Decolonization! Liberation! Kindness! - Astrology & Horoscopes for the Gemini Full Moon - November, 22, 2018

“Trying to Get Over” by  Janna Dorothy  - such a brilliant visual affirmation of our inner children breaking out of ideological prisons and moving towards their destiny as beings made from star-stuff

“Trying to Get Over” by Janna Dorothy - such a brilliant visual affirmation of our inner children breaking out of ideological prisons and moving towards their destiny as beings made from star-stuff


This month’s full moon in Gemini coincides with the Sun’s entry into the Tropical sign of Sagittarius and the National Day of Mourning (Indigenous People’s Day), otherwise known as American Thanksgiving.

Gemini describes the spreading of information through close-in connections, small talk, gossip, and neighborly conversation. Gemini rules the arms and hands, and the air in the lungs. It is our gestures and verbiage–the ways we express and intone. It is our constant state of learning, and how we are socialized and entrained by our immediate environments, siblings, schoolmates, colleagues and neighbors. Gemini rules language, and the ways words are used to shape cognition and mental processes of perception and expectation. Gemini is represented through the twins. The twins describe duality as well as similarity. The symbol of twins, or siblings, can be applied to any connection we make. No matter who another person is, we have the choice to seek connection, to exhibit curiosity and display interest, to use language and gesture to find common ground. The strength of Gemini is in its curiosity and capacity for connection.

Sagittarius describes the search for truth, cultivation of knowledge and making of meaning. It is the education we seek out, rather than what we are given. Therefore Sagittarius rules institutions of knowledge and their methods of research. It rules theories, philosophies and religions, as well as higher-level courts and judges. Through Sagittarius we define our belief systems and ideologies, and these, in turn, direct us on our paths and pursuits for growth and personal development. Sagittarius is represented by the centaur and the archer. Half animal, half human–we seek ascension from the Earth realm through expansion of our minds and their capacity to know. Knowing (Gnosis) is truly the openness of mind, and the ability to sit with mystery, but Sagittarius often fails through fundamentalism when belief systems are imposed without consent. The power of Sagittarius is found in pondering the mystery of the Universe. If you gaze upon the constellation Sagittarius, you’ll be gazing towards the Galactic Center. This sign is the birthplace of everything that is, and therefore its meaning, which is truly too big to ever comprehend.

The Gemini and Sagittarius polarity (the full moon is an opposition, the opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius, and that’s where the Sun is now) presents the continuum between learning and knowing. It is the story of how knowledge expands, and how truth is formed through story-telling and meaning-making. The Sun and Moon are both in applying squares to Mars, Nessus and Neptune, all in Pisces. These aspects bring tension and overwhelm to our mental states. They suggest confusion, delusion, hyperbole, and increasing weaponization of our subconscious through narcotics, environmental toxicity and inflammatory news. With so much bad news to focus on, it’s no wonder that it continues. What we focus on increases its dominance and power. Mars and Nessus conjunct describe mass hypnosis, addiction and ongoing trauma and re-traumatization that stem from hypnosis, addiction and trauma.

Why we do we only hear about wars and aggression? Imagine if the news we spread shared stories about kindness, sincerity, and the efforts people are making (and succeeding at) everyday to heal, to build connection and reach understanding. Imagine if our leaders took to Twitter to call people in, to urge compassion, to promote peace. The populace is hungry for more stimulation, but that hunger is itself a trauma response. The greater message of these aspects lies with Neptune in Pisces. Wake up to the dreamlike nature of this life! Just like a dream, fears will magnify when they’re given attention. Just like a dream, there is confusion until we learn to wake up and become lucid. We each have the capacity to direct our subconscious, to attune and attend. When we stay asleep and addicted we feed the War Machine. This full moon cycle will present several opportunities to wake up, get present, connect, and locate internal truth. The choices we each make depend on our capacity for clarity and the ability we have to get, and remain present.

Some notes and drawings here from my podcast and horoscopes preparation. The image is the full moon chart, cast for Portland, OR

Listen to the podcast to learn more about this full moon and the aspects it makes, including Mercury retrograde and Jupiter’s 12-month transit through Sagittarius.

The guided meditation for this moon is titled Clearing Confusion & Connecting to Wisdom, and it was made for this moment, right now. Practice with me here.

In the podcast I mention a few articles that are suggested reading for perspective on current transits, here they are:
Democracy Now! Interviews Maria Ressa, founder of the Filipino news site Rappler
Democracy Now! with Color of Change, talking about Facebook’s push for anti-semitic, anti-black narratives
Embodied Astrology article on Neptune in Pisces


December 22,
Portland, OR

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, November 22-December 7, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

My most pressing responsibility is Presence.
I practice expanding my state of awareness through the simplest and most direct means possible: body, breath, focus.
Mental and emotional overwhelm are symptoms of distraction. When I feel overwhelmed, it is a clue for me to Get Present.
I clear my psychic state with Presence. I reduce my anxiety with Presence. I release myself from unhealthy and unwanted attachments with Presence. I cleanse my emotional space with Presence.

Attraction is energy responding to energy. Similar elements recognize themselves and increase.
Dissimilar elements are either repelled and isolated or bonded and changed.
The energy I exude towards others is attractive. I attract connection and genuine friendship through exhibiting my honest care and curiosity. I attract resources and opportunities by giving the generosity of my heart. I attract relationships that help me grow by refusing to lie. I attract love by refusing to hide.

Other people reflect my efforts and actions. I notice the ways my relationships mirror my intentions and output.
Are the ways I apply my energy in harmony with the ways I want to be cared for as a human?
I appreciate that all opportunities come through relationship. I obtain the opportunities I desire by investing myself in actions and ambitions that are most aligned, energetically, with the emotional qualities I want to see magnified in the world.

I effectively sift through information and emotional overwhelm by focusing on what feels expansive in my body, mind, and heart.
I make time and space to be in my body, to enlarge my breath.
I gift my mind with imagination and fantasy.
I grow my heart through attending to my own feelings regularly, and not letting them build up.

The universal impulse is creative. The only rule is change.
Like fractals, we develop together from the smallest to the largest.
I invest myself with presence, and immerse myself in love, so that I can emerge with the life that grows around me.
In constant and consistent rhythm, pulsing with the essence of creation. I don’t hold back.

Presence is key. And, a lot of the time, it is not very easy.
So... presence is a discipline, a practice, a belief system.
I skillfully manage my impulses towards distraction. I commit to quietude.
What is ready and waiting for me is calling. As I become more still, I am listening.

During times of abundant learning and/or information overwhelm, I assist my absorption through purification practices.
There is nothing to know, nothing to gain, nothing to grasp. I trust that I will know what I need to, when I need it.
I release the details and surrender to infinite wisdom, which continues to remain mysterious.

I attract my core beliefs.
These beliefs are subtle, and arise from my conditioning. So, I investigate their origin and sensation. I build belief systems that make space for love.
The more I trust my heart, the more transparent I am. Transparency and tenderheartedness free me from my debts and fill my life with abundance.

Relationships are always the test. Am I in my integrity? Do I live as I believe others should live? Do I act in the ways I believe others should act? When my relations are harmonious, and reflect back to me with generosity and exuberance, I can trust my own alignment.
I attend to my conditioning and deep stories. I notice when my identity is truly mine, and when it is entrenched in a larger story. I learn to use the tools of choice.

Curiosity leads to expansion.
I consciously shift the patterns of my everyday. I wake up on a different side of the bed. I walk a new route. I eat new foods. I move my body in new and strange ways. I learn to use my voice to speak different languages.
Neurons fire and deeper habits are disrupted. I am freed from stagnancy and inner entrapments.

Friends and fun are more fulfilling than money. The more friends and fun I have, the more resources are available and given.
Authentic expression and open-hearted curiosity lead to social successes. I easily attract generosity and opportunity through cultivating my own generous nature and optimism.
The world is constantly changing and never sure, so why would I fear loss and change when it is inevitable? A better option for me is a quest for adventure and appreciation of love when and where I find it.

Open and up-end normalcy. Ask more questions than there are answers. Rearrange the status quo of family and domicile. Shift perspective.
My purpose is evolutionary, it changes and grows with the Earth and its cycles, with culture and its expression. I see the continuity and throughline of intention, and continue to let my methods and meanings expand.