again.

The sign of Pisces now contains a stellium of planets and asteroids. Here we find the ones we commit to, and the ways we keep commitments through grit and tears, rather than break our bonds (Juno), the psychological demons–their rage, their control, and eventually, the ferocity we must find to resist becoming demonic ourselves (Nessus), consciousness (the Sun), loss of consciousness (Neptune), the (in)ability to speak about it (Mercury), the love that’s always there (Venus), and the forgiveness we find for ourselves, once we realize that our suffering has actually brought us tools and insight that will quell suffering for others (Chiron.)

Pisces is a potent sign at any time. And especially now, with so much movement, the waves are powerful. Pisces–the sign which represents our collective unconscious and collected emotions–is full to the brim. Shootings, arctic ice melting, wars raging, drug and media-induced numbness is all in the mix. But remember, so is consciousness, and so is healing. And remember, comparatively, humanity is more peaceful than it's been in for a long, long time. Our wars are fewer and the casualties less. We are slowly waking up. It still may be too slow, but our progress will be quickened when we see it, and choose to turn our attention to it, rather than towards our fears.

The Moon in Virgo shines alone. In opposition to Pisces, Virgo describes details. Our flesh and bones. The particles of nourishment that become the tone of our tissues. The chores we perform so that our bodies will sustain. The ways we each, individually, play our parts, in service to a greater whole. Call it family, culture, patriotism, or biology. One by one, and step by step, we each contribute to the dreams we dream together.

This full moon phase brings sensations of free-falling. The abundance of Pisces signifies supreme sensitivity, but not necessarily much clarity as to what to do with all of it. The stellium of planets in Pisces describe a chorus of influences harmonizing with each other. In opposition to the Virgo moon we feel compelled to “make sense of it all,” and figure out how/what/where/why we can attend to the doing that needs to get done.

With a prominent square to Mars and Vesta in Sagittarius, we battle with devotion to beliefs, and urgency for action. Settling into a space of waiting might be easy for some–those more comfortable with ambiguity, or those who’ve given up the need to know… For others, this can be a full moon phase of mutable tension. Trying to grasp the threads, finding that each one dissolves as soon as its touched. It’s a courageous choice to trust that we will land softly.

In moments like this there are generally two choices. The first is fundamentalism. Look to past and current predicaments to see how this works out. Discomfort with the fact that we can’t know has bred rigidity into the minds of many. The inability to turn the mind back in on itself, to question everything, to observe the shadows as well as the light, has left us trapped in cages of enforced beliefs. Any ideology, however beautiful it might be, is incomplete. Forgetting this simple truth, our species has become perverted and obscene. Small-minded egos convinced of the power in their own ejaculate competing for copyright on The Truth.

Struggling for freedom, as many of us are, we fight oppression by naming fundamentalism for what it is. We urge each other to wake up in the dream, to see the ways we’ve been brainwashed and deadened to our own infinite potential. The alternative to fundamentalism is not another form. It is presence. To be open to mystery is a humbling practice. Here is where the wisdom of Virgo applies. Chop wood, carry water. Make this life an offering. When we serve the health of our whole, our lives can settle and simplify.

To learn more about the astrology of this full moon phase, listen to the podcast. I describe the Pisces influences in more depth and discuss the other transits and influences too.

The guided meditation this month is Centering with Intention. This is a meditation for times like these, with sensory overload from every direction, when life is like a dream, and the dream is saying "Wake up! Wake up!" It's a simple technique for checking in with your intentions, and making sure they are supported in your own truth and inner wisdom.

I'll catch you at the next new moon on March 17. Until then, follow me on Instagram, and watch my facebook page to stay in touch with the regular mini astro updates I post there. xo-Renee

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, March 1-March 17, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

I draw the maps and sketch the schematics. I write the lists and consider the options. And then I wait… Take a walk, read a book, nap in the sun, chill with a friend. In seemingly empty spaces questions bubble up and inspiration surrounds. The treasures are mystery and curiosity. There’s more to learn before I step forward into the next phase, and so much fun to be had, dreaming of what it might be.

Relationships illuminate my prism-like self. I color this way here, and vibrate that way there. These groups resound this song with me. That group reminds me what chants I used to sing. I am creating myself with consciousness. Choosing not only, my words. Choosing everything, also. With different people I feel the different me’s. I constellate within myself. Redraw connections. Retrace intentions.

There are always going to be a million dreams of what could be. Even when I’ve settled and decided, there will be a risk of losing everything, and needing to start again. My efforts and ambitions are trying to root in soil made of dreams. I trust their tendrils will find solid spots to hang on to, as I continue to grow. In the meantime, I take care of the basics, and I simplify, simplify, simplify.

My guidance is strong, clear, profound. I know when I can trust myself, because the feeling is truth. Truth feels like steadiness. I see it in my relationships. There is no need to prove anything, or to rush. Truth feels like courage. Why would I pretend to prioritize anything other than truth?

Everything I need is given. I am aligned with my desires. My heart, head, body, and spirit can easily receive the goodness that is given. I trust that what I give is enough. I give with all my heart, and do not doubt my value.

I know myself first through relationships. The contact, connections, expectations, attitudes, and shared spaces–all entrain my body, my mind, my emotions, my psyche. But in knowing myself truly, I also learn what I am not, and do not have to be. I do not confuse myself with others. I choose what serves me and I leave the rest.

Now is a time for clearing away clutter. I let go of anything that is not essential: thoughts, beliefs, relationships, possessions. I only retain what is useful, reliable, and deeply joyful. I clarify my schedule and daily routine. I make space for spirit, for love and for healing, anything else can wait.

I am present with the moment of creation. What has passed is resolved and released. What is future is emptiness and unknown. The moment is now. The creation is this.

Slow and steady wins the race. I appreciate my eagerness, but release the need to achieve outcome. Instead, I dwell in the journeys, and the forming of things. I enjoy my ideas and insights. I trust that when something is ready, the right door will open. No need to rush.

I appreciate the process of my own process. I become fascinated in the details, and drop the need to name them. I will not underestimate the value in feeling lost. In this rich, deep, dark unknowing, I am forming new connections, new synapses, new choices, new beginnings.

What is valuable to me? What do I need to sustain? How does exchange become a space for compassion and healing? Does what I strive for, return back to me as a sense of peace? If not, then what good is it? Do my possessions inspire me to be generous? If not, they are my prison.

Chrysalis hangs from branch. Breeze, rain, and sun dance around it. Inside there is formless–life. Changing from one idea to the next. Not yet known. The questions still asking. How sweet to remember this is also me. Forming and unformed. This moment. Now. Trusting. Evolution continues.