Consciousness Shift - Astrology & Horoscopes for the Sagittarius New Moon - December 6, 2018

‘Followers’ by  Janna Dorothy  - A visual affirmation for the Sagittarian quest

‘Followers’ by Janna Dorothy - A visual affirmation for the Sagittarian quest

5 things to know about today’s new moon in Sagittarius

1.) A new moon is when the Sun and Moon come together from our point of view here on Earth. In the language of astrology, the Sun is a symbol of consciousness. It is constantly radiating and expanding in its brilliance. Just as it is impossible to stare directly at the Sun, we are unable to “see” consciousness or perceive the magnitude of what it is. We are part of it, it moves through us, but it is too big to be comprehended through human intellect. Astrologically the Moon is a symbol of subjective awareness. It is the light of self reflection, and the ways we come to know ourselves over time, through repetition of what’s familiar, known, rhythmic. When the Sun and the Moon come together the symbol is unification between our small selves and our larger selves–between the consciousness that pervades everything, and the ways we each know ourselves through growing consciousness.

2.) This new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. That means that the light of the Sun is currently radiating with this energy, and, because the Moon is new, it is absorbing this solar radiance. Sagittarius is the season that precedes the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Its light is expansive and filled with ideas. It moves towards opportunity and dreams of unknown vistas to explore. When we are influenced by the light of Sagittarius (either through our natal charts, or through transit, like now, with the new moon), we trend towards optimism and ideation. Sagittarius is what’s called ‘Mutable Fire.’ It is a fire sign, meaning that it ignites our passion and burns in each of us as heat. It is a mutable sign, meaning that it changes the season, and is therefore adaptive. When the Moon is new in Sagittarius we are given the opportunity to reflect upon our passons, ideals, opportunities and big visions… and spread them!

3.) The section of the sky we call Sagittarius is currently where the planet Jupiter is traveling. Astrologically, Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the sign Sagittarius. They both represent vastness and the need to grow and expand. When Jupiter travels through Sagittarius, as it does every 12 years, its power emanates in its purest form. From November 2018-December 2019 we will all experience Jupiter in Sagittarius. This influence will provoke development of theory, philosophy and religion (big ideas) as well as law and “justice”, education systems, and broadcasting networks (how big ideas are validated, implemented and disseminated.) The new moon this month is extra special since Jupiter is here this year lending its influence. The ways you direct your focus and intent over the next few days have potential to create long-lasting influences and areas of development and opportunity for the next twelve years, until the next time Jupiter visits this sign.

4.) The new moon is part of an aspect pattern that has been developing since late October that includes squares (90º angles) between planets in Sagittarius (Jupiter, and now the Sun and Moon) and planets in Pisces (Mars and Neptune.) Pisces is a sign that is representative of the collective emotion and how this collective feeling pervades the space we all share here on Earth. With 9 billion people on the planet, the collective emotion is what you might call a soup. It is a constantly shifting, inter-permeating space of emotional fluctuation. This is what Carl Jung coined “the collective unconscious.” The square aspects bring a charged influence between our passions, ideas, and possibilities (Sagittarius) and the ways we each are sensitive and subject to the accumulated human experience through our various emotional influences, ancestry, dreams, vibes, body sensitivities, and psychic capacities. THIS NEW MOON IS A PEAK MOMENT OF EMOTIONAL PRESSURE. If you have been having crazy dreams, visitations, flare-ups of sensitivity (emotional and immune-related), or other kinds of psychedelic experiences you can’t otherwise explain… This astrology is a big part of it.

5.) On the day of the new moon Mercury stations direct at 27º Scorpio. Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio suggests revelation and revealing of deeper influences and feelings. There may be news that breaks in or around this day (the Mueller investigation seems to be nearing some kind of tipping point) or emotional cognition that is recognized. Its degree point is in exact trine to Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer, forming a grand trine in Water. Chiron will station direct three days later on December 9th and begin to complete its 7-year transit of Pisces.

With Mercury in the mix, the potential is mental recognition of systemic emotional influences and underlying psychological patterns. Insight around trauma and the ways trauma is perpetuated personally and collectively is one of the highest potentials. Never before have Earth’s citizens faced such pressing concerns as the ones we face now. Climate chaos, totalitarianism and assault on civil liberties, nuclear war… it’s literally all on the table. If we are going to survive much longer, we will need to open our hearts, process our feelings and figure out to how to come together and dismantle the fucked-up mental confusion of supremacy that is ruining this planet and our lives on it.

I talk about all of these points and more in the podcast for this new moon. Listen here.

To shift our patterns and awaken we can’t do it only through thoughts and concepts, it has to be a shift in our bodies and beings. To live in our hearts we need to feel our hearts first! Every new moon and full moon I offer somatic meditations to embody the essence of the astrological opportunity. The meditation for this new moon is called Shift Consciousness! It is a resource and space of nourishment for all of us as we seek to expand our vision of possibility beyond what is currently known and accepted. Practice with me here.

I mentioned a few articles in the podcast. You can find them here:
Information about the Big Mountain reservation and Navajo and Hopi efforts to resist mining and destruction of their lands
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10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About the Earth
Black Holes!
Wikipedia on “what is The Great Attractor”

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, December 6-22, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 


Insight has arrived. Door are opening, walls are dissolving, wisdom and understanding stream in.
I see the pattern in my existence. I awaken to the ways I’ve been unconsciously participating in my own imprisonment and isolation. I see how I’ve blocked, defended and stayed asleep.
Now I can choose to do and be otherwise. Now I recognize my own space of choice. Now it is my discipline to abide with choice. Now it is my duty to follow my freedom.

There is no separation between us. When I hurt or mistrust you, I hurt and mistrust in myself. When you spread love and understanding towards me, you give love and understanding to yourself.
I allow intimacy in. I allow myself to be touched by the exquisite, the liminal, the temporary connections that arise in each moment of relating. We recognize one another’s wholeness.

I call in the relationships that expand the world around me. I call on the friends who open my mind with their interests and curiosities, and the partners who fill my heart with presence, and the collaborators who keep me on task and accountable to the big missions we’re undertaking. My relationships support me.

Inspiration is my daily bread and butter. I ensure my exposure to those and that which get my mind excited, my eyes open, my heart happy.
Exercise is key. I make a point to move my energy every day. Whether through breath and visualization or moving my body with exertion, I recognize that when my own energy is in motion, larger energy can move through me.
Faith is foundational. I am loved and cared for by the spirit of all that is.

The ways I express myself become my experience immediately. The power of my perception is to completely shift the ways my life is organized around me.
I choose to see the inherent value and specialness in all others and all things. I immediately feel valued and special.
I celebrate and fall-in-love with everything. I am celebrated and loved in return.

The essence of my love is sacred. The essence of family is sacred love, embodied in conscious connection.
I break free from constructs of conditionality and limiting love.
I fully release all of us to be, and grow, and evolve, and change.

I participate in healing culture through my relationship to work and value.
I see that my health and wellbeing is just as important as my output and effort. I make space for emotional realness.
When I am real about my own limits and boundaries, everyone around me responds with their own realness. When we’re real together, we’re infinitely more effective than when we’re not.

My place in the world is in collaboration with all who have come before, and in service to all who come in the future.
My job is to be as present, and as clear as possible, so that I can see without ego, so that I can offer my gifts and lend my support to the gifts of others.
I cut through the illusion of my own specialness. I am equal with everything.

The nature of my being is infinite, unlimited. I release all constructed identities.
I am everything that could possibly be. I release identification with limited family. I come from the stars.
I practice alignment with my cosmic origin and request assistance from my celestial ancestors. May I be liberated from misidentification so that I can be free to live into my potentiality.

I hold accountability to the future generations.
I am accountable to them in all the ways that I can affect the future: my attitude, my belief systems, my consumer habits, my relationship skills…
I let go of my self-serving ambitions and self-centered needs. I am here for those who will never know me, but will know the way I lived by the legacies I leave.

Money is only a symbol of exchange. When I believe in its power and worth, I am a slave to capitalism and supremacy. I disbelieve in money and capitalism, they hold no value for me.
Instead, I value the spiritual exchange of my breath with the plants and trees, of my body with the earth, of my being with all my relations.
As my values clarify, the resources I need make themselves easily available.

The meaning I make is expanding. The horizon is broad. I aim my intention in the direction of my personal expansion. I pursue the experiences, activities and relationships that keep me growing, evolving, asking questions, gaining knowledge.