Self Actualization - Collective Astrology & Horoscope for the Aries New Moon - April 5, 2019

Chart for the Aries New Moon

Chart for the Aries New Moon

Tomorrow’s new moon in Aries is a call for self actualization. A good question to begin with is, “what is the self, actually?” Any time spent in sincere reflection on this question will lead us inwards on a spiral of inquiry. What is wrapped up in a name? How did we build our identities? Are we more than the stories we tell? How do we live into the vastness of our own beings? For most of us, most of the ways we identify ourselves are through stories. When we take the time to consider these stories deeply, we find that our stories are generally not OUR stories. They are the stories of our ancestors and tribes, the stories of our genders, the stories of our preferences and cultural capital. They are stories that existed before we arrived in bodies, but to which our bodies must submit. To seek the self then, is often a battle. We have to cut through layers of misidentification and constructed identity. We have to fight to know who we really are, and what we really want.

Aries has recently been infused with Chiron’s influence. Chiron brings healing potential, often in the form of crises. The ways we suffer and perpetuate our own suffering, and the ways we contribute to the suffering of others is revealed. Chiron will transit Aries through 2027. As it does, it will bring us into contact with the deep wounds of our egos. It will reveal the ways our misidentifications were inherited and will give us tools to separate, heal and define ourselves anew. One of the core themes of Chiron’s transit through Aries will be working with toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity affects all of us - regardless of gender, regardless of genitals. Masculinity (and femininity) have been distorted by masculine supremacy, male aggression, dominance, anger, control, and competitiveness. It robs us (all of us) of our complexities and potentials. It diminishes our energy. It infects our relationships. It poisons our planet.

In the guided meditation for this new moon I explore the idea of toxic masculinity and offer a “detox” to assist in identifying and clearing these toxins from our hearts, minds, bodies and relationships. Practice with me here.

In the collective horoscope I give an update on the astrology of the past two weeks and explore Aries energy as a space for self-knowing. Listen here.

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