Cultivating Connection - Astrology & Horoscopes for the Aquarius New Moon - February 4, 2019

A glimpse into the wild intelligence and connectivity of the Aquarian possibilities - handmade collage by  Janna Dorothy

A glimpse into the wild intelligence and connectivity of the Aquarian possibilities - handmade collage by Janna Dorothy

Today’s new moon in Aquarius is electric and expansive. Conjunct Mercury and Lilith, this new moon is extremely mentally stimulating. Lilith’s presence reminds us that the ways we reckon with ourselves and our shadows will direct thought patterns either towards exile or integration. Attend to agitation or anger if you find it in yourself. Make space to breathe, feel, and acknowledge any stories that are circulating. Beware of getting stuck in the story or mental loops though. And, beware of turning any stories into moralistic high ground, or of making judgments that cast anyone (including yourself) into overly simplistic wrongs or rights. There’s too much potential volatility in the air already. If you push towards any extreme it’s bound to snap back.

With sextiles to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Mars and Eris conjunct in Aries, there is ample support to move towards change we believe in, if we can manage to remain intact through the next few weeks. Between now and the next full moon energy continues to rise and ripple. Consciousness moves between optimistic urgency and charged confrontation. Work skillfully with the momentum of these aspects by staying attuned to your immediate intelligence. Sense, feel, consider, act. Practice this sequence of mindfulness so that if and when there’s not time to take a breath before action, you can count on your sensory adeptness, trust your feelings, and have practiced consideration that underlies your actions.

The new moon in Aquarius is a good time to set intentions for community and collective aims. With the main caution of the next two weeks being how inflammatory they are, position yourself in readiness. If we each participate as anchors of steadiness where and when we can, we can assist our communities in their resilience and right responsiveness. For those of you who are yogis, or who train to follow the middle path… remember, steady and easeful is the goal. If you can continue to track your breath and feel your feet, you will be considerably more effective and well in all of your actions and interactions.

As I mention in the podcast, there’s an excellent and straightforward article on the neuroscience of privilege that clearly outlines why and how working consciously with our nervous systems can have important and far-reaching impacts beyond only our own wellbeing. You can read the article by clicking this link, and you can learn more about Sarah and her important work here. I do want to just add a brief note that I think this article is especially important for people who’ve experienced their lives in comparative financial comfort or as part of a dominant social majority. I think Sarah points it out, but it’s worth another mention that privilege is insulating, and if one has never “had to” reach beyond their normal, they will be less equipped than those who “have to” in order to survive.

The guided meditation I offer for this new moon is called Getting to Know Your Nervous System. It’s a sequence of several short explorations for awakening, sensing, calming, balancing and attuning with your central intelligence channels. Practice with me here.

I give a longer intro the new moon astrology in this mini-podcast. Listen here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, February 4-19, 2019. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 


The place of best connection is with others who place themselves in connection.
Success is birthed from self-confidence and conviction, and grown with social leverage.
To be confident does not mean to be right.
To be convinced should not equate to loss of curiosity.
Commune with those who also seek to expand their own knowing.

Redefine maturity and responsibility as tenderness.
Rework ambition until it becomes yearning for global contentment.
Relearn hard work as a continuous opening to receive love

Don’t mistake the teacher for the teaching.
When something strikes as personal, reconsider what creates the person.
Any long-lasting friendship or love is also a spiritual practice.

Self-confidence is an ongoing, evolutionary project.
It doesn’t mean being right, it doesn’t mean being the best. It means a commitment to self-care.
Self-care might be understood as persistent attending to the gifts that only you can give,
and determination that those gifts be cultivated and shared.

Don’t get obsessed with who’s in and who’s out. Remember that everyone is dying.
Get obsessed with intention, and whether or not the intention is coming through.
When love is the intention, the efforts are energizing.
When ego is the intention, the efforts are combative.
Refine. Purify. Commit.

Prioritize pleasure. It will lead to actual productivity.
Produce what you believe in. It will lead to actual pleasure.

Unwind inhibitions. Seek liberation. (Re)Claim freedom in expression.
Remember the power of expression to close, limit, impose... OR open, inspire, heal...
Choose expression with care and intelligence.

Family is biological, chosen and innate.
The organic world is family to itself.
Remember Earth connection and create family from there.

Engagement in community is not a choice – there is always communion – the choice is in the how.
Courage, honesty and tenderheartedness are rewarded.
Especially when work has been done to understand the complex and subjective nature
of whatever is perceived as true.

Value systems based on capital, rank, accumulation, or status breed dis-ease.
More than money is needed, and more than superficial success must be experienced
for any real state of happiness to sustain.
The inherent worth of any being is exactly the same as its happiness.

Individual identity cannot be understood without the communities it arises in.
Everyone depends on everything else.
Within the interconnections any individual movement is vast in its resonance.
Seek to connect with wholeness. Let wholeness be the identity.

Don’t let fear of failure make choices. The need now is to include what has been excluded and denied.
Attend to discomfort and insecurity with curiosity and friendliness.
Ask yourself why you would ever limit the life forces that moves through you.
Limitation is a tool. Use it with skill.