The Art of Sacrifice – Astrology for the Pisces New Moon – March 17, 2018

New Moon in Pisces visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

New Moon in Pisces visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

March 17th’s new moon in Pisces is quite an amazing chart. Though I usually spend the week before my posts pondering the chart I’ll write about, this particular chart has compelled (and conflicted) me more than usual. While the sun and moon come together in Pisces, they are nearing the end of the sign and will both quickly ingress Aries, on the heels of Mercury and Venus, who both moved from Pisces to Aries in the first week of the month.

This movement describes a flushing, or shedding of some kind. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and what Liz Green sometimes calls, the “celestial dustbin.” The feeling of Pisces is that is a collecting place. It is represented by experiences that are too big to describe: being alone in the ocean, getting caught up in a crowd, losing oneself in the midst of an orgasm, drug-induced transcendence. Pisces states of being are the ones in which we lose our identities, preferences, and autonomy.

Aries, on the other hand, bursts from Pisces as “I AM!” Where Pisces represents the uterine container and un-individuated self, Aries represents the hard head that pushes through to the other side. It is intentness, individuation, and separation. Pisces is the sign of populism, Aries is warriorship and independence. Pisces is over-mediated, substance-saturated mental fog. Aries is the lone gunman, renegade, outlaw. Pisces is spiritual collaboration. Aries is self-determination.

Here on Earth, populist regimes are strengthening across the globe. Lifetime leaders are being announced and affirmed. Dissenters are being silenced. Interpersonal urges to consume, devour, own, and encapsulate are mirrored in relationships between powers and people. We are fighting to come together, we are fighting to break apart. Meanwhile, spiritualism and drugs are (once again) gaining popularity. Many of us feel ourselves being opened, inexplicably, to huge love, and find that releasing ego attachments is suddenly pleasurable. As we fight to break apart from forms that devour us, we find ourselves thrown together, united, and whole.

The astrology of this new moon feels chaotic and crystal clear. It seems to be a moment of decision for many of us. Will we let our losses open us to love, or will we lose ourselves to protect our ideas of what love should look like? How will we collectively and individually birth the next era? To learn more about this astrology and ponder the significance of this new moon, listen in with me on my podcast where I discuss the chart in depth.

If you want to learn more about astrology, read my short article on Neptune in Pisces (I mention this in the podcast) to get a better idea of the forces we’re working with at this new moon. Over the course of the next number of months I’ll be adding more articles on planets, signs, and their meanings. Read here.

This is a new moon that calls for sacrifice. Remember that the root of sacrifice, sacer, is to “make sacred.” It is always in the offering that we open ourselves to receive. My guided meditation for this moon is one in the Deep Healing series, Sacrificing the Ego. Listen here.

I'll catch you at the next full moon on March 31. Until then, follow me on Instagram, and watch my facebook page to stay in touch with the regular mini astro updates I post there. xo-Renee

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, March 17-March 31, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

Slowness is rich, potent, nourishing, needed. I take my time. One step at a time. Letting the reverberations and repercussions seep in. So that I know what I’m dealing with. I find satisfaction in stillness. I love to linger in the pause. Moment to moment. There is no need to rush.

To do for March and April: Listen deeper to my inner wisdom. Take enough time to check in with any choices, and make sure they align to what I now remember that I always knew. Allow sensations of love and tenderness in my relationships to inform all future possibilities of how, and who, I will be.

I create a new vision for my dharma and my future. The path of dharma is to walk is if I hold the world together. I feel the falling of my steps and consider their impact. How do I affect others? When I do the work I am here to do, how does it ripple out, and become the world that affects me?

The boss of me is my higher spiritual self. I trust that I am present. I trust that my knowing is clear. Any relationships that fog or obscure my knowing through doubt or distress are ready to be released and resolved. I ask for assistance that these transitions are healing and gentle. Now I invite only the correct collaborators– those who celebrate and support me in my efforts to evolve and express authentically.

Now, I easily heal the emotional debts I’ve been carrying. I no longer need to give without end. I no longer need to love better. I know that I can trust what I offer, and believe in my own ability to love. I know this because when I offer, and when I love, the sensation is pure and joyful. I am free from striving, or trying to prove anything.

My relationships are constantly expanding and condensing, just like all life, and the universe itself. Sometimes we are magical, omnipotent, exquisite. Just as easily we are human again–flawed, distant, normal. I allow the changing tides to wash around me. The more I anchor in my own emotional truth, the more freedom I feel to grow, and the less I need anyone to stay the same.

My body releases its excesses. My mind releases its excesses. My emotions release their excess. I purge, I cleanse, I shed, all that I no longer need. In the empty spaces, now healing rushes in. I realize that all I was afraid to lose has been replaced with spiritual safety. The world begins to open up and I have the energy to meet it.

Claiming erotic, creative agency is my job now. I seek out experiences in my daily routines that remind me of my intention, desire, excitement. I attend to my body and appreciate its strength, the pulse of my blood, the hum of my mind when breath and thoughts sync. I am present with my own pleasure.

There are abundant dreams, ideals, fantasies, hallucinations, confusions, inhibitions, addictions, and misgivings of/to/with my family and ancestry. These sensations can come and go. They can wash over and through me. As they do I cleanse my attachments and release those who are ready to move on. I easily express my own desires and ask to play my own game. They easily hear me and leave me to be me. The ones who stay are all love and infinite blessings.

I trust my own decisions. I see that I’ve worked my way through plenty of hard moments. Plenty of times I failed, or probably could have done better. But plenty of times I learned, I made the right adjustment, I came out with better humor and more grace. One step forward at a time. I’m learning to trust, I’m learning to listen, I’m learning to love.

I form language with my highest intelligence. When I identify myself, and state my desires, choices, and present circumstances, I use words that boost and elevate. I articulate from my own agency and empowerment. I notice how the thoughts I think and sentences I speak shape my ability to relax, enjoy, receive, and respond.

I am releasing layers of myself, and shedding accumulations I no longer want to carry. I examine my values and attachments with unflinching independence. I am not reliant upon anyone’s standards other than my own. With courage and confidence, I begin to plan my next steps.