Breaking Bonds with Unreality - Astrology & Horoscopes for New Moon in Scorpio, November 18, 2017

The gateway to another world is just a shift of perspective. Scorpio's transformational domain to the past, present and future – envisioned by  Janna Dorothy

The gateway to another world is just a shift of perspective. Scorpio's transformational domain to the past, present and future – envisioned by Janna Dorothy

November 18th’s new moon in Scorpio is powerful. If Scorpio means anything it means power. So it means a lot when not only the sun and moon align in the sign, but the two benefics, Jupiter and Venus also happen to be close by. Vesta has also just entered Scorpio and Mars is on its way. This kind of population in the sign of power is some kind of party.

Scorpio is the place where our materials begin and end. It’s the sign that rules genitals, reproductive and eliminative organs. It’s the gate between this moment of reality and the next. The finite circumstances of our bodies exist in landscapes of attraction and aversion, they find each other through desire with the aim to reproduce. Whether you’re making a baby or not, what happens in sex is the creation of a third entity and energetic force. The universe contained within a single meeting.

It would do us all a lot of good to remember that sex is constant and not restricted to nakedness and bedrooms. It is happening all around you right now as molecules collide and shift within materials you think are static. Evolution is sex. Time is sex. Change is sex. Sex is sex. This is the nature of our becoming. Attract, come together, bond, become something new, separate for a moment and see what you’ve made, think you own it, think you know what’s what until the next attraction hits you.

The benefics are receiving a trine from Neptune in Pisces. Though trines trend towards ideas of helpfulness and ease, this one might be more of a slippery slope. Neptune retrograde is searching for an answer and with so much Scorpio swirling around it’s all too easy to identify with the impermanent. Scorpio’s lessons exist in tightly held impermanence. These lessons of loss are learned through strong bonds and attachments, the feelings they produce and the efforts made to get free.

The trine to Neptune points out the habitual fantasies we pretend are reality. This includes every story you have about why you are the way you are and whose fault that may be. It’s the way our minds separate in order to make sense. It’s the way we attach to our individual experiences because life doesn’t make sense when we don’t… and yet, being attached also means that our individual experiences never get contextualized within the everything-ness and so therefore never actually make any sense. Yes. It is a puzzle.

Scorpio’s rulers tell us how this moon is behaving and they happen to be in a tense moment with one another. Mars is midway through Libra retracing the steps of Scorpio’s stellium. It is begging for patience and tact, it is juggling multiple options and unsure of which foot to put forward first. Pluto conjunct Juno in Capricorn is not so unsteady. It is becoming more committed day by day. These two present us with a familiar conflict between personal empowerment and relational ease. How do we become what we know we are without stepping on each other’s landmines of insecurity? How do we care for each other when we also need to move on? How do we balance perspective when some perspectives have had too much bandwidth for way too long?

I talk about all this and more for this new moon’s podcast. Listen here.

Scorpio asks us to penetrate into the heart of the matter, to get real, to purge, extract and eventually to heal. For this new moon guided meditation I offer you Deep Healing Part 2 which focuses on cord cutting and disentangling from those and that which keeps you bound in ways you don’t want to be. These meditations are body-based and can be practiced wherever whenever. They are made to support you in integrating the astrological energy and using it for the highest good. Please listen and share.

Your audio horoscopes are linked below, take a listen for your sun, moon and rising signs for different messages.

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I am available to receive generosity, support and honestly appropriate compensation. In the spaces of exchange I trust my intuition and I also listen deeply in order to know the difference between what I think I need and what I know I need. I am honest about the weight of any secrets or shame that I carry and I release myself from anything or anyone that seeks to keep me bound in servitude or silence.

I don’t hold back. I give myself fully to the world and my interactions in it. I am unafraid to be honest, to be raw, to be real, to be potent, to be powerful. When I receive intense reflections from others I gracefully adapt to accept or refuse what I honestly want to take in. There is no need to strive, force or convince. The more committed I become to my truth the more my life aligns and encourages my power in it.

I am effective with my efforts. I use my energy wisely. The work I do today feeds the manifestation of my ambitions tomorrow. I work with intensity and intention towards my goals even if I only know them as a dream.

I am potent and powerful. I know my desire. I own my pleasure. I accept all offers of travel, liberation and inspiration that resonate with what I want. I am ready to expand.

I dissolve the boundaries that keep me feeling separate and scared. I am at home in the world. I am safe. I am wanted. I am loved. I am needed. I dissolve the lens that would keep me seeing insecurities and failings. I dissolve resentment. I dissolve bonds to any dark or manipulative energies. I am at home. I am loved. I am safe.

I am aligned internally. My body, mind, heart and spirit are one. I take full responsibility for my own pleasure and vitality. I let go of trying to understand why others are the way they are. I let go of trying to control their actions and reactions. I focus purely on my own reasons for why I am the way I am so that I am empowered in my own actions and reactions. I am honest with myself.

I gracefully request appropriate compensation for my time and energy. I let go of jobs and tasks that drain me. I welcome honest exchange and the manifestation of my most sincere values.

I easily access my creative and intuitive mind. From this space I invite radical honesty. From this space I create the changes I’ve been wanting. From this space I loosen my mind around the obstacles of obligation that have kept me bound.

I include my emotions – especially the ones that speak of grief, loss and separation – in the space of my heart’s mystery. I know that pain often progresses into pleasure. I know that my struggles can become growth and healing. I make time for quietness and relaxation so that the unknown and mysterious answers have space to arrive.

I embody what I want in my future NOW. I let go of petty arguments and immediate confusion and feel through to resolution that is liberating and authentic. I release my mental and unconscious habits and attachments to overwhelm and too-much-ness. I locate myself in simplicity. I know what I’m aiming for so I make space for it to already exist in my intentions, thoughts and actions.

I take my time to assess my options and then I request the support I need. I move past any limitations or barriers in my own identity and how it is perceived. I am free to pursue what I am meant to do and I have what I need to do it.

Making meaning is a creative choice. I choose to create meaning in my life through love, spirituality and respect. I engage in my relationships with equanimity and pleasant presence. I offer myself without hard borders or the need to be right. I allow the widening world to expand my mind of what, how and who I will be.