Finding Calm in Chaos - Astrology & Horoscopes for New Moon in Aries - April 15, 2018

Visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

Visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

There is beauty in chaos. There is order in chaos. There are openings, unveilings, and revolutions in chaos. Our universe was birthed from chaos. Our bodies are formed, then birthed again with chaos. Chaos is colliding, releasing, creating. The rhythm of life is chaos. Life as entity does not follow any order, other than the chaos of random encounters. It is an expression of infinite adjustments and changes that each respond to one another, and then press in/break apart on all sides. Collaboration between uncountable elements is the nature of chaos. There can be no knowing of how things will turn out, or if they will.

Today’s new moon reflects chaos. The Sun and Moon align with Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revolution. Uranus has been in Aries since March 2011. Aries is the sign that says, “I am.” It is the energy of autonomy, independence, and ego. For the last seven + years it has been pushing each of us to wake up to our own power as individuals, to change the ways we relate to power and tradition, to upset and agitate the status quo. When we consciously choose to awaken, Uranus grants us liberation. When we choose to stay asleep and complacent, chaos is the only thing that will wake us up, set us free.

The astrology for the next two weeks only builds in intensity. On the day of the new moon, Mercury, planet of cognition and exchange, turns direct, a process which can bring considerable chaos and confusion for at least a couple of days (it will serve you well to wait on any important communications or decisions until the end of the week.) Two days later, Chiron, planet of personal and collective healing, ends its eight-year transit of Pisces and begins to ingress Aries where, for the next eight years, it will illuminate the ways we create, perpetuate, and hopefully heal our own pain.

On April 17th, Saturn turns retrograde. Five days later, Pluto follows suit. These movements of the outer planets reflect culture shifting around us. I think you probably feel it too, we are at a precipice. What is coming next is something none of us know, or know how to prepare for. As usual in the Embodied Astrology podcast, I talk for an hour about the astrology of this new moon phase, and consider some ways to interpret these movements and signs. Listen here.

Finding calm in chaos is a skill to hone, and in whatever ways you can, a space to share. The world continues to heat up, governments continue to implode and explode, we must contend with unimaginable struggle and suffering across the globe, and here at home. There is no safety, but in that knowing, there is only safety. The paradox of chaos is divine order. Practice here with my guided meditation, Finding Calm in Chaos.


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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, April 15-29, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

I will succeed, and attain my highest vision. I know this. My certainty releases me from the dictate of fear, it frees me fully to be who, how, what I am. I liberate myself from restrictions of identity, obligation, and status quo. I invest in sweetness, and a beautiful attitude. The world responds. It opens doors I didn’t know existed, and invites me in.

In many ways I know that I am one and the same with everything. Yet, I can not know everything. I seek to soften the borders of my mind and imagination by releasing the need to know. I trust my connection to infinite wisdom and cosmic unity. I let the universe move through me and expand me. I will know what I need to know when I need to know it.

Ideas of how things could be are easy to imagine and adore. The reality of crafting them into becoming usually takes much more time and effort. The idea of how relationships could be is so exciting. The reality is that people are people, and people need time, safety, and their own unexplainable processes. I give it time. I give them time. I trust my vision. I trust myself. I don’t change who or how I am. But I give it, and them, time to catch up with me.

My relationships support my growth and freedom. My partnerships are liberated and liberatory. I easily claim my own authority, and proudly express my true self. Any insecurities or conflicts that arise are opportunities for me to practice spiritual growth and somatic self-soothing.

I stay the course. Steady, steady. I commit to the work of every day. Small tasks and gestures build into bodies of work and big movements. I am disciplined, determined and focused. I receive and allow intimacy and tenderness. I feel how friendship and honest exchange sustain my efforts. I balance my workload with love. The more I receive, the more I exude contentment, the more the world offers support.

I own my sensual, erotic, creative energy. I claim my own connection to this power–it is unbreakable and undeniable. I take pleasure in myself, and express pleasure through my crafts and creative outpourings. I am willing to do the work I need to do, to ensure that this pleasure only grows within me. Regardless of who else is here, and what they want, or bring, or inspire.

Facilitating freedom for myself and others means committing to the responsibility of freedom. To be free we need to trust, and depend upon our connections. I strengthen my most important bonds by being transparent, and with my willingness to communicate and hold vulnerability. I allow myself to be seen, and trust that those who see me, love me.

I easily obtain the freedom I desire in my body, heart, mind, jobs, and schedule. Simply, I behave ethically and honestly, to free others from the weight of my experience. It is no one’s job but mine to decide how I feel, what I say, what/how I do…  I trust that I, and any other adults I am relating with, have the skills we need to take responsibility for ourselves, so that we can meet in mutual reciprocity and true collaboration.

The world is a wide open space of possibility and magic. I open myself to receiving secret abundance that’s hidden in everyday details. My jobs, chores, tasks and environment offer opportunities to invest in playtime and pleasure. I express myself fully and freely, without fear or apology.

I recognize every inconvenience and upheaval as opportunities for revolution and revelation. When I feel insecure, and question who, or what, I belong to, I remember that the world is full of others, also searching for belonging. In my questions and desire for family, I am brought together with other seekers. I release my dearly-held notions of all that I would be, and in so doing, discover abundance and infinite possibility.

I courageously confront my hidden demons and psychic bondage. I willingly examine my own role in shaping all of my experiences. I recognize the ways in which I have predetermined my own destiny by uttering words, thinking thoughts, and forming expectations. I restructure my bias and assumptions, and become the master of my own domain.

I free myself from burdensome values. I give away possessions that restrict my growth and movement. I release fears of scarcity. I abolish insecurity. I balance practicality and magic. I recognize that the more I am open, and lovely, the more the world will give to me and support my needs. I dissolve walls of judgment and make space for abundance in my spirit.