I Change Communication & Communication Changes Me - Astrology & Horoscopes for Gemini New Moon - June 13, 2018

Gemini rules early childhood education, cognitive development, language and words. This visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

Gemini rules early childhood education, cognitive development, language and words.
This visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

Astrology is an ancient language. It is a human language. It is an interpretation (studied objectively as well as creatively) of light. At its most basic, astrology is a language that seeks to describe the sensation of time passing: day to night to day again, full moon to new moon, season to season. At its most complex, it considers abstract calculations, theoretical points, and a dizzying set of delineations, rules, and exceptions to rules. But fundamentally, astrology is a language for us, here, on Earth. It is a way to contextualize and understand. It is a bridge and connection to the heavens. It is the accumulation of story and myth. It is entertainment, solace, inspiration, verification, profundity, abstraction, deep truth, pop trash, and inner knowing.

As with all languages, astrology should be understood in its relevance to the moment, as well as in its epistemology. Especially now, as it’s becoming popular again in the Western world, after centuries in the occult, the roots of astrological knowledge should be respected and sought after… and it's new growth should allow for change and adaptation, incorporate new meanings and myths, and evolve.

It’s important to remember that learning never stops. It’s essential to stay curious, and to keep asking questions.

Wednesday’s new moon in Gemini reminds us of the need to stay open-minded, flexible, and (as much as possible) amused. Gemini is the sign of language, words, gestures, and the power of connection. Gemini rules elementary education, socializing, short-lived connections, close-in communications, and deals and exchanges. It is the sign of The Twins: sometimes mortal, sometimes divine, one lives with the Gods and one in the underworld. The twins represent the two sides of the coin. They are mischief and magic both. Helpers to humankind and patron saints of travelers, they bring favorable winds to those who honor and trust their own need to know.

The days before and of the new moon, Gemini’s rulers both change signs. Traditionally, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of cognition and mental function. I think of Mercury as Buddhi. Root of the word Buddhism, and derived from the Vedic Sanskrit root Budh (बुध् ), Buddhi literally means "to wake, be awake, observe, heed, attend, learn, become aware of, to know, to be conscious again.” Buddhi is the translator and contrasting element between manas (mind) and ahamkara (ego), both of which are impermanent and imperfect. Buddhi is the discernment process, the voice which describes the inner experience, and makes sense of oneself to oneself. On Tuesday, June 12th, Mercury moves into Cancer, the sign of mothers, mothering, and the needs and instincts to bond and define family. For the next two weeks, Mercury in Cancer will need to translate emotion, attend to attachments, and find the right words for its feelings.

On Wednesday, June 13th, Gemini’s esoteric (soul-centered) ruler Venus, moves into Leo. Gemini, when ruled from the personality level (Mercury), is controlled by the mind, and mostly interested in the self. It views life through a Me vs Them perspective, and favors competition over collaboration. As Gemini’s vibration raises from personality-centered to soul-centered, the mind seeks to comprehend the nature of relatedness, and the desire to expand one's knowledge through relationship arises. At this point, intelligence moves from instinctual to creative, and from subjective to objective. The energy of Gemini can then function as a link between the soul and the personality. Without this link, Gemini is diffuse, and its intelligence gets scattered across constantly changing interests and aspirations. Crises arise from mixed intent and crossed-purposes. When Gemini learns to harmonize within its relationships and put itself forward as a friend and ally to others, it becomes wise, stable, and effective.

In this new moon’s podcast I talk about the sign of Gemini and new moon angle (which is exactly conjunct to Donald Trump’s Sun), and the movements of Gemini’s rulers and their upcoming transits and aspects. Listen here to learn more about this new moon astrology.

In our bodies, Gemini rules the central nervous system and the communication between neurons (synapse.) In my guided meditation for this new moon I explore the vibrational harmony of the nervous system and teach you to attune and attend to your own energetic regulation. Practice with me here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, June 13-27, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

I am a fearless warrior of compassion and open-heartedness. My sensitivity is a gift. I honor and develop my intuitive capacity for care-taking, and I recognize that simply asking questions, and listening to responses, is a kind of care that most people are starving for. I seek to create space for belonging–in myself and with those around me.

The ability to communicate, connect, and share space brings value to my life. I invest in my listening skills. When I am present and caring, I am compensated and appreciated. I open my heart and the world gives to me. I let the world give to me, and I receive exactly what I need.

My mind, body, and heart are one. When I think, speak, listen… I feel, intuit, absorb. My words are formed with compassion. I communicate with care. My thoughts infuse my physicality, so I focus on acceptance and tenderness. My connections are places of liberation and love.

There is no perfection, there is no finale, and quite possibly there is no point. I embrace chaos, meaninglessness and the unknown. When I relax my concentration, life floods in.

I liberate myself from any prescribed ways of being. I loosen my grasp on any needs to be accepted. I innovate from, experiment with, and explore my strangeness. I recognize freedom as the ability to love myself and others without fear of rejection.

The work I offer to the world is courageously honest, compassionately curious, and radically whole. I seek to include all parts of myself, on this path I’m walking. The question I’m asking is, “How can I connect more effectively with others–with radiance, and love?”

I make meaning in my life through asking many questions and staying open to many answers. I move away from the need to know. I release the need to perform or to hide myself. I follow the path of radical honesty. Presence is my greatest ally.

I disrupt patterns of privacy and secrecy. I listen deeply to my own motivations and instincts to share or to hide. I get curious about the energetic space I share with others. I choose communications and expressions that facilitate openness, curiosity, friendliness.

I allow space for questions with the ones I love and who mean the most to me. The more I rest in open-endedness, in not having the right words, in not knowing the answers… the more my relationships open to shared heartspace and truly satisfying tenderness.

I let go of needing to be anything for anyone. I commit to showing up for my life as I am, and to accepting myself as I am. I let go of others needing to be anything or prove anything to me. I accept them as they are and I appreciate the ways they show up for me. I know myself to be the most effective, and of greatest service, when I model acceptance and appreciation.

Letting go of ideas of who I am, and how I should be, frees me to be at home and comfortable in the moment. I am so present. I am right here. I am right now. Each moment, as it arises, is an opportunity for playful, curious, and creative expression.

Bias and prejudice are unavoidable. When I acknowledge this, then I can begin to know my own bias, and free myself from prejudice. I recognize my positionality, and how I have been shaped and trained to assume and expect. I experiment with new ways of thinking. I change my habits and shake up my own normal.