A Gateway and a Choice. Astrology & horoscopes for Gemini full moon and Mercury Retrograde - December 3-17, 2017

Global vision and divine understanding. Visual affirmation from  Janna Dorothy

Global vision and divine understanding. Visual affirmation from Janna Dorothy

In mystic practices such as astrology and numerology, the number eleven is considered to be the peacemaker. It brings the gift of spiritual inheritance and suggests the passage of divine  light through human form and onto the planet. In this way it is symbolic of the light within all beings.

Eleven comes after ten, which is “the perfect number,” symbolizing the meeting of spirit with matter. Eleven therefore represents the exceeding and combining of both. When eleven is broken down (1+1=2) it comprises the Two of duality and shows us the options we face when we choose spiritual understanding, love and healing rather than egoic transgression. The implication is that evolution is always a choice. We as humans have light to share as well as shadow, and both must be kept in consciousness. Eleven shows us the energy of opposition and the balance needed in order to achieve synthesis.

The chart for this weekend’s full moon in Gemini features aspects that are sharp and exact, to the degree. The sun and moon occupy 11º of Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. They are both square to Neptune at 11º Pisces. Neptune throws a trine to Jupiter at 11º Scorpio. So in classic Gemini style, this is a full moon that presents us with two options.

The light of the sun cannot be perceived directly. When the moon is full we are able to perceive at least its reflection. In this reflection there is a revealing of two opposing forces. In this case, the two forces of Gemini and Sagittarius present us with the options of learning, evolving and expansion vs. judgment, stagnancy and restriction.

At 11º both lights are optimistic and full of their own potential. Here we have the chance to grab onto the optimism of curiosity– to humble ourselves and accept the never-ending education of life. Or we grab the optimism of certainty– our views and opinions become impermeable and we are convinced of our own rightness. Neptune casts its light on whatever choice we make. In humility and with open minds we are able to connect with Neptune’s vibration as high love wisdom, the sensation and embodiment of spiritual oneness. In judgment and restriction we will swim in Neptune’s fantasy layers, fluctuating back and forth between our own certainty and encompassing doubt that casts our own self-awareness, our relationships and humanity in general as objectionable and wrong. If you find that you move between both options through the full moon cycle you are not alone. This back and forth is the process of choice. Be intentional about what you give energy to.

Neptune’s trine to Jupiter suggests the potential for passage through deep layers of emotional blockage. With Neptune and Jupiter acting together, if your intention is towards healing and forgiveness, you will be able to fairly easily shift perspective and let go. In the releasing you’ll find a wealth of emotional freedom and space for love. Alternately, if your attention is towards criticism and despair, this aspect will enlarge the problems and magnify sensations of blame, shame, regret and spite.

'Wise Judgment' Image from  Motherpeace

'Wise Judgment' Image from Motherpeace

Recently I’ve been using the Motherpeace Tarot deck to inform my astrology interpretations. In perfect synchronicity the card I drew for this full moon is Judgment, or Wise Judgement. As you can see from the image, this card represents the feminine healing force of inclusivity, compassion and tenderness showering over, and healing the earth. This full moon is an answer to the most recent new moon in Scorpio which, if you recall, I spoke at length about “getting real” and emotional honesty.

In her description of this card and its meaning Vicki Noble writes, Judgment portrays the end to suffering and the beginnings of spiritual “resurrection.” Now is the time to make amends for past errors. If you have needed to be honest or frank with someone, do it now. If there is some unhealed wound between you and another, heal it now. Let your negative patterns dissolve… Know that the positive forces of the universe are acting through you now and there can be no defeat.

If you need support to shift your perspective in order to heal and open, please use my guided meditation for this full moon. It’s a practical exploration of our earliest human developmental patterns. Because we live in ways that are disconnected from our animal and Earth natures, remembering and practicing these patterns is extremely helpful in getting grounded and integrated. In my own explorations over the past eight years working with these patterns I’ve also experienced immense relief in muscle/skeletal imbalances and digestive problems. Because these patterns mirror the developmental evolution of your human body as well the ways in which you learned to be upright and walking, there is an intuitive realignment that happens for many people that can get right to the bottom of many complex physical and emotional blockages.

I’ve recorded a long podcast for this full moon since there’s soooooo much to talk about. Beyond the aspects of the full moon itself, Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) also turns retrograde on the day of the full moon. Please listen to the podcast here to learn more about the astrology for the month of December and how you may see it manifesting in the world at large as well as in your personal life.

Your audio horoscopes are below. Please make sure to listen for your sun, moon and rising sign.

In peace and with love- Renee

Please Join Me this weekend for a full moon ritual exploration and liberation of deep emotional restrictions. These events work with Jupiter in Scorpio and themes of sex, death and money. The work is intuitive, creative, exploratory and fun. Click on the links below for more information.

Listen to your horoscopes for sun, moon and rising signs. Print out your affirmations and keep them with you through the full moon cycle, December 3-17.

I make my thoughts and feelings well known to myself. I am clear in my own intent. From this place I attend to the offers that come my way. From this place I attend to all that I share with others. I am aware of my own motivations and I trust my choices.

Life organizes around me for pleasure. I allow myself to enjoy. The future and its needs are unknown. There are no deals to make or break. The right allies and assets are forthcoming. I am conscious and conscientious about all that I share and am neither hasty nor stingy in my decisions.

I take care in my agreements and negotiations – I am patient, thorough and realistic. I easily balance optimism and pragmatism. I see the ways pieces come together and the path is illuminated. I am unwavered in the moments when the path is obscured and pieces seem chaotic. I balance the fluctuations by attending to my inner stability and total health.

The discipline and dedication I know I am capable of need my attention. I will be systematic in my efforts to clear and clean. Excess, clutter and confusion be gone from my mind, my body and my activities! I make space for grounded guidance so that I may pursue my well-crafted plans.

I am the master of my own joy. I am the author of my own expression. I share what I have to give with many, and without reservation or objection. I am satiated and satisfied in my joy, my expression and my generosity. I acknowledge my longing for more support and I recognize the abundance that has already been given.

My foundation is strong and steady. I ensure it is so. I take the time needed for review. To make sure that the foundation stays strong. I observe the ways I weaken, or leave myself for others. I negotiate new agreements that keep me anchored in my own knowing while also giving me room to expand, release and love.

I am the master of my own mind. I clearly create the boundaries and openings that I truly desire and need. It is a pleasurable experience to take control of my own internal environment. It is an experience I choose even, and especially when, the external environment feels overwhelming.

I review and refine my relationship to resource. I know where my money comes from and where it goes. I value non-monetary resources and know how to find them. I value myself and therefore feel secure regardless of what I have. The steadiness I stand in gives me space for creative absorption and dreamy relaxation.

I easily suspend judgment and criticism. I have no need to reject or object, just as I have no need to affirm or encourage. I can simply be. Here and now. Observant of all that passes. I let it flow in and flow out of my awareness. Time passes swiftly. I will know when the moment is right to act.

I am patient enough to wait for myself. I am committed enough to stay with myself. I am patient and committed. I can easily get where I’m trying to go when I take away my preconceived notions of ease. All opportunities are not equal. The ones I want are the ones where I include myself.

I have everything I need and the capacity to use it. I want what I have and I have the capacity to recognize it. With everything given all I need to do is enjoy. Life is art and art is life.

Sustainable growth takes time. Trees grow strongest when their height is limited for a while – so that their bark thickens and roots coil deep. There is no rush to action. I invest in time and space at home where I can be curious about all my options and realize what potentials will the bring the most happiness.

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