Ambition for Accountability – Astrology & Horoscopes for the Libra Full Moon – March 31, 2018

Visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

Visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

Libra is represented by the scales. It symbolizes balance between polarities, the need to weigh and measure, fairness, moderation, and “right relationship.” Often, Libra suggests the kind of relationships that are socially sanctioned, politically necessary, and held together with contracts. It is the sign of partners: marriage, business partnerships, and open enemies (we’ll get to that later.) It represent notions of justice, accountability, and diplomacy. We need each other to live, so therefore, we need to get along.

Marking the beginning of Autumn, Libra is a cardinal sign, which means, it starts things. Coming after Virgo (knowing one’s place and duties in the world), and before Scorpio (sex, intimacy, sharing), Libra is the bridge between people. As one of the air signs, Libra exists in the realms of thought, language, and concept. In this sign we have the idea of what “good” relationships look like. We learn behaviors, adopt identities, and practice customs that encourage and support these kinds of values and attitudes.

Good manners and social graces are one thing. A pleasant façade and angry interior are another. The shadow of Libra is what’s hidden underneath its cordiality. In effort to keep the peace, Libra can easily shove itself into the closet, festering with resentment as it closes the door to actual openness. The glossy veneer of relational aesthetics (aren’t you precious?!) is a well-worn mask we’ve all encountered. Practiced pleasantries obscure true feelings and deeper motivations. Open enemies describe the relationships we’re bound to for one necessity or another (remember that most marriages also need to function as businesses too), and the efforts we make to preserve what’s valuable for ourselves by accommodating the needs of another.

The alternate name I was considering for this post was, Hell is Other People. It would have mostly been a snarky joke for other cynics at the Libra full moon… but there’s also something accurate about that adage for this particular moment in our shared horoscope. Spending time with the full moon chart over the past week, and the world events that have surrounded it, I’ve felt like a growing knot of tension. An inescapable sensation that we truly are in “this” all together. There is growing collectivism yes, on all sides. And there is plenty to celebrate as we find our allegiances. But in the context for coming together, there are also generous portions of frustration, dread, rage.

The moon is alone in Libra for a mere 2.5 days. It reflects the light of the Aries sun, which cannot be separated from other planetary comrades in the sign of fierce independence and masculine aggression. Libra’s ruler, Venus, is barely out of Aries and entering Taurus on the day of the full moon. Mercury is in its retrograde path, approaching the sun, and about to enter its heart. Uranus and Eris–the two revolutionaries and chaotic catalysts–hold steady in the last degrees of Aries.

Aries is weighted heavily at this moon, as is Capricorn, sign of rules, law, authority, and military. The ongoing square between Aries and Capricorn pushes militancy forward on all sides. This Libra moon is one that urges us to pause, and consider… but whether its urging will have impact depends on our sensibilities and capacity for clear thinking, two resources that are running short these days in the general populace and its leaders.

In this week’s podcast my focus is mostly on politics, I compare the chart to recent events surrounding issues of gun violence, racism/bias, environment, and gender. Listen here.

The energy of the full moon reminds us to steady ourselves and get a grip. These days what that means is de-escalating internal stress and tension. My guided meditation for this full moon, Reducing Stress & Anxiety, offers gentle facilitation into easy, accessible techniques for coming back to balance.

Your horoscopes are below and will give you personal insight into what the full moon means for you, listen for you sun, moon, and rising signs. Take what works and leave the rest!


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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, March 31-April 15, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

I review the fundamental construction of my identity. I examine the instinctual relational habits I learned as a young one. What kinds of experiences did these habits, and people, help build? I am ready to pursue some important ambitions in my life. I understand that for humans, good relationships are always the key to success. I create strong, healthy, secure foundations by acting from strong, healthy, and secure spaces in myself.

I am waking up to myself. I am waking up in the spaces that have been hidden away, forgotten, perhaps never known. As I recover and awaken, I seek more knowledge, so that I can understand all that I find. As I build my understanding, I keep in mind that all human-made systems of knowledge are incomplete. I am the only one who can decide what my experiences mean for me.

The future is always unknown, and this is why it’s exciting. I pay attention to my projections–how I build people, things, scenarios into possibilities that only exist in my imagination. I notice my own habits of urgency, and encourage myself to pause, and abide peacefully with what is, now. I resist arguing over insecurities and commit to ethical exchanges.

My intimates and important others respect my needs and boundaries. I am treated as an equal and am given priority as a partner. I trust that I belong. I trust that I am wanted. I trust, that when I give what is truly mine to is needed, and deeply appreciated. I know I am becoming more mature in my relationships, because I feel freer and more adventurous in my life.

My sustained, daily efforts accumulate. I trust timing and process. I trust that I will find the right language, develop the right strategies, and meet the right people. I keep showing up every day, depositing investments of consistent attention and intention. I listen deeply to my own instincts, and I navigate towards what feels 100% true. I am patient. I am determined.

There is no conflict between my need for freedom and my desire for harmonious, balanced relationships. It is a false binary that dissipates when I realize that the more free I feel inside, the more present I am for the ones I love. I recognize my own capacity and responsibility to hone and harness my own joy and basic energy for life. When I commit to this responsibility, I find that I easily trust my boundaries and commitments with others.

As the world changes around me I become more steady and stable. My sense of place and belonging grow roots into everywhere. I occupy my right to be. Here. And now. I don’t owe anyone their freedom. And no one owes me mine. We define our own dependencies. I see how struggle keeps me bound. I stop struggling.

I take the risk to speak what’s on my mind. I trust my own capacity for scrutiny and discernment. I know that if I’ve given thought to something for a while, there’s a likely chance I’ve critiqued it enough to see it for what it is. I open myself to others. I risk some psychic safety for the benefit of increased intimacy and more satisfying relationships to everyone, including myself.

Patience, prudence, foresight, care. I bring these values to my projects and my passions. I teach these values to my children, learning them again if I need to also. There is no need to jump the gun or rush to the finish line. Now is the time to move slowly, pausing to reflect on every decision. Waiting to move until I feel absolutely calm and clear inside.

All that seems stable will move, change, and eventually end. Relationships will come and go, and so will I. I release the need for permanence and assurance. I free myself to experience home and belonging no matter where I am. To let go so completely of who I think I need to be, that I discover everything I always was. I invite playfulness in.

I recognize the relationship between my external communications and internal experience. I see how my moods affect my vocal tone, gestures, and language choices. I strive to share with others in ways that are authentic and free, but also compassionate and careful. I seek to understand my motivations before I set out to accomplish them.

I trust that there is good intent, towards me, from others, and from the world in general. I trust my own discernment in relationship–when someone I’m dealing with is only in it for themselves, I know to keep my boundaries clear and confident. As I open my own energy to further trust that others also want goodness for me, I exude my mutual best intent to them. I enjoy loving, trusting relationships.