Sensing the Cultural Nervous System - Astrology for Aquarius Season & the Leo full moon and TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE - January 20, 2019

“Rung” by  Janna Dorothy  - I loved this picture for the Aquarian essence of the climber, moving up and away to get perspective

“Rung” by Janna Dorothy - I loved this picture for the Aquarian essence of the climber, moving up and away to get perspective

Hello and happy full moon day.

I’m writing this introduction on January 20th - the day that the Sun enters Aquarius in the Tropical sky, and the day that the Sun opposes the moon in alignment with the lunar nodes. Tonight all across North America a total lunar eclipse will be visible. This eclipse is the last in a series of eclipses that began in the Summer of 2016. Below you’ll find a sample of writing from the most recent Embodied Astrology Zodiac Journal, this one just released for Aquarius Season. In the podcast for this month/season I talk quite a bit more about Aquarius in relation to the personal and cultural nervous system and the significance of today’s eclipse. Listen here.

The guided meditation I’m offering today is truly a personal inquire that I have deeply invested myself in. This inquiry is into the invisible layers of embodied inheritance and cellular memory that forms current conditions of trauma and privilege. Practice with me here.

I’m wishing you all the best on this day and the all the following. May you reside and abide in peace and equanimity. Much love - Renee

From Embodied Astrology Aquarius Season:
Briefly, the astrological significance of eclipses relates specifically to the concept of karma. When an eclipse happens, karma “ripens”, meaning that it manifests as inner awareness, or an external situation, or both! Eclipse cycles present us with opportunities to either resolve old, outdated or destructive habits, or make the same choices and incur more of the same results. I like to think of these times as opportune moments to “reset the nervous system.” A Medical Astrology view of eclipses is that they would greatly affect the cognition and perception, so during these times it’s possible to have important and impacting revelations and realizations that will continue to impact you far into the future.

The state, or need of karmic evolution is deciphered by the lunar nodes. The North Node is considered to be the direction karma is moving towards. This point has an insatiable hunger. It describes the need to experience associated states of being and attain what is represented in the zodiacal significance. The South Node is the direction karma is traveling from, or leaving. Here we must utilize the knowledge and gifts we already have in service to others, we must release what has been worn out and give away or renounce attachments.

The nature of eclipses is cyclical. They occur in pairs–a lunar and solar eclipse will happen “back-to-back” or at a full and new moon that follow each other (and vice versa.) Pairs of eclipses happen twice per year, and are generally about six months apart, meaning that they often happen in opposing zodiacal seasons (i.e. Leo/Aquarius = August/February.) However, due to axial precession** eclipses don’t happen exactly six months apart, but slowly progress “backwards”, occurring slightly earlier every cycle (axial precession is also called the precession of the equinoxes.)

The eclipses that occurred between 2016-2019 and correspond with Leo (either the solar eclipses in July/August, or lunar eclipses in January/February) have occurred with the North Node. The significance of the North Node in Leo shows an energy that we all have been moving toward in some way, in relation to our personal and collective karmic paths. Whatever house(s) Leo is associated with in your natal chart describe areas of life where you have learned lessons about your heart and truth. Leo is a sign that needs to feel special and unique, but if it’s going to express with health, it will also need to feel itself in service to others, and held to equal standards. In these places in our lives the last few years of eclipses have brought lessons about authenticity and embodiment. Who you are, what you express, how you take up space, how you love, what you create, and how you experience and share joy have all been important themes. In your body, Leo rules the heart, spine and circulatory system. As you reflect on the eclipses, consider these parts of your body. How have they been affected–literally and metaphorically?

When the South Node travels through Aquarius, we are asked to confront and complete states of being associated with Aquarius. Wherever Aquarius is in your natal chart describes an area of life where you have needed to break free from limitations. Limitations can be self-imposed and/or imposed by family, culture, or other important relationships or institutions. The need now is to resist unconscious participation in unexamined group norms, to recognize where and how you have been operating unconsciously, to wake up to your inherent freedom and choice, and to take responsibility for your impact.

As you become more liberated, compassion and friendliness naturally follow. The South Node in Aquarius teaches us to appreciate the wide-ranging diversity of life on Earth: to ask questions instead of impose answers, to see the brilliance of prismatic perspective and celebrate multiplicity. As the eclipses have progressed, wherever Aquarius touches your chart has been a place to expand your capacity for difference and soften your need to hold on to rigid forms of identity.

Below you’ll find a list of eclipses that are included in the series we are just completing. Consider these dates in relation with your natal chart and whatever houses are ruled in your chart by Leo and Aquarius.

August 18 - LUNAR Eclipse 25º Aquarius

February 10 - LUNAR Eclipse 22º Leo
August 7 - LUNAR Eclipse 15º Aquarius
August 21 - Total SOLAR Eclipse 28º Leo

January 31 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 11º Leo
February 15 - SOLAR Eclipse 27º Aquarius
July 27 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 4º Aquarius
August 11 - SOLAR Eclipse 18º Leo

January 21 - Total LUNAR Eclipse 0º Leo

Another piece by  Janna  - notice how the lion’s face is pixelated and made of so many combined elements. This image shows so beautifully the power of the individual who carries the momentum of the collective.

Another piece by Janna - notice how the lion’s face is pixelated and made of so many combined elements. This image shows so beautifully the power of the individual who carries the momentum of the collective.

The Leo/Aquarius Eclipses in The United States
Eclipses in this cycle have been important in several charts associated to Donald Trump’s rise to presidency and the subsequent dramas that have unfolded leading to the current moment. As I’m writing this on January 17th, 2019 the United States is almost a month into the longest government shutdown in US history. Over 800,000 federal employees have either gone without work, or are being asked to work without pay, and the president has told them to “have a garage sale” to support themselves. Public health and safety are increasingly at risk as government agencies shut down. As usual, people experiencing lower socioeconomic privilege feel the brunt first. Food stamps are in danger as are other important assistance such as insurance, loans etc. and DJT is currently under investigation for being a Russian Spy.

Leo is the sign of the king, or ruler, and Aquarius is the sign the people. Symbolically, an eclipse in Leo is not good for the king. Astrologically, the Moon brings people together and since it suggests subjective awareness, an eclipse of the moon can also describe change in public sentiment. For those of you who are interested, the next few weeks and months are fascinating from an astrological perspective. If you’d like to compare astrology with news, re-read the planners from Sagittarius and Capricorn Seasons for information on Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, the Jupiter/Neptune squares, and the applying Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Follow along with present and future aspects from the personal planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) to the transpersonal planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), and note what headlines pop up on these days. The total eclipse will be visible in Washington DC, and if there are no clouds to cover it, it will pass directly over the White House.

A final note on eclipses to my readers
I’m making quite a few assumptions about you in the paragraphs above. I assume that since you’re reading Embodied Astrology, that you are a person who is self-reflective, and who desires to look at, and learn from your mistakes, and grow through and past your limitations and discomfort. I also assume that you are actively pursuing your own evolutionary path and enlightenment, and that therefore, the sensations I describe above are available to you.

It should be noted that eclipses in Leo/Aquarius can also bring an increase to the more destructive sides of these zodiacal energies. The North and South Node are often considered extremely malefic. In this I mean that karma is compulsive, and, if we’re not mindful, we’ll react to our karmic impulses blindly and selfishly, and cause extensive further suffering to ourselves and one another.

Since the summer of 2016 we have certainly seen the destructive side of these eclipses! For North Node in Leo this side manifests as totalitarian drive and dominance, arrogance, entitlement, macho-ness, greed, snobbery, and the particular kind of cold-heartedness that is found in people who believe in their own supremacy and specialness above others. For the South Node in Aquarius the destructive presentation is heightened conformity to group rules and mob mentality, instincts to align strongly with groups and charismatic leaders, instincts to sharply and violently differentiate from group identity, instincts to give up personal power to the group or leader.

It should also be said that these impulses exist in all of us, regardless of whether we’re self-reflecting or striving for awakening. It’s important now to pay attention to the ways we respond to the destructive and self-serving aspects of eclipse energy. The North Node has a particular kind of hunger to it. In Leo, its influence is the sensation of blind ambition for personal power. Beware, when this impulse is not recognized and remains in shadow, or if it is not balanced with thoughtful intent and action towards serving the good of all, it will not only create severe suffering for others, it will ultimately burden the soul with so much negative karma that personal suffering (which then extends to family, future and future lives) is unavoidable.

Resist as well the negative implications of the South Node. In Aquarius its influence pulls us towards over-identification with “the group.” This will be felt in correspondence with Leo as: deep insecurity and need for validation, popularity, praise from others, or deep mistrust of others leading to self-isolation, and instincts to create suffering for individuals or groups that represent collective identities.

Read more about Aquarius Season and plan for it with Embodied Astrology’s Aquarius Season Journal.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, December 22, 2018 - January 5, 2019. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 


What is the difference between performance and expression? How do I know what is real?
It is a heart sensation. It is a purity. It is courage. It is integrity.
When I keep my heart hidden the chance is that things stay the same.
When I reveal my heart the chance is that there might be more experiences of love.

I’m going to just settle down now. And be.
I’m going to breath in, and breathe out, and tell myself that this air is here for me.
I have what I need. I need what I have. It is enough. I am ok.
Never again will I doubt my right to take up space. I belong here.

There is intelligence in subtlety, so let’s not overthink it.
Feel, sense, perceive. So much gets lost in the noise of thoughts and language.
It’s time to fill my internal awareness with what’s exquisite
I better make sure, to pay attention when I find it.

If I don’t love myself, I will never believe anyone else’s gestures of love.
If I don’t trust myself, I’ll read mal-intent into everyone else’s mistakes and awkwardness.
If I don’t value myself, I’ll never really know what it is to be appreciated.
I am going to take a risk now, and for the rest of my life.
The risk is to let myself be myself, and to love how I love.
The risk is to trust that what, how and who I am is worth loving in return.

Define yourself by what you are… not by what you’re not
How much can you include?
Now, encourage everyone else to do the same.

Take time and space. Listen deeply. Listen deeper.
Do not be swayed by what is temporary and erratic.
Connect to your deepest truth and broadest vision.

Collaborate with everyone. There is no such thing as working alone.
Let creative visions emerge in relationship. Release specialness.
Your creations (including your children) are wildly intelligent. Follow their lead.

My roots have fed and shaped my growth.
What I grow into, what I reach for and attain will be delivered back to my roots.
I honor all the guides and guardians who have led me this far.
My job now is guide and guardian. I assist others on their unique path of growth.

There have always been the outliers, the renegades, the weirdos.
Why don’t you take your place with them now?
The meaning of life is what you make it…
So what kind of idea are you?

What good is money if I have no one to share it with? What good is wealth if it insulates me from my humanity?
I open to connection and community. I open to support from friends I didn’t know I even had.
My connection and capacity to share are what will bring me the most sustainable pleasure.

Let’s win at the game of life because we’re playing by the rules of love.
I give to you, you give to me. We help each other. Happiness follows.
Trust change, and build your relationships on foundations of trust.

It’s all part of the plan. I can rest in that.
Regardless of circumstances, the one thing I can control is how I attend to my internal state.
I fill my inner awareness with peace and appreciation.