Looking Ahead: The Astrology of 2019

“Moving Mountains” by  Janna Dorothy  A testament to the power and challenges of the year ahead

“Moving Mountains” by Janna Dorothy A testament to the power and challenges of the year ahead

Hello and greetings to you in the new year!

I want to thank you so much for your interest in, and support of Embodied Astrology. THANK YOU! This project is such a joy for me to work on, and has become one of my most important priorities. In the 4+ years since EA began, I’ve written 120 horoscope columns, recorded 49 new/full moon podcasts and horoscope albums, built a collection of 62 free guided meditations, and worked with over 500 clients. This past September I started offering monthly astrology journals and forecasts, and this month will be the 4th iteration. Embodied Astrology has, amazingly, become my almost-full-time job, which is something I would never have guessed would happen!

I began this project with the intention to research how astrology and embodiment could come together. I knew then that the lineages of Yoga and Ayurveda were entwined with Jyotish (Indian Astrology), but my training was in Tropical (Western) astrology and hybrid forms of somatic practices and at the time there wasn’t much that I was finding to bridge the two. But my instinct was then (and continues to be now) that astrology has to be understood as a language that describes embodiment if it’s going to be useful or relevant in any significant way. Rather than using it as a theoretical framework or predictive calculator, when we embody astrology, and when we use it as a means for deeper, more conscious embodiment, it then becomes a valuable tool for understanding and working effectively and efficiently with the flow of life as it changes and evolves in and around us.

In my practice here, I work with astrology as a means of describing and contextualizing current personal, social and political experiences. I translate astrology as language of light and vibration, in order to consider the ways we respond to the influences of the Earth, and the spectrum of manifestation here on Earth. I engage with the archetypes and mythologies of astrology from the current moment, and I explore the evolution of iconography and symbolism from a distinctly radical, feminist and queer interpretation.

As I move into 2019 I’m deeply considering how to continue this research more effectively, and also how to become more integrated as a multi-dimensional human who has other interests and needs. So, in the coming months you’ll notice some changes around here. And, with respect to the current zodiacal influences of Capricorn, I want you to be prepared! Upcoming between now and April I’m going to shift my rhythm a bit. I’ll still be offering regular astrology podcasts and horoscopes, but will start to work on a weekly cycle instead of 2-week cycles, which means less content overwhelm for me and for you. I’ll also begin teaching more workshops and series on Astrology and Astrology in application to art and creativity, business and social influencing, health etc. And finally, I’m excited to expand my client practice to include working with individuals on ongoing basis and consulting with groups and collectives who are interested in integrating astrology for movement building.

I’m still making some final decisions and getting all the right pieces in place, so I can’t tell you exactly what the new offerings are just yet, but please keep an eye on the website and social channels for the information as it becomes available. If you’re interested in any specific offerings and would like to drop a line and suggest them, please don’t be shy to reach out and connect!

This current post and episode is the first for 2019, and is offered on the day of the solar eclipse and new moon in Capricorn. Tomorrow Uranus will turn direct in Aries, marking the last time it stations in the sign, and the completion the past 8 years of this cycle since it entered in 2011. Change and updates are the name of the game right now. There are several planetary influences this year that are encouraging us to change, and change now! It’s the time to take stock of what’s most important. Say goodbye to what is over and ended. Reduce overconsumption and overwhelm by whittling away and giving away whatever is in excess. Prioritize! The choices we make this year are going to impact us all for a long time to come.

I discuss 2019’s astrology in-depth in a special 2-hour podcast where I go through all the major influences and the astro-timeline for the year. Listen here.

In the interest of meditation as a tool for liberation, I’m starting a new series called Meditations for Healing & Resilience: Surviving and Thriving in 2019. The meditations I make this year are explicitly political, but also, always, focused on healing, integration, and cultivation of love and sacredness. The first one in the series explores ancestry and origin, practice with me here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, December 22, 2018 - January 5, 2019. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 


I commit to who I am here to become.
I align to my deeper values, intuition, and inherent freedom.
I feel ease and gentleness. I trust timing and process.
I release intensity and ambition, and simply enjoy the ride.

I easily connect with my spirit guides, spiritual friends and Sacred Self.
I remember Sacredness with all of my relations, in all of our relating.
I see beyond the personal and mundane, and those who are close with me know themselves as sacred too.

I confront and expose what has been unseen, hidden, suppressed.
There is no need to hide from my desires, fears or flaws.
I burn through my insecurities and I am strengthened.

My body and daily rhythms support me when I attend to them with consistency.
Remembering to pause and give thanks helps me to pursue my goals with support and ease.
I practice healthy boundaries and honesty in my relationships, so that I can trust and lean into the opportunities they bring.

The light I shine is so special, and so not special.
Like the light spectrum, my capacity to shine and to perceive is both limited and essential.
I’m here to be myself, fully and fearlessly.

No relationship between humans will ever be perfect.
It’s my choice to open my heart to imperfection–and risk exposing my own flaws when I do.
The potential result is fearlessness.
The potential outcome is losing myself to love.

My work is Deep Listening.
My job is Presence.
My vocation is Being.

Possibilities expand exponentially when my heart is open.
I open my heart by staying aware of how I use language.
I listen to what I’m thinking and saying.
My thoughts and words form shapes of encouragement and acceptance.

The moment of enlightenment is now. I am free. I was always free.
I choose what I carry forward, and what to leave behind.
I build spaces for sacredness.
I let myself experiment and play.

Story shapes my experience.
I notice the vibration of thoughts in my internal awareness. I sense the vibration of others when they receive my words.
I practice dissolving my stories and shifting my experiences.

Every step I’ve taken until now has led me here.
Here I am, ready to give what I have.
I recognize that I’m not better, or worse, than anyone, or anything else.
When I focus on goodness in those around me, my goodness is supported in turn.

The lineages I carry forward are rooted in magic.
The legacies I leave will be made of love.
I’m generous because it’s healing. I give because it feels good.
I am the recipient of infinite gifts. I recognize this and am grateful every day.